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Almost 1 Million TV Streams in December Alone on One Platform Alone

This just in!!!!  Total TV streams on our website for the month of December were almost 1 Million!!!

Our Youtube numbers are not as high as others because we push everyone to our website more than youtube so that if Youtube ever shuts us down we are not hurt. Let us just look at ONLY three TV shows for the month of December. The first video in the graphic show that our TV show on Information Warfare was viewed on our website at  115,882 times in 9 days from Dec 22 to Dec 31. The second video had 97, 476 in 3 days from Dec 28 to Dec 31. The third video had 72,452 views in 19 days. WVW Broadcast Network is growing and growing in a manner that if Youtube shut us down we would not be damaged. This is why we build WVW Broadcast Network as a stand alone digital platform as a unique brand and DO NOT rely on Youtube. We are happy to be on Youtube but that is NOT our main focus so that we can preserve our audience and build our brand. The bottom line is WVW Broadcast Network is growing big time. These numbers are only TV and do not count our radio streams which are even higher. Thought you might find this encouraging.


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