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Ozarks 2020

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Brannon Howse
Aired Friday, February 14
Brannon Howse: February 14, 2020
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Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung & Olivier Melnick. Topic: Iran's Islamic Republic is a product of the return of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei which 2020 is the 45th Anniversary of. Topic: Palestinian Authority Mufti: Rejection of Trumps Peace Plan is a religious obligation or you betray Allah if you cooperate. Topic: Israeli Defense Force Minister: We are now in the era of the Third Temple Topic: The Sanhedrin - Trees - Trump. Topic: Olivier Melnick joins us discuss some of the most recent stories that show the rise in antisemitism.


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Broadcast Archive

Many Christians debate the issue of eternal security:  can someone who has been saved ever be lost? The issue is highly contested even now. In this message we look at the words of Jesus about His role as the Good Shepherd, and the security this brings.

Alan Gottlieb is the founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to promoting a better understanding about our constitutional heritage to privately own and possess firearms.  He’s the author of numerous books including, ‘Dancing in Blood: Exposing the Gun Lobby to Destroy Your Rights,’ ‘Politically Correct Guns,’ ‘The Gun Rights Fact Book,’ and numerous others.

Discussion began with gun rights in the state of Virginia.  Alan believes the reason lawmakers there appear to be turning a deaf ear to the people is because they’ve, ‘…sort of been bought and payed for.’  He cited former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who spent several million to get such people elected in Virginia and now the makeup of the legislature has them trying to rush through as many anti-gun bills as possible.  This runs the gamut from banning modern sporting rifles to banning magazines that hold over 12 rounds, limiting sales to one gun per month or letting local cities/counties ban guns on public property.

This is causing some ‘push-back.’  Many counties and cities have become Second Amendment sanctuary areas as a protest against such laws.  It’s now over 150 jurisdictions in Virginia alone. And the movement is spreading. In fact, the majority of counties in Illinois are sanctuary counties as well.

Is having cities and counties declare themselves sanctuary areas really an effective way to deal with this issue?  Alan isn’t sure at this point. While a county sheriff or city police chief must enforce their county ordinances and city laws, they are not prohibited from not enforcing a state law although he admitted that when it comes to guns, Virginia seems to treat things differently.

As this broadcast continued, Jim had Alan discuss ‘red flag’ laws and their effectiveness, those diagnosed with PTSD and firearm ownership, Joe Biden and John Kerry on gun control, the lawsuit against the Illinois State Police by the Second Amendment Foundation, legal cases concerning so-called ‘assault rifles,’ and much more.      

Recently, this last week, President Trump delivered his "State of the Union" address, in Washington, and at the end of the speech, it became very controversial. Jimmy DeYoung asked Sam Rohrer to join him at the Broadcast Table, here on PTIB, to give us his observations on the speech. Sam and Jimmy will discuss how the President included in the address all of his domestic and foreign policies; these included his statement on Religious rights and rights for the "unborn"; and Jimmy asked Sam to make a statement on the actions of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, as she tore up a manuscript of the State of the Union address.

Among those seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination for President, LGBTQ+ issues are regularly being addressed.  Today’s CROSSTALK will share just a portion of the views out there. This includes Mayor Buttigieg on his homosexuality and also Elizabeth Warren’s pledge to (if elected) fill half her cabinet with not only women but, non-binary (identifying as neither man or woman) people.   In addition, you’ll learn what’s happening in states like Virginia and California to advance this agenda.  

There is also now a medical journal arguing that the government should overrule parents who neglect to ‘transition’ their children. The argument is that parents who prevent a minor from receiving so called ‘treatment’ (related to gender dysphoria) are in violation of the Harm Principle, which they say, should justify state intervention. 

Speaking of justification, under fresh criticism, was President Trump ‘justified’ in awarding the Presidential Honor of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh? Was this any different than President Obama’s posthumously awarding of the same, to Harvey Milk?  LaBarbera will weigh in on these and much more as we also take calls from across VCY America.


Islam has one simple purpose according to 100% of its doctrinal writings - to impose "Allah's divine law"/sharia on every human being on earth. The vehicle to do it is called jihad.  How is that over 18 years after 9/11/01 US and Western leaders are still free of any clue about Islam?  Because the nature of Islam is deception.  What muslims teach muslim children in US Islamic schools is exactly opposite of what muslim leaders tell US officials about Islam.  What to learn more?  Listen to UTT's Radio Show and use our resources at

Best Selling New York Times author Malachi Martin has written that in an 1819-1820 conference of the Grand Masters of Germany, France, Austria, and Italy, they wrote about the need to infiltrate traditional Catholicism and protestant Christianity. They also wrote of training young Catholic seminary students so that when they became older they would install a Pope that could be controlled by them and bring about their goal of globalism and ecumenicalism. Topic: In the 1960s, Vatican II turned the Vatican toward an ecumenicalism and liberalism that caused Malachi Martin to begin lifting up a shout of warning. Topic: Malachi Martin warned for years of a Communist infiltration of the Church of Rome and he warned of the influence of the USSR over the Vatican. Topic: Malachi Martin also wrote of how the Marxists and Masons, though having little in common, would unite to take down their shared enemy of traditional Catholicism and the protestant church. Brannon explains how Pope Frances, the first Jesuit Pope and a Marxist appears to be the long awaited Pope discussed at the 1819-1820 conference. Brannon also discusses how the Marxists and Mason have worked together to take down the largest protestant denomination in America, the Southern Baptist Convention. Brannon details how the Freemasons all but took over the SBC in 1993. Topic: Malachi Martin wrote a book in 1998 entitled Wind Swept. In this factional book, Martin writes of the Catholic Church being infiltrated by a group of religious, political, and financial elite that would use the Church of Rome and other institutions to bring about what he called “a single global society.”


