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Prophecy Today Intell Briefing, March 8, 2013

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On this edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with the director of Palestinian Media Watch located in Israel and with the mission of monitoring the Palestinian Media, both the print media and the electronic media. Today these two will discuss the Palestinian demonstrations in Israel that seem to be part of a "propaganda machine" setting the stage for President Obama's visit to Israel. They will also have conversation about the Palestinian text books that are training the Palestinian children to hate the Jews.

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In this program Mike looks at all the ordinances that are becoming law that allows a male that thinks he is female to use the female bathroom or showers in public faculties or schools. How should Christians respond to these issues and what is the future going to hold for religious liberties in our own churches and Christian schools?

Islam Faith and History (Part Twenty-two)

Ed Harrell Interview–U.S.S. Indianpolis
Listen is as Pastor Mike interviews Ed Harrell, author of the book: “Out of the Depths: A Survivor’s Story of the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis.” Ed Harrell was on the U.S.S. Indianapolis when it was torpeadoed by a Japanese submarine in The Pacific during World War II. Listening in to Ed’s testimony and survival story.

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will talk with Ken Timmerman who is the "go-to" guy for the geo-political events in our world. Ken has a great vantage point in the Washington, DC, area from which to watch the world scene. Jimmy and Ken will discuss the Pakistan school attacks; IS beheads four Christian children in Iraq and the world faces Armageddon if Obama and Putin don't defrost the "cold war" situation.

Chris discusses the story of King Josiah's great reform in ancient Judah, and how he cast out all the idols from the house of the Lord, and tore down the houses of the Sodomites nearby. Is this a picture for what needs to happen in American churches today? Has the "house of the Lord" become corrupted through normalized idolatry and immorality?

Is America entering a stage of violent civil unrest combined with a coming financial meltdown? How has the financial crisis and civil unrest been fermented and for what purpose? How are the Neo-Marxists and Muslims working together to bring down America? Topic: Mayor De Blasio of New York is reported to have a history of working with radicals, Marxists, and anarchists and honeymooned in Cuba. Should we be surprised the mayor has made comments that seem less than supportive of the NY Police? Topic: Who is Frank Marshall Davis that mentored Obama and how did that influence Obama and the revolution that America seems to be going through now? Topic: Valerie Jarrett is from Chicago and is reported to be Obama's closest adviser in the White House and yet who were her father-in-law, and grandparents and how were they tied to extreme radicals according to a best-selling author? Topic: How has Attorney General Eric Holder helped to promote a racial divide in America? Are all these stories, individuals and families separate or actually all connected to a grand scheme and orchestrated movement and group going back to the 1940s to bring about a Communist revolution in America? Topic: We take your calls.

In a Nazareth synagogue, Jesus opened a scroll of Isaiah the prophet. He began to read of good news for the poor, freedom for prisoners, sight for the blind, and liberty for the oppressed and ended by saying, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your ears.” Only the Son of God could say that.

­­Peter Kamakawiwoole is a staff attorney at the Home School Legal Defense Association. He joined Vic to discuss the HSLDA's representation of a home school mother named Vanessa Wilson who was originally living in the Riverside County area of California. At one point Vanessa noticed that her 4 year old daughter seemed a bit lethargic. She took her to the emergency room and then was sent to the hospital where she was diagnosed with new onset type 1 juvenile diabetes. After tests were run and Vanessa was trained on how to deal with the situation, the daughter was discharged back to Vanessa. Everything was fine until April 3rd when case workers from the Riverside County Department of Social Services appeared stating that they had a report from another county saying that Vanessa was neglecting the care of her child. The case workers had no court order or the permission of a judge to make the visit.

Many topics discussed--among them: ¬¬Police scan social media to assess your threat rating; ¬¬Washington sheriff's deputy says we need new mine resistant vehicles to deal with "constitutionalists" in the United States; ¬¬North Korea planned attacks on U.S. nuke plants in the 1990's, and today could be able to bring down the U.S. power grid; Iran, China and Russia may have helped North Korea in Sony computer hack; ¬¬the Church of Scotland moves towards ordaining practicing homosexual ministers; ¬¬Tel Aviv to host gay winter festival; ¬¬Obamacare blamed for killing acute care hospitals, while rationing lifesaving medical care, even overruling doctor's recommendations.

CTI’s 5-Day Creation Apologetics Teachers College In this session Mike gives the seven steps it takes to become an effective speaker/teacher on creation apologetics. He also answers important questions about CTI’s 5-day Creation Apologetics Teachers College. • Why we need this course? • Where do we hold this course? • How much does the courses cost? • Who should attend? • What are some of the topics in the course?

Ed Harrell Interview–U.S.S. Indianpolis
Listen is as Pastor Mike interviews Ed Harrell, author of the book: “Out of the Depths: A Survivor’s Story of the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis.” Ed Harrell was on the U.S.S. Indianapolis when it was torpeadoed by a Japanese submarine in The Pacific during World War II. Listening in to Ed’s testimony and survival story.

This week on Search the Scripture 24/7 , Tom answers questions from listeners regarding the influence of Christianity in Hollywood - or is it vice versa?

What are the benefits of Discipleship!
Part 1

Merry Christmas everyone! Opening the show this week is a “narrativity” boralogue. John reveals the hypocrisy of the politically correct narrative which states that all worldviews are relative and none of them proclaim the truth – except of course for theirs! We need to get back to the issue of truth, not political correctness. God bless us every one.

As large anti-Islamic immigrant demonstrations take place in Germany, Middle East and Islam expert Raymond Ibrahim ( explores the measures Russian leaders are taking to tackle the radicalization of Muslims in their country and shows the differences between the Islamic worldview and that of the West.

Then we discuss the role of narratives with international writer Alan Gold (, currently writing his new trilogy series about the Middle East, Bloodline. We’ll examine both the lack of modernism in Islam and the polarized narratives of the protagonists in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For our paid subscribers, we continue our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6, where John comments on important stories making news around the world.

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The holiday season often invites discussions about the meaning and significance of Christ's 1st advent. Such discussions provide important opportunities to speak with others about what it means to be a genuine disciple of Christ. The fact is that many men who "confess" the name of Christ have never faced the realities of the Gospel message at all. For many in America, "Christmas" is nothing more than a cultural celebration, and many merchants see it as a source of end-of-year retail profits. However, through the fog and haze of it all, genuine believers progress in a very different pathway - one that maintains a steady course of joyful confession of Jesus, 365 days a year. But what exactly does it mean to "confess" Jesus? The Apostle John utilizes this term in a very profound way in 1 John 4:15. What he has to say about "confessing Jesus" is quite simple, however, it is deeply profound and destroys the disease of easy believe-ism. In this sermon, Pastor Michael Beasley examines John's profound lesson concerning what it means to confess that Jesus is the Son of God. In it he underscores John's lesson to us that, though many profess faith in Christ, fewer still confess Him truly. Whatever conversations you will have with others this week, please consider what it means to confess Christ as you communicate the Gospel with others.

David Farnell continues his look at liberal scholars that influence students through their textbooks at what parents believe are evangelical colleges defending the inerrancy of scripture. In this program David gives specific examples on specific authors.


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