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Prophecy Today Intell Briefing, March 8, 2013

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On this edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with the director of Palestinian Media Watch located in Israel and with the mission of monitoring the Palestinian Media, both the print media and the electronic media. Today these two will discuss the Palestinian demonstrations in Israel that seem to be part of a "propaganda machine" setting the stage for President Obama's visit to Israel. They will also have conversation about the Palestinian text books that are training the Palestinian children to hate the Jews.

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We will have a Middle East Up-date on PTIB today, with Jimmy DeYoung talking with Dave Dolan about what's happening in the Middle East that may be setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. These two journalist will discuss the visit by Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to Israel; how Islamic Jihad, an Islamic terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, detailed the role of Iran in the recent war in the Gaza Strip; that the PA is calling on the UN Security Council to force Israel to accept the pre-'67 borders and a report on the "priestly blessings' being pronounced on tens of thousands of Jewish and Christians pilgrims at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Straightway Vs. CAIR (program #14)

Mike Interviews Phil Johnson Pastor Mike interviews Phil Johnson on today’s show. They discuss a wide range of topics including John MacArthur, the editing process for a book, and how he got into Charles Spurgeon.

JD discusses the return of Mark Driscoll into the Word of Faith movement. JD also talks about Kenneth Copeland taking dominion over Ebola.

AMERICAN FOUNDERS ON HOMOSEXUALITY Chris discusses a series of articles dealing with the early American view of homosexual behavior. How would the framers of our Constitution feel about the issue of gay marriage, and the concept of gay rights? A clear and sober examination of American law (prior to the post World War II era) shows that today's homosexual movement is nothing short of an alien value system entered into our society.

Description: Mike is not surprised by the direction that the Catholic Church is taking. He knew that Pope Francis would aggressively pursue a Jesuit agenda. The goal: to bring all separated brethren back home to Rome (unite the world under the Pope), a goal that's been in place since the Reformation 497 years ago. In addition, he is “opening the door” to welcome all people into the church, including gays and lesbians. While supposedly infallible, Pope Francis has been corrected by the Vatican on several occasions, as his statements are not only unbiblical, but they also deviate from Roman Catholic doctrines and traditions.

These days, polling data is king. In the mainstream media, truth seems to lie with the majority opinion. And so we are analyzing what people believe about the cross of Christ.

on today's episode JD discussed several since your questions with biblical answers and then Spurgeon is calling.

Robin Williams, ISIL, and Compassion Pastor Steve hosts today’s show and discusses some current news items. He talks about the death of Robin Williams and how we should react. He also looks at the ISIL situation and what that means for Christians.

The Straightway Vs. CAIR (program #13)

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with Winkie Medad, from Shilo, Israel, about the last of the seven Feast that God gave the Jewish people, as found in Leviticus 23 in the Torah. Winkie will share his experience in a "succa", thatched hut, for the seven days of Feast of Tabernacles. They will also discuss the troubles that have been taking place on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Dr. Jane Orient, is Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS), a non-partisan professional association of physicians in all types of practices and specialties across the country. She is an internal medicine physician and has been in solo private practice since 1981. She is currently president of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness and since 1988 has been chairman of the Public Health Committee of the Pima County Arizona Medical Society. She is the author of “Your Doctor is Not In: Healthy Skepticism About National Healthcare.” Dr. Orient began by describing why Omaha, Nebraska, is on the map regarding the current Ebola crisis. This is because it has one of 4 hospital units in the nation that is capable of caring for patients under Bio Safety Level 4 (BSL-4) conditions. That is the category for organisms such as Ebola.

The cross is the centerpiece of history and the core of God’s redemptive agenda. On Running to Win, we have been exploring God’s view of the cross, but today we will focus on man’s viewpoint. As we will soon see, the contrast is startling.

Guest: Dr. David Farnell of Master’s Theological Seminary. Topic: Dr. Robert Gundry gave a speech on October 6, 2014 entitled “Peter: False Disciple and Apostate According to Saint Matthew.” Dr. Farnell reveals why Gundry is wrong and why he says some people at the Evangelical Theological Society want to reinstate Gundry to their organization. Dr. Farnell reveals that evangelicalism has been infiltrated from within through postmodernism, deconstructionism, higher criticism and arrogance. Dr. Farnell warns that many within evangelicalism have become so impressed with their degrees and press releases that they now believe they can question the authority and accuracy of God’s Word. Don’t miss this exclusive interview. Topic: We take your calls.

Topic: Hear the new audio of Kenneth Copeland shouting and attempting to bind the demon of Ebola. Then listen as he takes Psalm 91:3 out of context. Brannon puts it back into context. Then listen as he takes Deuteronomy 28 out of context as well as Isaiah 53:5. Brannon explains the true context of these passages. Brannon told you a few weeks ago that these guys would claim they could heal Ebola. Topic: When we see video of people like Copeland or so called-evangelicals leaders promoting and interviewing in an affirming manner false teachers that believe, among other things, that they are binding Satan, binding the demon of Ebola, gold dust is falling, that glory clouds are appearing, you would think it was a parody or skit on a television program as they seek to mock Christians. Yet, these videos are not a parody or a joke but real. Brannon explains why he believes these false teachers are leading millions astray and are given credibility by the pro-family industrial complex as Brannon warned about years ago and in his book Religious Trojan Horse. Topic: The USA Vineyard Churches has put out a white paper entitled Pastoring LGBT Persons. In this report the Vineyards says they will serve communion willingly to gays and lesbians and those living in open and unrepentant sin. What does Paul say about this in I Corinthians 11? Pastor Mike Abendroth joins us to tell us the Biblical standard his church follows in regards to communion. Topic: We take your calls.

Hello friends - there was a mix-up on this week's program. I sincerely apologize for a repeat program being posted. We should be back on track now. The move to Idaho has left me most unorganized. At any rate, let's continue our study into biblical hermeneutics. It's one of the most well known verses in the Old Testament: "If My people who are called by My name..." 2 Chronicles 7:14. Many Christians take this verse and apply it to the United States or whichever country in which they happen to reside. It has become a popular verse both in the realm of religion and that of politics. Does this verse encompass the United States as, for example, Joseph Farah asserts? Can we take promises God made to Israel and make blanket application to ourselves or our home country? We will look at this question and utilize other texts (Scripture interpreting Scripture) to come to a biblical understanding of this question. (Hint: No, we can't) What about texts such as Isaiah 54:17 which says that "no weapon formed against you will prosper" and then appears to give a universal application by saying "This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord." Surely a promise such as this has a broader application than that of Israel, correct? Aren't all Christians "servants of the Lord"? How can we know what applies to us and what does not? We will examine this question and, hopefully, answer it!


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