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The ACLU, or American Civil Liberties Union (perhaps better named Assault Christian Liberties Unmercifully) is carrying on their own brand of jihad in America.  They are anti-American.  They are anti-Christian.  They are against most everything righteous.  To me they are just a terror organization without the explosives because they are trying to destroy America from within.  Here are just a few examples to illustrate this.  The examples are, in fact, legion but space doesn't permit them all.
·        The New York branch of the ACLU announced that it was going to court to stop the random searches on the New York subway system.  Guess they want the terrorists to have unfettered access to New York City's metro transit system.
·        Thanks to the ACLU, activist liberal judges, and the secular media, we have thousands of child sex offenders running wild in America.  The ACLU even defends the likes of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a hard-core pedophilia outfit.
·        They now want the U.S. courts to allow the Koran and Bhagavad-Gita to be used instead of the Bible when administering the oath to Muslims in courts.
·        The ACLU will stop at nothing to get us to pull all troops out of Iraq.
·        The Left was doing the same in Viet Nam, making sure soldiers coming back home were spat upon.  They are now in round two of this.  When we did leave Viet Nam, 4-5 million Vietnamese and Cambodians were slaughtered.
·        The ACLU opposes the criminal prohibition of drugs.  They insist that decades of drug prohibition has miserably failed.
·        And let's not forget that it is the ACLU who caused prayer to be banned in our schools, who have led the attack on the Boy Scouts of America, who have succeeded in taking Christ out of Christmas in America, and who are dead set against anything that is American and that is foundational to America.  They loathe traditional American values and can find judges to co-operate and thus cause the crumbling of our nation whose values must be rooted in God or we are going to be taken over completely by the secular humanists.
·        They won't give up the battle that the detainees at Guantanamo Bay have been tortured and otherwise abused and insist all responsible be held accountable.  Big, bad, evil America.
Many Americans are oblivious to the danger posed by the ACLU.  They feel they aren't personally affected.  Sadly, they are uninformed.  Other agencies work hand-in-glove with the ACLU such as "The People for the American Way" and Barry Lynn's outfit for total separation of church and state.  Make that Rev. Barry Lynn.
We are running out of time to save America from the myriad of enemies within.  The real solution would be to have the ACLU emigrate to the repressive nation of their choice, but most are not doing that. Instead they remain in this country slowly trying to erode all that is good and righteous.
A good summary would be that the ACLU is far more concerned about the rights of those who do harm to America than about honest, America-loving citizens.  They are our own non-Isamic jihadists.
The Bible verse that comes to mind is "There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death" (Prov. 14:12). 
(Jan Markell is founder/president of Olive Tree Ministries, Inc.  She is an author and talk radio show host as well. To learn more, get her e-mail alerts, or print newsletter, "Understanding the Times", visit her Web site, www.olivetreeviews.org.)       

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