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From Babel to Babel: The Utopian Dream of World Unity by Carl Teichrib

"Carl's presentation, From Babel to Babel, is a broad survey demonstrating the ancient and modern desire of Mankind: To ultimately be in charge of human destiny and assert our power through world unity. Starting with Genesis 11 and the Tower of Babel, Carl brings this humanist dream forward into the "Babel" architecture of the modern movement for world government, a world currency, and a world religion. Along the way he explores the influence of Saint Simon and "New Christianity," the role of John Foster Dulles and the Federal Council of Churches, Pope Pius XII and his meeting with World Federalists, ideas for a single global currency and the potential power of a global central bank, and the rise of interfaithism and internationalized religion. Carl augments his evidence with first-hand experiences as an observer at the UN Millennium Forum, the UN World Urban Forum, the International Congress of the World Federalist Movement, and the 2010 World Religions Summit."

Carl Teichrib

Carl Teichrib is editor of Forcing Change (, a monthly journal documenting the worldview challenges being faced in the Western World. As a writer, he has approximately 200 articles and essays published on globalization and its many subtopics, covering religious, political, economic, and social trends in North America and abroad. As a researcher, Carl has attended many globally relevant meetings, conferences, and events - including the United Nations Millennium Forum, Global Governance 2002, and the G8 World Religions Summit. Carl's work has been utilized by a host of other Christian authors and commentators, and he has been a frequent guest on radio shows across the United States. Carl and his family live in rural Western Canada.