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Brannon Howse: Aired March 7, 2013

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Part Two: Brannon'’s guest is Chris Rosebrough. Topic: Brannon explains how Life Action Ministries came to his community recently and promoted such individuals as Bill Bright, (who helped to draft evangelicals and Catholics together) Tim Keller,(who praises Catholic mystics, writes for BioLogos, promotes social justice and much more) Gary Thomas (who promotes contemplative prayer) , Francis Chan (who promotes social justice) and passed out magazines that featured an article by Tim Keller and Steve Childers. Just who is Steve Childers? Topic: Steve Childers is the leader of Global Church Advancement. Why is Childers'’ goal of using the church for cultural transformation not Biblical? Topic: In clips from a sermon at John Piper’s Church, hear Childers quote Rick Warren. Topic: Why are we not only not called to make the invisible kingdom of God visible on earth but why is this not something we can accomplish? Topic: Hear Childers say church planters should plant churches not to have a great church but to have a great city. Where is that in the Bible? Topic: Why Jesus speaking of the spiritual poor does not mean the poor in our culture? Topic: We take your calls.

Broadcast Archive

Tom welcomes back his guest Mike Oppenheimer as they continue their fascinating discussion on UFOs and Extraterrestrials, including the Nephilim.

Islamic Misconceptions in the Book of Deuteronomy (program #6)

Kirk Cameron and the Catholics
I was planning on picking up where we left off in our study in biblical hermeneutics but felt it needful to address Kirk Cameron's recent interview on The Busted Halo program on Sirius/XM's The Catholic Channel. The Busted Halo program is hosted by Catholic priest, Father Dave. My wife, Kathy, and I listen to The Catholic Channel pretty frequently as we travel and we can attest that most of its programs are blasphemous, off-color, and all are theologically heretical. When we heard that Kirk Cameron was to be interviewed by Father Dave, we were hopeful that the former would take that opportunity to present the true Gospel to the latter and all of his thousands of Catholic listeners who are lost in the false doctrines of the Romish Church. Tragically, this did not happen. Not only was the Gospel never presented but Kirk affirmed Father Dave (and by theological extension) all Roman Catholics as his fellow brothers and sisters and co-laborers in Christ. In this program I discuss how Roman Catholicism is anti-thetical to the biblical Gospel of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. We do no one any favors as professed born-again Christians when we give our implicit endorsement to a false theological system whether it is Roman Catholicism or Word-Faith or Mormonism or (insert heresy here). I will play a clip from this interview and discuss the dangers of what Kirk did. I do not intend this program to be picking on Kirk per se, but want to make the broader point of how we as Christians must be extraordinarily careful in our theological associations and endorsements. As teachers we are held to a stricter judgment (James 3:1).

A Wedding From A Funeral (Judges 20:35)

Brief Overview
What if Dr. Henry Morris had never been introduced to Dr. John Whitcomb? What if their classic creationist book, “The Genesis Flood,” had never been published? What if Ken Ham had never read that book, and what if he had never come to America to work full-time in creation ministry?
Learn how the Lord orchestrated the outcome of all these events on this week’s edition of “Encounter God’s Truth.” We continue our presentation of "An Evening with Creation Apologetic Pioneers"—part of our series on “Creation Apologetics.”
We are listening to a conversation from last fall’s Answers for Pastors conference, held at Answers in Genesis’ Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. It involves Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham and Bible scholar Dr. Whitcomb, and was moderated by Steve Ham, the senior director of outreach for Answers in Genesis.
With host Wayne Shepherd, we thank Answers in Genesis for permission to bring you this material. It reinforces our understanding that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end!

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will talk with Dave James on an issue that needs to be discussed by the body of Christ in a public forum. This issue is the newest book by Jonathan Cahn, "The Mystery of the Shemitah". Dave is concerned about whether the book is Biblically correct. He also has a question about the authenticity of the facts quoted in the book. This is a very important conversation that you should listen to if your thinking about reading the book.

Righteousness And Wrath Revealed–Part 1
Pastor Mike starts a new sermon series today on the book of Romans. The theme of the book is introduced in this overview. Get a sneak peak of what is to come in future weeks!

What Good is the Law Anyway?
I Timothy 1.3-11

John’s boralogue maps out the borders and details of the new emerging global paradigm, setting it in contrast to those early on “world orders” through which we have already passed.

Senator Ted Cruz created a row when speaking at an “In Defense of Christians” conference last week, targeting support for persecuted Christians in the Middle East. The senator made his statement that Israel is the Christian’s greatest friend in that part of the world, for which he was booed. Why that happened can be understood by examining the organization sponsoring this conference. Dexter van Zile ( from the committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting joins the program.

Next we’ll open a new thread on the global goals of China and Russia. Both countries along with the United States and European Union find themselves on a monetary time clock, allowing only a limited window of opportunity for doing whatever it is they intend to do. Gordon Chang ( writes for Forbes and other publications. First question: Will Hong Kong survive as a Switzerland of the Far East?

Then on to the weekly visit with constitutional attorney Michael Connelly ( from the United States Justice Foundation. This week’s subject is the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

Finally, ideas do have consequences. Evolutionists like to dodge the ultimate moral and philosophical implications raised by Darwinism when it comes to human rights. Both World Wars I and II were driven by Social Darwinistic ideas of inferior races. Dr. Richard Weikart, Ph.D., is a fellow at the Discovery Institute and professor of history at California State University Stanislaus.

On today's program, JD highlights a Masters College graduate's sermon from Oxnard, California during the Voice in the Wilderness segment. He also discusses briefly Floyd and Gaines at SEBTS and the Anabaptist fixation at Synergism Today. He also puts a call out to the Pulpiteers to engage Rick Joyner during his Q&A tonight on twitter.

Chris discusses a new book by author James P. Byrd of Vanderbilt University. The book is titled, "Sacred Scripture, Sacred War: The Bible and the American Revolution." While avoiding the common trap of attempting to prove that leading revolutionaries were somehow or other all "Christians," Byrd makes a convincing argument that the Bible was the leading source of inspiration driving the War of Independence. He proves that it was revolutionary ministers who preached that "The Lord is a man of war" (Exodus 15:3), and that Americans should "Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free" (Galatians 5:1).

--Yesterday Secretary of State John Kerry defended the President's statement that ISIS does not represent Islam. --Suspected members of ISIS captured by Australian police officials as they were plotting to behead a randomly chosen victim. --Muslim leader admits terrorism is a part of Islam. --A portion of the 120 million dollars that the Obama administration is infusing into Nigerian education programs is funding Islamic schools that exclusively teach the recitation and memorization of the Quran. --A confessed domestic terrorist sits in prison after using information from the Southern Poverty Law Center to target a Christian organization in Washington. --Muslim terrorists have described the brutal killing of a New Jersey teen for being American as a 'just' kill.

Believers count on a life beyond this life. Meanwhile, we live to bring glory to God. Whether our days are many or few, all of us will die. We want to live in such a way that when life is over, God receives glory.

Islamic Misconceptions in the Book of Deuteronomy (program #5)

Anime Manga And Parenting Pastor Steve, a.k.a. Tuesday Guy, is flying solo today on the show. He discusses an article in Christianity Today called “Confessions of a Cosplay Mom“. Should your child be involved with anime, manga, or cosplay?

On today's program, JD discuss Rick Joyner's recent trip to Heaven and his Twitter Q&A this Friday. Then, a few emails. He also discusses Ronnie Floyd and then a Downgrade segment with Brian Houston. Afterward, Spurgeon is calling.


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