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Brannon Howse: Aired March 7, 2013

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Part Two: Brannon'’s guest is Chris Rosebrough. Topic: Brannon explains how Life Action Ministries came to his community recently and promoted such individuals as Bill Bright, (who helped to draft evangelicals and Catholics together) Tim Keller,(who praises Catholic mystics, writes for BioLogos, promotes social justice and much more) Gary Thomas (who promotes contemplative prayer) , Francis Chan (who promotes social justice) and passed out magazines that featured an article by Tim Keller and Steve Childers. Just who is Steve Childers? Topic: Steve Childers is the leader of Global Church Advancement. Why is Childers'’ goal of using the church for cultural transformation not Biblical? Topic: In clips from a sermon at John Piper’s Church, hear Childers quote Rick Warren. Topic: Why are we not only not called to make the invisible kingdom of God visible on earth but why is this not something we can accomplish? Topic: Hear Childers say church planters should plant churches not to have a great church but to have a great city. Where is that in the Bible? Topic: Why Jesus speaking of the spiritual poor does not mean the poor in our culture? Topic: We take your calls.

Broadcast Archive

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #101)

Justin Peters Interview–Part 2: Pastor Mike continues his interview with Justin Peters on today’s show. Justin talks about weirdest faith healing experiences, how God speaks to us, Strange Fire, false teachers, and favorite preachers!

In today's very special episode, JD launches a defense of Paul Washer against the preacher's harshest critics.

What is Common Core? Common Core is a set of never-tested federal standards for education written by two Washington lobbyist groups, the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers (C.C.S.S.O.). These two groups were funded by about 150 million dollars by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In the race of life, success with God depends on time spent with Him in secret, time given to the discipline of prayer. For many, prayer is mysterious, especially private prayer.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will talk with two of his Broadcast Partner's who have very important reports about current events that may well be setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. Jimmy will speak first with David Wilder, the spokesperson for the oldest Jewish community in the world, some 4,000 years old, Hebron, about the Passover Celebration that went on in this very sacred Jewish city. Then Jimmy will discuss the events unfolding in the Ukraine and how politically and prophetically this crisis is significant in our world today.

Part two of Contending Against The ISMS of The Day from the Contend 2014 Student Worldview Weekend.

You don’t want to miss this program. After playing a portion of Contending Against the ISMS of the day (Part Two); Ted, a caller, calls in to share how the presentation had him thinking about the spiritual issues presented. Listen as this caller informs us that he is not a Christian but is seriously searching for truth and realizes that there has to be a creator, that he is not a good person, and that he wants to understand what is the truth about life and death and spiritual things. Listen to how Brannon responded to this very sincere and honest man that is truly searching and join us in praying for him. We think you will be encouraged by the honesty of this caller and how important it is for Christians to be ready to give an answer of every man that asks of us.

Revealing the Truth About Islam (Program #99)

Run From Joyce Meyer: Do you or someone you know listen to Joyce Meyer? We would encourage you to closely investigate what she teaches compared to the Bible. Pastor Mike and Steve examine her ministry on today’s show.

On today's program, JD starts with an advertisement from a bridal magazine highlighting "11 Maternity Wedding Gowns Designed to Flaunt Your Baby Bump." He then moves on to a megachurch pastor who says he was "nudged by Jesus" to change his views on human sexuality, endorsing gay "marriage" and then moves on the Matthew Vines' "gay christian" book being published by a Christian book publisher. Then, JD talks about the marijuana -holiday (4-20) falling on Easter and some churches preaching pot-themed Easter sermons and then covers "Mystery Church Guests" being paid $45 to visit churches and critique the worship experience.

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with Winkie Medad in Jerusalem, Israel, about the violence on the Temple Mount caused by the Palestinian Islamic terrorist; effort to perform a "Passover sacrifice" on the Temple Mount; "Priestly blessings" offered at the Western Wall to thousands and Hamas is trying to make the Temple Mount a "city-state" under their control.

Mark began by noting that it was Elihu, one of Job’s friends who said, For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. So Mark decided to have his adult Sunday school class look at some of the triples from the Bible. What began as a 2 or 3 week curiosity turned into a 6 month adventure.

Money can be our idol, and we can be its worshipers. God wants to break the stranglehold money has on our hearts, and the key is giving in secret.

EASTER, SPURGEON & THE ANTICHRIST Chris discusses the origins of the word "Easter" and how it is often traced to a pagan goddess from the ancient world. But is that the whole story? An interesting article from Answers in Genesis proposes an alternative history of the word, tracing its root to the German word for "resurrection." Also discussed is a devotion from Charles Spurgeon who warned in the 19th century of the effort to "restore the Antichrist to his ancient seat." Exactly what did he mean?

Jesus' Offer to Israel (Luke 19:28-44)


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