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Brannon Howse: Aired May 13, 2013

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Mike Gendron joins Brannon on this program. Topic: Francis Chan apologizes to his church, visiting Catholics and the secular media after former Catholic Mike Gendron finishes a message on the Biblical gospel. Chan shut down the meeting and stopped any question and answer time from taking place and then publically announced his regret for inviting Mike to speak at his church. The apology was covered in the secular news the next day. Topic: What message was Chan sending to the unsaved followers of the false gospel of the Church of Rome? Can Chan be trusted as a minister of the gospel? Topic: Hear the recent audio of Chan speaking before Rick Warren’s church and hear him praise false teacher Rick Warren. Is this just one of many examples of why Chan should not be promoted by Biblical Christians? Topic: How are other evangelicals pushing ecumenicalism whether they know it or not? Topic: Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins have the Pope raptured in the first Left Behind book? Topic: LaHaye defends Christians working with Glenn Beck and admonishes those that are warning of uniting in spiritual enterprises with Beck? Topic: LaHaye got up after Mike Gendron spoke at the Steeling the Mind Conference and urged the audience not to believe Gendron’s Biblical teaching? Topic: LaHaye stops Brannon from speaking at a conference in December of 2012 even though Brannon was going to speak on the threat of false teaching and the dangers of the New Apostolic Reformation? Topic: Evangelicals are dividing the church by defending false teaching, false teachers, and attacking those that are lovingly pointing out false teachers and false teaching as Biblically commanded to do so. Topic: We take your calls.

Broadcast Archive

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #96)

Rick Warren And The Goal Of… On today’s show Pastor Mike talks about the “Communion Burger” and an article by Rick Warren titled “The Aim of Preaching…” What are the major issues with this burger and article? Listen in to find out!

On today's program, JD asks pastors if they do enough to keep leaven from leaving the lump of their congregation, using as an example the popular "Women of Faith" tours with speakers such as Word-of-Faith impastor, Christine Caine. He also begins with a stinging barb directed toward social media by someone else in social media. Next, JD highlights some excellent articles from Joshua Breland and another on why evangelicals are leaving the church and gives an update on Professor Godwin at Liberty University and the fallout from the Benny Hinn debacle. Finally, JD addresses a post at Synergism Today from Adam Harwood.

According to Mark, time is running out for the House to pass the Senate's immigration bill. This bill would double legal immigration to more than 2 million people per year and promises to do a better job of enforcing the law so that we don't have the same immigration problem in the future. As Jim noted, this is merely at attempt to, '...grant the amnesty now and later we're going to figure out how to shut off the faucet.' Even though Mark feels they are sympathetic to the cause of amnesty, the House Republican leadership have said they won't deal with the 1,000 page Omnibus bill.

At the Lord’s Supper, we take bread and wine and recall the broken body and shed blood of Jesus, given for us. In focusing on the price paid for our salvation, it brings to mind what that sacrifice means.

TEMPLE PURIFICATION & RESURRECTION Chris discusses the various readings concerning Christ's purging of the Temple in ancient Jerusalem, and how the Lord drove the moneychangers from the House of God. Some unbelieving critics argue that the difference between the Scriptural accounts demonstrates an inconsistency in the Biblical record, whereas faithful scholars recognize the clear difference between the first and second purging of the Temple. Also discussed is the fact that the Jews asked Christ to show them a "sign" because of His actions. He replied by making reference to His death and resurrection.

Guest: Mike Gendron. Topic: Hear new audio of Rick Warren on the Catholic television network EWTN as he openly embraces Roman Catholicism and talks about his love of Catholic mystics. Topic: Rick Warren names the Catholic authors he likes. Topic: Rick Warren refers to Catholics as Christians and declares the Pope has it right and is humble and then refers to Pope Francis as “our new Pope.” Topic: Rick Warren says the spiritual director at his church was trained by a Catholic. Topic: Rick Warren declares that he supports the campaign by the Church of Rome to re-evangelize lapse Catholics.

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #95)

Justin Peters Interview Pastor Mike interviews Justin Peters on today’s show. Listen in as Justin shares his testimony and talks about his ministry, conversion, and Cerebral Palsy. Check out

We are at that time when the four "blood moons" are to appear in the sky all across the world and Jimmy DeYoung has his Broadcast Partner, Dave James, on the broadcast to find out what is a "blood moon"; are these really signs for the end times and is it dangerous to teach what may well be false doctrine that is being taught to the Church.

Organizations like the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Atheists, Humanists and Agnostics at UW Madison (AHA), the media and similar groups may not realize it, but they're continuing this tradition of mockery to their own detriment. If God doesn't exist in their view, why are they so upset? How can we be more verbal and effective in order to reach the mockers with the love of Christ in this dark world? Find out how listeners responded across the nation when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

After Jonah preached, he got angry and depressed. God then sent a sequence of events to teach the wayward prophet some pointed object lessons. We will meet a plant, a worm and a scorching east wind.

Guest: Dr. John Whitcomb joins us for Ask Dr. John. Question: Is Moses referring to an actual speech impediment in Ex. 4:10? Or does Moses mean that he does not speak the Hebrew language very well because he was brought up by the Egyptians and was fluent mostly in their language? Would this be why Aaron does so much speaking? Question: What would have happened if the Jewish people had accepted Jesus as their King on Palm Sunday? Question: How could Jesus be forsaken by God (Mark 15:34)? Question: Can the doctrine of the resurrection be found in the Old Testament? Question: I have heard many Christians call the brothers of Jesus half-brothers, but that is confusing to me. Jesus’ actual conception did not come from one of Mary's eggs if I understand correctly. Can you shed some light on the terminology? Question: Why were portions of the Old Testament written in Aramaic? Question: How important is it to learn the Biblical languages? Question: What criteria should a young person use to evaluate Christian colleges? Question: Is there a distinction between the Tribulation and the Great Tribulation? Question: How do you understand the problem of evil?

GIDEON'S FLEECE Chris continues his teaching on the story of Gideon, and how he sought the Lord for reassurance before going to battle against the ancient Midianites. The story itself provides powerful insights for believers, and for our nation as a whole. Even as the Israelites turned aside from the commandments of God, and worshiped idols -- is this a picture of what has happened to America? Is repentance for our nation possible? If so, we will surely find the means of obtaining God's help and assurance through the Holy Scriptures.

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #94)

Arguing In Church: Tuesday can only mean one thing–Tuesday Guy is in the NoCo studios! Today, Pastor Mike and Pastor Steve examine an article by Tom Rainer, from The Christian Post, titled “10 Common Topics for Church Member Arguments.”


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