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Brannon Howse: Aired March 7, 2013

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Part Two: Brannon'’s guest is Chris Rosebrough. Topic: Brannon explains how Life Action Ministries came to his community recently and promoted such individuals as Bill Bright, (who helped to draft evangelicals and Catholics together) Tim Keller,(who praises Catholic mystics, writes for BioLogos, promotes social justice and much more) Gary Thomas (who promotes contemplative prayer) , Francis Chan (who promotes social justice) and passed out magazines that featured an article by Tim Keller and Steve Childers. Just who is Steve Childers? Topic: Steve Childers is the leader of Global Church Advancement. Why is Childers'’ goal of using the church for cultural transformation not Biblical? Topic: In clips from a sermon at John Piper’s Church, hear Childers quote Rick Warren. Topic: Why are we not only not called to make the invisible kingdom of God visible on earth but why is this not something we can accomplish? Topic: Hear Childers say church planters should plant churches not to have a great church but to have a great city. Where is that in the Bible? Topic: Why Jesus speaking of the spiritual poor does not mean the poor in our culture? Topic: We take your calls.

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Jesus will return one day as King of Kings. In His first coming, He was a servant to the will of God, giving His life to save His people from their sins. Today, we will begin to look into three chapters of Isaiah, chapters that reveal what kind of servant Jesus was.

Islam Faith and History (Part Twenty)

Is Your Worship Pagan?
Pastor Mike and Pastor Steve discuss some Top Ten Bad Sermon Openers before looking at an article from Todd Pruitt titled: “Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian?” Listen in!

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners that will share some very important information on different issues that we all need to better understand as we determine where we are on God's program for the future, near future. Jim Jr will turn the tables on his Dad and be the questioner in the interview that deals with the actual little town where Jesus was born. At the birth of Jesus there were two Bethlehem's in Israel. But first, we have a European Union Up-date from Dr Rob Congdon.

Chris discusses the recent events involving acts of Islamic Jihad around the world that only seem to be getting worse. But is there a prophetic connection in the pages of Scripture? And why have Bible scholars seen the locusts of Revelation chapter 9 as the fulfillment of the rise of Islam?

Guest: David Farnell. Topic: Hear the audio of Glenn Beck rant because a major evangelical would not come onto his radio program without clarifying his religious beliefs from those of Glenn Beck. Listen as Glenn reveals his complete ignorance about Biblical Christianity and perhaps reveals he is the religious bigot he accuses others of being. Topic: David Farnell is a seminary professor with a PhD but does not like being called Dr. Farnell. How does David believe many evangelical institutions have created numerous generations of egotistical scholars that due to their ego and education judge the Bible instead of letting the Bible judge them? Topic: David says that the evangelical mafia has become so entrenched and powerful that they can convince publishers not to publish books that reveal their undermining of the Word of God. Topic: David explains how the trend in mainstream evangelicalism is to say you believe in the inerrancy of Scripture while you attack the accuracy of the Bible. Topic: We take your calls.

John Guandolo is a former FBI agent and a counter-terrorism expert. He created and implemented the FBI's first counter-terrorism training and education program. He is founder of and author of the newly released book, 'Raising a Jihadi Generation.' Recently an Iranian Muslim scholar went into a downtown cafe in Sydney, Australia, and took hostages. Australian security officials stormed the cafe and the incident ended in the death of the scholar. John indicated that when you look at how the leadership in Australia responded, the comments from American leaders and Western European and American media outlets as well as the response from the Muslim community--all of this can be described as 'textbook.' Even the calls he received from law enforcement officials indicated that what John has been saying for the past 5-6 years has come true.

Islam Faith and History (Part Nineteen)

Think–Part 1
Please open up your Bible to Romans 6: 1-23 and follow along to this recent sermon delivered by Pastor Mike at Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boylston, MA. In Romans 6 we will see what the key to holy living looks like through the inspired Apostle Paul. What does the Bible teach about sanctification? What does Romans say about thinking? Listen in to find out!

On PTIB today Jimmy DeYoung speaks with Col. Bob Maginnis, at the Pentagon, about a number of issues that you and I need to have some background information on so that we can better understand current events, in light of Biblical Prophecy. Jimmy and Bob will discuss the release of the CIA Report, released by the United States Senate; they will talk about the possible deployment of nuclear missiles in Europe and also the pull-out of Afghanistan by the US and NATO, after 13 years there involved in a war, was it a success or was it a failure?

Jay Seegert is the co-founder, executive director and principal lecturer for the Creation Education Center. He holds degrees in physics and engineering and has been lecturing on creation/evolution and the authority of Scripture for over 26 years. He is author of 'Let There Be Light: Making Sense of the Creation/Evolution Controversy' and the newly released, 'Creation & Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict?

The baby Jesus will be a baby no longer when a thousand-year reign of peace dispels the darkness of war and suffering. Let us allow Isaiah the prophet to lift our spirits by reminding us of the future reign of Christ the King on this earth.

Topic: Why is there a war on America’'s Police officers and how should Christians look at and speak to this issue? Topic: Should evangelical pastors be consumed with social issues and are some of them agitating much like the liberals on the left and thus becoming useful idiots for the liberal establishment? Topic: John Piper, Matt Chandler, and other evangelicals were in Memphis,Tennessee to hold a national online event. The press release for the event mentioned the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri and declared: “"The fact that such heart-wrenching decisions have taken place some 50 years after the civil rights movement have left the children of those who marched in such places as Birmingham and Selma wondering if justice has not only been delayed, but has she finally and permanently been denied.”" This is very troubling because justice was not denied in that a grand jury that consisted of white and black citizens heard weeks of testimony from eye witnesses and chose not to indict. How is that a denial of justice? What would these so called pastors have done if they had been in the shoes of Darren Wilson and a young man attacked them while sitting in their police car and tried to take away their weapon and shoot them with their own weapon? Brannon explains why he believes that these so-called pastors are not only speaking from ignorance but actually playing right into the hands of the communist agitators and race hustlers. Topic: Should evangelical pastors like John Piper be evoking the name of Martin Luther King when we truly understand his worldview, promotion of socialism, immorality, and connection to the communist movement? Topic: Why are police departments having a hard time hiring the best candidates and retaining current officers and how could the problem be fixed? Topic: How do the courts today undermine the authority of police officers and parents? Topic: How should Christians look at the issue facing police today in light of the fact that God has ordained government and ordained law enforcement as ministers of righteousness to punish the wicked and reward the righteous? Topic: We take your calls.

God Saves The Vile
Is there anyone so evil that God can’t save them? Pastor Mike continues discussing the story of Jonah and his message of repentance. Consider the amazing grace, mercy, and patience of God as you listen.

Islam Faith and History (Part Seventeen)

On PTIB today we have a Middle East News Up-date from Dave Dolan, a long-time journalist in that region of the world. Jimmy DeYoung will discuss with Dave the Palestinian up-surge in violence in Israel over the death of a PA Minister; Jordan's King saying that the "war" against Islamic State is "World War 3" and a Pakistani official says that Israel is the next "superpower" in our world.


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