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Brannon Howse
Aired Thursday, August 16
Brannon Howse: August 16, 2018
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Guest: Tom Littleton. Topic: An organization run by men that admit to same-sex attraction have written an score card that churches can use to see if they are being inclusive to the LGTQ community. Not shocking but Tim Keller, founder of the Gospel Coalition, has spoken for this organization and endorsed them. Russell Moore of the Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Convention has also endorsed this group. Topic: How is this inclusive scare card by the “Christian” group setting up true Christians as bigots, haters, and worthy of seeing their churches lose their non-profit status and eventually to be prosecuted with hate-crime laws? Topic: Most people know about LGBTQ but are you familiar with LGBTQQIP2SAA? Topic: We take your calls.

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Broadcast Archive

Christ’s defining moment was His cruel death on the cross—a horrific price paid for our salvation. The death of Jesus bought the forgiveness of sins, and for that we must be eternally grateful.

How many times have you heard the accusations claiming the Bible cannot possibly be true due to all the historical inaccuracies? Well, along comes archaeology which throws dramatic light on the biblical record. As you turn over the soil of history, much evidence springs forth authenticating the people, places and events of Scripture. So much of this has been documented and bound in a powerful book, 'Evidence for the Bible'.

Joining Jim to discuss this book and what it covers was Clive Anderson. Clive is a Christian minister from the UK and author of numerous books and articles on historical and biblical subjects including the prophet Nahum and Sennacherib of Assyria. He's co-authored the popular, 'Through the British Museum with the Bible' with Brian Edwards. He is also author of 'Travel with C.H. Spurgeon' and also books on travel to Israel and Egypt. Clive regularly leads tours of the British Museum and Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Italy and Greece. Before entering Christian ministry he was a civil/structural engineering draughtsman.

This Crosstalk is packed with information and here's a small sample from the book that Clive shared with listeners:

--Discoveries that prove Moses did write the first five books of the Bible.

--What is the definition of cuneiform?

--What is the earliest writing to have been found?

--Does archaeological evidence really allow us to put together a chronology?

--Were the Hittites a real civilization?

--Is there archaeological evidence from the time of the Judges?

--Is there evidence for Hezekiah's fresh water tunnel?

--Is there evidence from the reign of Nebuchadnezzar/time of Daniel?

--What do we make of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

--Coins with the image of Caesar Augustus...Pontius Pilate?

Learn about more fascinating biblical proofs that have been discovered when you review this edition of Crosstalk.


Revelation Episode 10. Disregarding Divine Directions. Revelation 2:18-22

Confronting the World: Is Trump Resetting the Bar? We are joined by IQ al Rassooli (Iraqi now living in exile; author). Topics discussed include: The Trump Tariffs: Making or Breaking Turkey, Iran and Russia. North Korea Threatens-China Warns. Canada Warns= The Saudi’s Retaliate. Hamas- Israel - Now Hezbollah?


The recently released report from the UN says that North Korea is working with Syria, militarily, in operations that could be dangerous for the Jewish State of Israel. North Korea is also selling weapons to many rogue states and terror groups in the Middle East. Meanwhile, Israel is warning that Syrian President Assad is starting the rebuilding of a very large Syrian Military Force. These are some of the stories that Ken Timmerman will report on, with great insight for each of the stories, when he speaks with Jimmy DeYoung on todays edition of PTIB. This is a key report that will help you recognize the end of time scenario that is found in Bible Prophecy.

Exposing the Islamic Propaganda of Dr. William Barrick of The Masters Seminary (Part 28)

Genuine authority flows from within. Jesus Christ had the kind of authority we feel even today, two thousand years after He walked on Earth. How can He still command such devotion?

Guest: Robert Spencer. Topic: Robert joins us to talk about his new book The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS. We take lots of your calls and questions for Robert as well as discuss the latest terrorist attack in London.

"Muslims are running for public office in the United States.  How can a person who advocates for sharia to be the law of the land swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution?  Listen and learn.  Join us on UTT's Radio Show with UTT President John Guandolo."

What does one say to a professed atheist when he demands proof that God exists? One could, of course, challenge him to prove that God doesn't exist—and to prove the preposterous scenario that the universe and even the human brain just happened by chance. In fact, since God is infinite, finite beings could never arrive at an indisputable proof either for or against His existence. Furthermore, "proofs" are really beside the point.

