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Brannon Howse
Aired Thursday, June 13
Brannon Howse: June 13, 2019
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Guest: Tom Littleton. Topic: The largest protestant denomination in America passed resolutions this week that read like an obituary announcing the death of traditional Christianity and doctrinal purity among its members. WVW Broadcast Network for the second year in a row sent reporter Tom Littleton to cover the annual Southern Baptist Convention. Tom reports in detail the disturbing resolutions that were passed that reveal that the SBC has official been taken over by the cultural marxists of the neo-Calvinist Gospel Coalition and T4G. Tom and Brannon discuss how their warnings over the past few years have not only come true but have occurred faster than they even expected. Learn why and how modern-day evangelicalism is becoming one of the greatest threats to true Christians, Conservatives, capitalists and to the nation state of Israel?

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Broadcast Archive

Todd Nettleton is the chief of media relations with Voice of the Martyrs and host of the Voice of the Martyrs broadcast.  Todd has served some 20 years with VOM and he’s traveled to many nations to interview hundreds of Christians who have endured persecution.  He’s also part of the writing team for four Voice of the Martyrs books.

Todd began by describing the apostle Paul when he was Saul, one of the persecutors.  At one point Paul was on his way to Damascus to find Christians and bring them to what he would have described as ‘bringing them to justice.’  In other words, he was going to straighten out those confused individuals who were following Jesus Christ. As many readers know, it was on that road where Paul was confronted by Christ.

Todd remarked that this story is repeated again and again even today.  As Saul became Paul, he shared the gospel throughout the known world, made disciples and started churches.  Eventually he was arrested, appealed to Caesar, sent to Rome and later was beheaded, apparently just outside the city gates.  Although we don’t know for sure, it’s believed that incident occurred on June 29th.  

It’s that day that Voice of the Martyrs wants to emphasize so that the church in America can be inspired by the example of those like Paul who’ve laid down their lives in service to Christ and His gospel.

Todd explained that as we think about the lives of such individuals, we should ask the question, ‘What would I be willing to give up/sacrifice to serve Christ?’   

With that mindset, much ground was covered on this program including:

–The state of persecution in the world today.

–Happenings related to Christian persecution in China and North Korea.

–The level of awareness of persecution by those making up the church in the West.

–Those things distracting the church from being aware of persecution.

–The story of a South African family who left a comfortable life to move to Afghanistan after 9-11.

What is Voice of the Martyrs doing specifically to mark June 29th, the ‘Day of the Christian Martyr’?  Find out by reviewing this edition of Crosstalk and by checking out the resources at   



Revealing The Truth About Sharai (Part Seven) 

Winkie Medad will come to Jimmy DeYoung's Broadcast Table today on PTIB to explain the Jewish Feast Day of Shavuot, the Feast of Pentecost. This is the fourth of the Jewish Feast as given in Leviticus 23, it's the last of the Spring Feast. As Christians may know, the Feast of Pentecost is the same day that the Church began; Acts 2, when on that Feast Day there were Jews in Jerusalem from every nation of the world, Acts 2:5. This will be a great discussion to listen to as Winkie explains the importance of this Feast Day for the Jewish people. Jimmy and Winkie will also discuss the three Jewish Pilgrim Feast Days, when the Jews were required by the Lord to go up to Jerusalem, to the Temple, to be seen by God and for the Jews to see God.


The death of Jesus on a Roman cross is the turning point of history. That act of obedience to the Father secured the salvation of all who believe on His Son. Jesus said, “There is no greater love than a man lay down His life for His friends.”

It was 50 years ago, June 28, 1969, when police raided the Stonewall Inn, an underground venue for homosexuals who fought back and rioted; perhaps the catalyst for the rampant advancement we are seeing today of the LGBTQIA+ movement and the accompanying political agenda.  

What was once shameful is now considered pride. What once was considered a mental disorder alongside pedophilia and zoophilia is now considered ‘normal.’  What was once done in the closet is now paraded on the streets.

Here to discuss ‘Stonewall: 50 Years Later’ and what we are witnessing today was Peter LaBarbera.  Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth, a non-partisan, educational group dedicated to exposing the homosexual-bisexual-transgender activist agendas.

Peter began by noting that while there was homosexual advocacy going on prior to Stonewall, he feels that what took place in June of 1969 was the beginning of the ‘in your face’ gay revolution that we’ve become used to.

According to Peter, Stonewall was a very seedy, mafia-run bar.  There were police payoffs that allowed it to operate in Greenwich Village, New York.  It was raided on that late June day with bricks being thrown at police.

Ironically, the homosexual community tries to use this incident to create equivalency with the Black civil rights movement.  Stonewall preceded and launched the ‘in your face’ activism that’s taken place over the years and which the media and corporate America has capitulated to.

Gay activism pressured and prodded to the point that eventually the American Psychological Association (APA) normalized homosexuality.  As Jim noted, in 1973, the APA removed homosexuality from the DSM-2 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

Jim continued with the historical gay timeline.  Below are just some of the dates and Peter described what took place:

–November 27th, 1978 in San Francisco.  Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor  Harvey Milk were shot and killed by a former supervisor.  Milk is now an icon for homosexuals.

