Big Brother Government or Self-Government?

"We Win, They Lose"by Marshall Foster<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
Mayflower Institute Journal - April 2006
Ronald Reagan said it well. "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help." It appears that "big brother" government is engulfing us. But the good news is that we have been given the power of God and the "underdog" strategy to be free from debt and government dependence. Let's review our problem and its sure solution.
On Thursday, March 16, The Senate voted 52 to 48 to increase the debt limit to 9 Trillion dollars to keep our nation from declaring bankruptcy temporarily. The House of Representatives, not having the courage to face the voters in November with this increase on their record, simply built into the last debt raising bill an automatic vote for increase for the future no matter what the reason. In this way they can avoid their personal responsibility for putting almost $187,000 debt on every child born in our country this year.
Our Congress, just in the last 5 years, has accumulated 1/3 of our entire national debt that took 230 years to build. This is outrageous and is the central reason why our foreign and domestic policy is being controlled by foreign powers. Governments like the Chinese
communists and the Arab sheiks in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Middle East are buying most of our debt and can sell our securities and send our dollar and prosperity into a tailspin.
The greatest roadblock to our future success as a nation is not Islam or Communism. It is our flight from our first love – God. In this uncovered and unshielded state, we find ourselves longing for security and a way to control the future. Illness, retirement, terrorism, our children's life choices, potential pandemics, hurricanes, to name just a few, are revealing to 21st Century Americans their vulnerability. We desire security in the face of life's storms and we think we have found it. We are looking to our government – which in its limited constitutional form has been such a blessing in the past - to cover us, feed us, stop depressions, control the weather, care for our aged, educate our children, give us justice against our enemies in court, as well as find every would be suitcase bomber before he strikes!
America! We are falling into the same trap that brought down the Roman Empire and most "advanced" nations since. It happens whenever people are willing to sacrifice liberty for security. And this is happening in a time of relative prosperity. What will happen when the inevitable big tragedy falls upon us? Will we be crying out like the children of Israel who longed for the bondage of Egypt, or will we return to our blood-bought freedom with God?
As you read this you may be saying what can I do about it? I am only one person. As God's ambassador to His world you are far more than just one. You have all the resources of heaven available to you and the authority of the ruler of heaven and earth. But how can we, God's people turn around a nation that is diving into bondage and national insolvency. We do it "with firm reliance upon divine providence" one person, one family, one church, one election at a time.
I received a email this week from a young lawyer. Paul writes "As a Christian who loves Christ and our Country, The American Covenant [my seminar he attended] has captured my imagination
and animated my thoughts and actions for over a decade! It's the reason I went to law school, interned for Christian Coalition, Governor George Allen and the Virginia Attorney General's Office." He spoke to
me this weekend and feels called by Jesus to leave his present job and spend his full time working to restore America to God.
Paul caught the vision of God's plan to disciple the nations. He then went and prepared himself in a vocation – Law. Then he got married and is raising four dynamic young believers to serve God. Now God is calling him to expand his influence to the whole nation. He is already changing his world whether he leaves his job or not. Together, with your help, we have reached tens of thousands of lives like Paul's! He and individuals like him are the army that is turning the tide.
Do we see it? Our loving God has chosen us to be His viceroys who will rule and reign with him forever. He has chosen to change his world, not by a flood as he did in the time of oah, but by taking "the foolish things of the world" (His transformed believers) to confound the wise. That is why the Apostle Paul and a few Jews changed the Roman Empire. It is why Patrick in Ireland and Boniface in Germany and John Knox in Scotland are remembered for liberating their nations from pagan barbarism. God's strategy works.
How can believers like you and I and Paul and his family from Cincinnati save America against all odds? We can call out to God to renew our personal, family and national covenant solution to our nation's obsession with government service dependency.
We can obey God's Word, and expect that our representative government will shrink to its proper biblical jurisdiction as the punishers of evil doers, not as the safety net from life's adversities. Over 50% of our taxes go for services, education and welfare that used to be - and should again be funded - by the tithe and free enterprise education.
We must then back up our biblical standby joining with our fellow believers to care for the truly needy, start Christian schools, bring the gospel to the drug addicts, etc. Hurricane Katrina showed clearly that the best  responders are not the government's thousands of agents and their billions of our dollars, but the unpaid, on the street, armies of churches that are, to this day, caring for the people.
Can you see how the millions of people of faith in our nation, as they take responsibility to be self-governed, rather than slipping into socialism (the control of economic life by the state), will demand fiscal responsibility by the government? God, Christian love and charity will do the rest.
Can we win? Of course we can. It is not our commission, it is God's, and we are His stewards of this most blessed of all nations in history. Again the words of Ronald Reagan come to mind. We would do well to follow his strategic words and apply them to our times.
"Here's my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose." Are you in this fight to the death with us to bring our nation back to limited constitutional government and personal responsibility under the one true God? The armies of heaven are on our side.

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