Tamara discusses the March for Life event and then talks with callers about the Des Moines Trump rally. 

Generation Z: Socialist Suckers or Pro-Life Patriots? Topics discussed include: Socialism Doesn’t Work. Bad Ideas come not just through Education, but Celebrities. The Pro-Life March in Washington D.C. Praying for our Country.

Islamophobia and the 2020 Presidential Elections (Program 20)

Guest: Gary Bates, author and producer of Alien Intrusion. Topic: U.S. government and military admits pilots are encountering UFOs, but why? Topic: As the government videos reveal, what the U.S. Navy pilots are declaring in interviews is that these objects are flying at speeds of up to 3,700 MPH and doing turns, stops, and accelerations that violate the known laws of the universe. Thus, what are these objects? Topic: Gary responds to quotes by well-known and non-Christian UFO experts who now declare that these objects are not extra-terrestrial, but are from a spiritual realm. Some of these longstanding, non-Christian UFO experts are openly saying that the “alien” encounters and sexual molestations are consistent with descriptions found within the occult and demonic activity. Topic: Gary explains why those who claim to have been abducted have not been abducted, but have indeed been the victim of manipulation and mind-altering techniques. Topic: Gary explains why so many people who engage in occult practices are often the ones who report an “alien” encounter of the third kind. Topic: What is the connection between “aliens,” spirit guides, poltergeists, and demons? Topic: What happens when those who had an encounter of the third kind cried out to Jesus, recited the Lord’s Prayer, or began to sing a hymn? Topic: Why are we seeing an increase globally of confirmed UFO sightings and other demonic activities? What is the world being prepared and set up for?

State of the Union: Optimistic but Threatened. We are joined by William Parker (Principal of BRI Investing, CEO of Grandview Asset Management) and Dr. Mark Christian (Medical Doctor, Former Muslim Imam, Exec. Director of “The Global Faith Institute”). Topics discussed include: Biggest Economic News of the Week. Optimistic but Threatened: Who’s Winning? The Islamic Threat Within. Prayers Need Action.


Islamophobia and the 2020 Presidential Elections (Program 19)

Today on PTIB Dave James will join Jimmy DeYoung at the Broadcast Table to have their weekly conversation on an issue that is key to the Church, Christians, to have a Biblical perspective on so that they can have a Biblical walk with the Lord, daily. Jimmy and Dave will discuss this time the issue of the Trump Middle East Peace Plan and it's connection to the four Covenants that the Lord has given the Jews; they will have a large piece of real estate, ten times what they have today, found in the Land Covenant, Deuteronomy 30 and 38 additional passages that give us all the details; and how this is a covenant that the Lord can not break with the Jews, He must keep His promise.

God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! We turn to the very end of the book this week on “Encounter God’s Truth” with theologian Dr. John Whitcomb. It gives us a glimpse of the glory that awaits us—and also one last invitation for everyone to come and trust in Christ and receive His all-sufficient provisions for eternity. Host Wayne Shepherd asks Dr. Whitcomb if this study of the eternal destiny of the church sheds light on the church’s origin and nature, as described in the historical books of the New Testament and the epistles.Whitcomb Ministries thanks you for listening to this study of “A New Heaven and a New Earth.” We hope that it will be a real encouragement to you!

One thing we're good at here at Steel on Steel is accurately relating how we got to where we are today and making sense of the confusion.  In this week's extended boralogue, John does just that by first giving a backgrounder on how America's thinking and worldview has evolved over the last century. 

He then explains how a worldview has to be based on truth and reality, not on personal feelings because eventually that worldview will be challenged and when it is, you'll need the right weapons to defend it.  He finishes up praising alternative news sources, like talk radio, that helped people realize there were others out there who thought as they did.

Anti-semitism is growing, not just in the Middle East, but also in Europe and the United States.  Olivier Melnick (, Director at Chosen People Ministries, dissects the different versions of anti-semitism and urges Christians to speak out against it or they could be next.

Sharia law is obviously not compatible with the democracy and freedom in the West.  We welcome back to the program Vishal Mangalwadi (, Founder and President of Book of the Revelation Movement, who is joined by Christian missionary David McDonald.  Together they discuss why some Muslims have trouble adapting to Western society, which includes a large amount of misinformation within Islam.

John’s quote of the week:    

"Whenever you enter a new paradigm, you think the benefits of the old paradigm, like stability, a good economy, and sound families, will all stay in place when you reject the foundation it was built on.  That's what is happening right now, except we're beginning to reject the rejection; we're trying to get back to where we came from and restabilize.  That's part of the conflict in the body politic today."

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For the Christian, life is often hard. We may feel alone and tempted to take shortcuts from God’s path. But we can be glad that Jesus stands before the Father as our intercessor, praying for His own that we might be able to persevere.