It is impossible to "prove" philosophically one's own existence—but who doubts it? Then why is a philosophical "proof" of God's existence demanded?

Chris discusses the ongoing story of the opposition of Pope Francis to the death penalty. The Pope has called for an international ban on capital punishment, calling it “inhumane.” But is his view in agreement with the Bible? Why did God command the death penalty in the Old Testament? Is this punishment somehow removed in the New Testament? The Scripture says that “by fear of the Lord men depart from evil.” (Proverbs 16:6) But what happens to a society when that fear of punishment is removed? Critics of Pope Francis now argue that the Pope has changed “2,000 years of teaching” and directly opposes the commandments of God and the Bible.


Will the race war in South Africa come to America? Topic: In South Africa the race card and racial lies and offensives have been promoted for years against Christians and capitalist that are farmers. Many of the farmers are indeed protestant Christians. Countless numbers of white farmers have been brutally beaten and tortured and killed. Many of their wives have been tortured, raped and killed. Their communists killers have been known to leave a Bible on their dead body to make it clear they were killed for not only being capitalists but Christians. The leaders of South Africa, including the President of South Africa, are openly singing songs and chanting about killing the farmers as they also talk about taking the property of the farmers without any compensation. Yet, in the summer of 2018, former President Obama traveled to South Africa and in his speech he publicly praised the communist leader of South Africa. The information operations carried out in South Africa that has allowed for the public support of the genocide of Christians and capitalists is very similar to the information operations being carried out in America? This past weekend communist Antifa protestors marched carrying a banner that promoted killing conservatives. Will America see the killing of Christians and capitalists because they are Christians and capitalists? Topic: We take your calls.

 Today we are discussing the FISA narrative and the truth behind what really happened.  Join us as we discuss the players, the hero and the impact all of this is having on our trust of the National Security Apparatus.  It is truly scary what the Deep State was almost able to get away with.  

This edition of Crosstalk featured Bodie Hodge from Answers in Genesis who spoke at VCY America's Spring rally earlier this month.

Bodie began by noting how there's not only something wrong with the culture today but also with the church within our culture. He cited George Barna from 2000. When asked to estimate the likelihood that they will continue to participate in church life once they are living on their own, levels dropped to about 1 in every 3 teens. In other words, 70% of kids in church homes say they will walk away from the church.

Bodie believes this is both a cultural and church problem that is interrelated and that it's foundational. As Psalm 11 says, 'If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?'

Since the foundation is essential, what is the foundational book of Christianity? It's the Bible. What's the foundational book within the Bible? It's Genesis. In fact, every major doctrine of theology directly or indirectly ultimately goes back to Genesis. The 7 day week, the weekend, dominion over the earth, why we work, the doctrine of the curse, Jesus being called the 'last Adam', the first and second comings of Jesus...all of these and more have their basis in Genesis.

As his presentation moved along, Bodie laid out more evidence for the relevancy of Genesis. This includes:

--The doctrine of sin and its consequences.

--The sacrifices for sin and what they pointed to.

--A historical look at why many people today are so biblically illiterate.

--The secular view of how the universe came into being.

--What can we learn from the genealogies of the Bible?

--Where did the idea of millions and billions of years for the earth's age come from?

--Who has the most evidence: evolutionists or creationists?

As man says 'no' to the Word of God, by default, man becomes the authority and views the evidence from that perspective. So in the end, it's a battle over two different worldviews.

Discover much more when you review this Crosstalk program either online or by obtaining a CD or DVD copy of the entire presentation.


Exposing the Islamic Propaganda of Dr. William Barrick of The Masters Seminary (Part 27)

On todays edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung and Dave James have a conversation on the subject of "False Prophets". In the book of Matthew Jesus warned believers to "beware of false prophets". Jesus gave that warning in His Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 7:15, and His Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24:11. Jimmy and Dave will discuss how "false prophets" are very active and will become more so as we approach the Rapture, and after, during the Tribulation Period; at this time they are using current events and perverting the Scripture as they explain these current events, for example the recent "Blood Moons" and the numerous earthquakes happening in Israel.