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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, April 24
Brannon Howse: April 24, 2017
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Today's Worldview Radio: Topic: The interfaith group that protested our Sioux Falls rally has now written an open letter in the known Sioux Falls liberal rag. Did they condemn the Muslim man of hate and intolerance that threatened us? NO! Instead they used the article to trash on Shahram. Topic: Former FBI Counter terrorism agent John Guandolo joins us to reveal how the Muslim Brotherhood and such groups are winning as evident by how Sioux Falls authorities handled the terroristic threat against Christian speakers Howse and Hadian and the conference attendees. Topic: On Friday afternoon, April 21, 2017, the Muslim man that made a terroristic threat against Brannon and Shahram and the Sioux Falls Worldview Weekend Rally was arrested and they found meth in his home, according to police reports. This is the first broadcast since the arrest of this man. You mean we could have had a guy jacked up on drugs, combined with his ideology, putting 500 men, women, and children at risk at our Christian conference? Why was he not arrested that night or even questioned? How did he stay on the streets for 12 days with guns and meth? He even posted on his Facebook page he had 1,200 rounds of ammunition in his car. 

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