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Chris Pinto, March 8, 2013

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Today's Show: Bill OReilly VS. The Bible Chris discusses the recent interview with Fox News host, Bill O'Reilly discussing the new Bible TV miniseries. O'Reilly says the series represents "fundamental Christian beliefs," and then goes on to say that the story of Adam and Eve was merely an "allegory" since the "science" of Evolution proves it can't be literally true. Can a true Christian believe this? Is it possible that God created the world by an evolutionary process? And what is the truth about evolutionary theory?

Broadcast Archive

Misconceptions in the Book of Exodus (program #5)

John Woodbridge Interview Pastor Mike interviews John Woodbridge who is the author of the book Hitler in the Crosshairs: A GI’s Story of courage and Faith. Hear more about this historic and fascinating story on today’s show.

On today's episode, JD answers a few sincere questions (1) a question regarding the interpretation of a passage preached from on Monday's program and (2) why the outrage concerning Platt's appointment at the IMB. Then, Spurgeon is calling.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will talk with Buddy Davis, of the Creation Museum and an expert on "dinosaurs", about recently discovered "dinosaur tracks" in Alaska. They will discuss the fact that these footprints are authentic; how did dinosaurs get to North America and are they millions of years old.

THE CURSE OF MEROZ Chris continues his discussion on what the Bible says about self defense, moving on to the Book of Judges. When Israel fought against its enemies, the Angel of the Lord placed a curse upon Meroz for failing to help in the battle. Meanwhile, a blessing was pronounced on a brave woman who helped to defeat the Canaanites. The Scripture tells us there is a time for peace and a time for war. What can we learn about those who refuse to fight in time of war?

Vic began this edition of Crosstalk with details of retired military brass that have criticized President Obama for purging close to 200 officers. The concern among some is that he is weakening an armed forces whose moral is at an all-time low. It should also be noted that this purge appears to be taking place throughout the military with no regard for branch of service. Why is this happening and what does this trend signify? Michael mentioned two CIA officers who were informed that if they testified before Congress they'd lose their jobs. Is it possible that such threats are an attempt to hide the real reason behind the failure at Benghazi?

Our culture is into occult phenomena like never before. Whether by internet, television, movies, or music, the occult is underscoring more and more of our culture’s values.

Topic: Hear the audio of the wife of Joel Osteen declaring that church is about you and God wants you to be happy. Why is this a wrong definition of church? Topic: Hear the audio of a campaign called, welcome back to church, and despite the fact it could be a campaign for the Mormon church or a local social club, numerous church denominations have endorsed this campaign. We ask our radio audience to listen to the audio of the campaign video and tell us what is missing. Our phone lines light up with great calls.

On todays edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung speaks with Winkie Medad about the disqualification of a recently-born "red heifer" the was to be used in a process to prepare the priest, implements and even the temple building for Jewish worship. All the other preparations have been made for that next Temple to be built in Jerusalem, which is the greatest evidence that we are living in the time of the Rapture.

THE BIBLE & SELF DEFENSE Chris discusses the controversial issue of self defense and Christianity. It is often argued that because Jesus taught that we should "turn the other cheek," then self defense is not permitted under the New Testament. Yet many others disagree, and point to passages throughout the Scripture that support a believers right to defend themselves and their families.

Misconceptions in the Book of Exodus (program #4)

Blood and Gore Pastor Mike discusses a range of topics on today’s show including a recent book he was reading by Jack Weatherford called The History of Money. What does that have to do with blood and gore? Tune in to find out!

On today's program, JD answers a few questions and then discusses strippers protesting a church that protests strippers. He also discusses Mark Driscoll and cautions us about jumping on the "beat him down" wagon along with liberal egalitarians. Then, Spurgeon is calling.

God has placed a countless number of practical designs in nature. On this edition of Crosstalk you’ll have fun listening to Dr. DeYoung as he explains some of the discoveries that came about because scientists looked to God’s creation for inspiration. For example, you’ll learn the connection between… --batteries and bacteria --the Water Strider insect and water repellent fabric --optic surveillance and bees --airport terminals and ants --the Box Fish and a unique automotive design --the Elephant Nose Fish and clean water management --the lobster eye and a telescope lens --the paw of the dog and modern shoe design --the eye filter of the penguin and modern sunglasses --the Eiffel Tower and the femur ...and other interesting facts!

Christians are awash in a sea of pleasures, having time for everything but God. Many waste their time in a myriad of ways, and the options are only increasing.

White Privilege Part 2: Topic: When Evangelicals play into the hands of the Marxists. An Atlanta Pastor declares; "“We live in an oppressive system, strategically engineered to subvert the progress of entire people groups and benefit the progress of another. This is injustice...…And it is these injustices that will not allow white Evangelicals to admit that they have built their lives on the backs of the oppressive systems that their grandfathers constructed." Topic: Brannon explains why the comments of this pastor are not only wrong but actually play into the hands of the race-baiters and Marxist that are pushing the agenda of White Privilege. Topic: Black American Walter Williams explains why he gives amnesty and pardon to all persons on European descent. Topic: Many of those pushing White Privilege don’t care about race as much ideology. Hear the audio of some of the race-baiters as they declare that having a black president or a black U.S. Supreme Court Justice is not important if they are not interested in a revolution over the white system which really means a revolution over capitalism. Topic: White Christian, Americans fought to end slavery, fought to elect the first black candidates and some even gave their life doing so but why is this fact ignored? Topic: Were many blacks sold into slavery by Arabs and black African tribes? Topic: At the end of the day Christians know that all of these social ills come down to sin and the sinful heart of man. Topic: We take your calls.


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