–On October 14th of 1979, the first national march on Washington for lesbian and gay rights took place.

–June 5th, 1982, was the date of the first official documentation of AIDS.  

–June 28th, 1993, President Bill Clinton’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy goes into effect.

–March 15th, 2000, The State of Vermont passed the first law allowing for civil unions and registered partnerships.

–May of 2004—For the first time, same-sex marriage laws were passed in Massachusetts.

–June 28th, 2015, the Supreme Court issued their decision in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, stating that so-called, same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

–World Pride is taking place this summer in New York City.

There’s much more to learn including the latest on the Equality Act, controversy about pride flags possibly being flown on U.S. embassy flagpoles, as well as Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and the order he issued to hoist the homosexual pride flag above the state capitol.


Gay Pride Month: A Marked Menace to America. We are joined by Diane Gramley (Pres. American Family Association of PA). Topics discussed include: The Menace of Gay Pride Month. The Urgent Concern of Gay Pride Month. National Sponsors of Gay Pride Month. What does the Bible say about the LGBTQ Movement?

If you’re a dad and your son is gravely ill in the hospital, you would do anything to trade places and bear your son’s pain. The same is true for God the Father. When His Son Jesus agonized on the cross, God felt the pain His Son was enduring, knowing that Jesus was paying the price for our sin.

English Pastor Discusses State of the Church in U.K. and U.S.A. We are joined by Martin Wickens (Pastor). Topics discussed include: Brexit. State of the Church in Britain. State of the American Church. Solutions.


E.W. Jackson Sr., chairman of STAND Against Communism, introduces various speakers from the group's May 20, 2019, National Press Club news conference. This part one features Trevor Loudon, Diana West, and Jerome Corsi. Recorded by Cliff Kincaid of America's Survival, Inc.

Topic: The Tower of Basel. Brannon explains the Bank for International Settlements. Most Americans have never heard of this group and yet the BIS is the central bank of central bankers. The BIS is also working with groups like the World Bank and  the U.N. Nations for the promotion of a universal I.D. as well as the goals found in Agenda 2030. Topic: We take your calls.

Dr. Peter Pry talks about World War II generation that is often known as the greatest generation. What did this generation accomplish? What revealed their bravery and intellect and what can we learn from them today that America so badly needs?

Revealing The Truth About Sharai (Part Six) 

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung and Dave James will have a very important discussion focussed on a recent interview that John Hagee had with the Jerusalem Post. The article, the interview, stated that John Hagee does not seek to convert Jewish people to Jesus. Hagee even said that he believes the Jews have another way to get saved, through the Mosaic Law, not the "gospel of Jesus Christ", Romans 1:16. This is a shocking interview, you don't want to miss this program.

If you are a regular listener to "Encounter God’s Truth," you know that Dr. John Whitcomb is widely known as an Old Testament professor. The one New Testament book that he has lectured on extensively is the book of Acts—the only inspired history book of the church.

He tackled the massive project of teaching through this book over the course of six years at the Independent Fundamental Bible Conference—a gathering held annually at the Middletown Bible Church in Middletown, Connecticut. We present these studies with much gratitude to them for their help and assistance. This week, then, we open Volume One of our study of the second book written by Luke to Theophilus, which tells us how the church began to minister in the days following “The Ascension of Christ.”

God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! Host Wayne Shepherd reminds us of that, and adds helpful background to our study. Thanks for listening—and please share this with a friend!

A lot of important topics this week on Steel so we are foregoing the boralogue and jumping right in with our first guest.  Dr. Thomas Farr (, President of the Religious Freedom Institute, describes how the Equality Act is turning the First Amendment on its head by punishing people who hold traditional views on marriage and other issues.  We should speak out and defend our rights and freedoms before it's too late.


If TV crime dramas are to be believed, facial recognition software is quick, easy, and beneficial.  But what's the real story?  Robert Bailey (, Science Correspondent at, looks at the realities of facial rec and the potential for overreach and rights violations should the government get hold of it.


When it comes to the SATs, some scores are less equal than others.  Rob Shimshock (, Correspondent Editor at Campus Reform, joins us to discuss the proposed adversity score for the SATs and how certain people groups are being disenfranchised because of it.


Christians are attacked in Palestinian Authority lands but no one seems to hear about it.  Edy Cohen (, Researcher at the BESA Center in Israel, describes how Christians are persecuted in the West Bank and asks why Christians outside of the area are largely silent about it.


John finishes up this week looking at why politicians always seem to promote issues that never work, like gun control legislation.  The problem is that they are focusing on the wrong things.  If you don't do what actually needs to be done to solve the problem, passing more legislation is not going to help.


John’s quote of the week:    

"The reason we have a right to privacy in this country is that government is not supposed to be trawling through the population trying to find crimes.  You can't live under that level of paranoia.  It suppresses speech, it suppresses innovation, it suppresses religion – it suppresses freedom."


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