2022 Will Be The Year That Determines if America Remains A Free Nation

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Dear Friend,

2020 and 2021 have been historic years for America, but not in a good sense. 2022, I am afraid, will be the year that will largely determine if America will remain a free nation or be further enslaved by tyranny and oppression to the point of no return.

This year I turn 53 and I never expected at this point in my life to be working the incredibly long hours that I and my team are now working literally seven days a week for months on end. I am not complaining, but trying to describe to you just how committed we are to seek to watch, warn and awaken Americans to the extremely serious threat now facing our faith, families, and freedoms.

I also feel increasingly convicted to find ways by which to bring encouragement, hope, joy, and faith to those who watch WVW Broadcast Network.

In 2020, I produced a television special from two of my albums based on gospel classics. You can watch it for free at www.wvwtv.com/liveconcert

In 2021, I produced an album of love songs that sought to honor and celebrate Melissa and my 30th wedding anniversary. You can sample the CD here. In October of 2021, I was honored to present these songs in a live dinner concert at our 18th annual Ozarks Worldview Weekend at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

This live concert was filmed with multiple cameras and will be released as a television special in February of 2022 at wvwtv.com as a television special for Valentine’s Day.

In January of 2022, I will return to the recording studio and begin work on a new album. This will be a Christmas album with custom, full orchestration that I have personally been working to select for many months. In the fall of 2022, I will present many of these songs in concert before a live audience and we will turn it into a Christmas special for December of 2022.

I am also working on several new songs for a Resurrection Sunday television special, fourth of July television special, and a Thanksgiving television special. Why? Because in addition to presenting news and information, along with documentaries, we want to produce quality, wholesome and encouraging television specials. We all need to take a break at times from the serious and even troubling news of the day and retreat to a time and place that offers perspective and peace.

Recently, I launched a nightly news broadcast at wvwtv.com that Mike Lindell saw and picked up for Lindell-TV. The owner of Brighteon TV saw the broadcast and also placed it in his Monday through Friday, nightly prime-time schedule.

After many months of consideration, I launched Worldview Report as a nightly news broadcast because I could not find even one, professionally produced, nightly news broadcast that presented vital and uncensored news. The deep state’s corporate media outlets have censored the real news and so we now have Worldview Report as the solution. It takes seven people, 18 man hours a day to produce this one, 30 minute daily news program. Television production is very time-consuming and very expensive. This is why very few groups produce the quality and professional programs you have come to appreciate at WVW-TV.

WVW Broadcast Network is seeking to be a well-rounded, full-service broadcast outlet. We are seeking to offer much of what the mainstream media has rejected, and that includes wholesome, family friendly, patriotic, historic, and religious based television specials.

Your continued partnership with us will be vital to rolling out some of these new projects in 2022. As 2022 sees more Covid passports rolled out, we plan to offer new programs that allow you to enjoy concerts and pageants from the comfort of your living room.

One reason WVW-TV has gained the following that it has today is because unlike most of today’s “conservative” pretenders, I have a 32 year track record of broadcasting a truly conservative and Christian worldview. My books and radio and television shows document that I was not afraid to present truth or predict what coming when it was not popular and even unthinkable to most Americans. Well, sadly, much of the trends I warned were coming are now here. This is what I wrote in 1993 in my book Cradle to College.

To make matters worse, the Clinton Administration has unveiled its aggressive strategy to track every child in the U.S. How do they plan to do that? By providing age-appropriate immunizations for every child. This goal of assuring vaccinations for all American children against childhood diseases, however, includes a questionable plan to register and track all children and families by their Social Security numbers.

Many responsible parents are concerned that this bill will threaten family privacy. Meanwhile Clinton sent a letter to those participating in the April 25 homosexual march on Washington lauding the group’s aims, which include continuing anonymous and only voluntary HIV testing. Healthy children would be tracked by our government, but adults with a lethal, transmissible disease will remain anonymous.

Health and Human Services secretary, Donnal Shalala, told Congress that President Clinton plans to buy up all U.S. vaccines. (Cradle to College, p65)

Today, illegals are being let into the U.S. without proof of their Covid vaccination, but major cities are demanding children produce a Covid passport.

I went on to write:

What will happen to those parents who refuse to participate in the government immunization program? Will they be considered child abusers? Will someone from child protection services show up at their house with a threat to comply or risk losing their children? (Cradle to College, p65)

Sadly, we are now hearing reports of parents having their parental rights threatened just as I predicted in my 1993 book. In my 1995 book Reclaiming a Nation At Risk I wrote:

What happens, however, if our leaders are not moral and not honest? What if those in control of these tracking systems decide that certain individuals and groups of people hold “politically incorrect” values and beliefs and need to be “retrained”? Could such a vaccination and attitude-tracking system be used to persecute or eliminate those who do not accept the government’s way of thinking? (Reclaiming A Nation At Risk, p144)

The tracking of students is not a new concept. The Chinese government keeps a “dangan” on its citizens. The March 16, 1992 New York Times International revealed that a dangan is a
“file opened on each urban citizen when he or she enters elementary school, and it shadows the person throughout life, moving on to high school, college, employer . . . the dangan contains political evaluations that effect career prospects and permission to leave the country . . . the file is kept by one’s employer. The dangan affects promotions and job opportunities . . . any prospective employer is supposed to examine an applicant’s dangan before making hiring decisions.”

Look at what the cultural elite have imported from Red China, what will they think of next? (Reclaiming A Nation At Risk, p125)

Today, social credit scores are openly talked about for U.S. citizens by even the mainstream media. However, when I wrote and predicted this in my 1995 book, I was called “over the top,” “extreme,” “radical,” and of course, “a conspiracy theorist.”

Do people say those things about you because you are studied and informed? If so, remind them that their ignorance does not make you a conspiracy theorist.

Thank you again for your generous and on-going support and encouragement. If you have not already done so, please consider going to wvwfoundation.com and setting up a monthly, automatic contribution. We really need to see an increase in automatic, monthly donors. If you prefer to give by check, please use the mailing address at the top of this letter. You can also make a tax-deductible contribution by phone during normal business hours by calling 901-825-0652.

Brannon Howse
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