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Chris Pinto, March 8, 2013

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Today's Show: Bill OReilly VS. The Bible Chris discusses the recent interview with Fox News host, Bill O'Reilly discussing the new Bible TV miniseries. O'Reilly says the series represents "fundamental Christian beliefs," and then goes on to say that the story of Adam and Eve was merely an "allegory" since the "science" of Evolution proves it can't be literally true. Can a true Christian believe this? Is it possible that God created the world by an evolutionary process? And what is the truth about evolutionary theory?

Broadcast Archive

Islamic Misconceptions About the Bible (Program #24)

Is The Gospel In The Stars? Pastor Mike critiques the book “The Real Meaning of the Zodiac” by D. James Kennedy. Does Creation give enough information about God so that people can be saved? Or do we need God’s Word?

On today's program, JD plays a video from a Heritage Foundation official answer a man on why he shouldn't be allowed to marry another man - and answers from an apologetic standpoint. He also discusses an article on worshiping the family from Together for the Gospel blog. Then, JD launches a Spurgeon Calling segment.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will speak with two of his Broadcast Partners, one in Israel and the other reporting on the European Union. Dr Rob Congdon will give us a EU update and some insight into Russian President Putin. Itamar Marcus is the Director of Palestinian Media Watch and will talk about evidence that Hamas is using "human shields" against the Israeli air strikes and that Hamas knows that they can not defeat the Israeli Defense Forces, what they want to do is turn world opinion against the Jewish State of Israel.

LUKE CHAPTER NINE Chris discusses the parable of the pounds from Luke chapter nine. The Lord tells the story of a King who entrusts certain gifts to His servants and departs to receive a Kingdom. But while He is away, His citizens rebel and refuse to have Him to rule over them. Is this a picture of our society today?

Twila opened this edition of Crosstalk with news that the U.S. Appeals Court in Washington, D.C. has dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Pacific Legal Foundation which said that The Affordable Care Act is essentially unconstitutional because the Constitution requires all tax legislation to come out of the House of Representatives. The Pacific Legal Foundation has decided to appeal. Halbig v. Burwell was a lawsuit brought by several businesses and individuals who felt that Obamacare has harmed them because the legislation says that there can be tax subsidies (advanced premium tax credits) only if they're issued through state established health exchanges and not through the national exchange ( In spite of this, in 2012 the IRS went ahead and issued tax subsidies through both state exchanges and the federal exchange.

The Decalogue means “ten words.” Written by God on tablets of stone, the Ten Commandments defined proper behavior. On an even higher plane, Jesus calls believers to follow an eleventh commandment.

Guest: Dr. Tommy Ice. Topic: Glenn Beck says Jesus was married and had to be in order to travel around with Mary Magdalene and still have credibility. Dr. Ice and Brannon reveal several reasons why Jesus was not married and how the Scriptures actually refute this lie that largely comes from the Gnostic gospel of Phillip. Topic: Hear the audio of Bridget Gabriel taking on the claim that there are so many peaceful Muslims. Topic: Another Right-Wing religious group is set to celebrate around the Masonic statue known as the National Monument to the Forefathers. Topic: Our phone lines light up without even giving out the number once again.

Islamic Misconceptions About the Bible (Program #23)

Jesus Isn’t Calling–Part 2 Mike and Steve continue to talk about the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. Could Jesus be personally giving messages to Sarah? Or have we received everything God wanted for us to know in the Bible?

A special Sunday edition of the Pulpit & Pen Program, FBC Woodstock and Johnny Hunt's security team escorts church member off property for "spewing hate" before he had chance to engage Ergun Caner. This happened earlier today, July 27 2014. In this special episode, JD interviews that church member about his treatment at the hands of FBC Woodstock and its leadership.

On today's edition of PTIB is a Middle East Up-date from Dave Dolan, as he talks with Jimmy DeYoung. These two will discuss the instillation of Ruveun Rivilin as the tenth President of the Jewish State of Israel. He comes to that leadership position at a crisis period in Israel. Jimmy and Dave will also discuss the recent Israeli poll that says that overwhelmingly the Israelis support the IDF invasion of the Gaza Strip to deal with Hamas and who is Has and what is their "end-game".

GLENN BECK, ISLAM & FRANCE Chris discusses a series of new stories including the assertion of Glenn Beck that Jesus was "probably" married to Mary Magdalene. This is the latest of Beck's departures from Biblical Christianity, yet he continues to be embraced as a leader among Evangelicals. Also discussed are the riots in Paris over the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Jews are beginning to abandon France as the hostility of the Muslim population grows against them. In Marseille (France's second largest city) it is reported that the Muslims have taken over and created the most dangerous city in Europe.

According to David, rocket attacks by Hamas have been taking place for six years with little Israeli response, so the movement into Gaza by Israel wasn't planned although the kidnapping of the three teenagers was a spark for a search. That search, however, was carried out to a great extent in the Hebron area of Judea whereas little was carried out in Gaza. So who is this group we keep hearing about that is known as Hamas? According to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Hamas is a humanitarian organization as has been explained to her by Qatar. That's no surprise because, as David noted, Qatar is a regime that has been one of the greatest sponsors of Hamas and Suni Muslim terrorism.

The sin nobody sees can light fires of lasting conflict. Covetousness is longing for what others have and is a recipe for ongoing discontent. God’s tenth commandment makes this clear.

This week on "Encounter God’s Truth," we begin a brand new series of messages from last fall’s Answers for Pastors conference at the Creation Museum. This is a great way to mark the end of our third year of broadcasting—and it is the perfect lead-in to another school year.
Sadly, most students will not hear the Biblical truth regarding origins when they go back to school. Will you and yours be the exception?
Host Wayne Shepherd and Bible teacher Dr. John Whitcomb—the co-author of the classic book that helped to launch the modern creationism movement, "The Genesis Flood"—will encourage you through this series that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end.
We want to thank all of our friends at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum for permission to bring you the presentations in this series.


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