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Brannon Howse
Aired Friday, June 15
Brannon Howse: June 15, 2018
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Topic: Ignore the Christian talk show hosts that are just now talking about Cultural Marxism these many years too late because it is a trending term in social media. You know these guys are just trying to seem relevant when they are too cowardly to name the names of those within evangelicalism promoting cultural Marxism as well as those promoting the useful idiots of cultural Marxism because they actually run in the same circles. Topic: Verse by verse Bible teaching does not replace proper Biblical worldview teaching or study. Sadly many pastors that are committed to verse by verse Bible teaching spend virtually no time in worldview study and thus their churches are actually take part with the Gospel Coalition and promoting their cultural Marxist authors and speakers. Topic: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung joins us to discuss these topics. Israeli Defense Force leaders hold a surprise nationwide call-up of all Israeli reservists, called up to the Northern border of Israel. Topic: Trump-Kim could help Israel in fight against Iran becoming a nuclear power. Topic: Syrian President Basher Assad says he wants Iran troops to stay permanently in Syria. Topic: The Israeli government evacuates a Jewish settlement which could lead to an Israeli civil war. Topic: We take your calls

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Broadcast Archive

Guests: Janet Meffered & Tom Littleton. Topic: A Southern Baptist Convention leader made a false police report in order to have our WVW Broadcast Network reporter Tom Littleton removed from an Ethics Religious Liberty Commission meeting because apparently Tom was asking tough questions.  Topic: Interesting that a group whose name includes ethics seems to have virtually none. Once again the admitted Trump haters that call Trump and his followers many names including names such as fascists are proven themselves to be the great threat to religious liberty, freedom of speech, and a free press. Topic: The largest protestant denomination is apparently putting into place and giving way to religious leaders that are organizing the false church that will seek to persecute Biblical and conservative Christians. Topic: We take your calls.

Chris discusses the current controversy with Tommy Robinson, who has reportedly been transferred to a prison that is heavily populated with Muslims in the U.K. A number of sources have revealed that Robinson has received death threats, and are predicting that if nothing changes, he could very well be killed while in prison. At the same time, the Austrian government is closing seven mosques and expelling up to 60 imams in what is being called a crackdown on political Islam in the country. In light of these events, we discuss the enemies of ancient Israel and their use of the Crescent Moon as a symbol of their pagan god. 

A Lesson in Contrasts: Israel vs Iran and Turkey. We are joined by Jimmy DeYoung (Host of Prophecy Today). Topics discussed include: Iran offers death: Israel offers life. Iran & Syria Threaten Israel: Israel Threatens both. Israeli IDF Surprise call up: Why? Turkey Predicts War between Cross and Crescent.

Shilo is the name of a Jewish Community in the heart of the State of Israel, in the area of Judea and Samaria. Winkie Medad, the former mayor of Shilo is a Broadcast Partner with Jimmy DeYoung on PTIB. Today Jimmy and Winkie will discuss the recent find at the archaeological site in Shilo that dates back some 3,500 years ago when there was a tabernacle, housing the Ark of the Covenant at the center of the Jewish nation that was in the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua. They will also discuss the capture of the Temple Mount on June 7, 1967, a key event in the process of rebuilding the next Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Our greatest fear is death. Our greatest pain: when loved ones die. A friend’s death caused Jesus to weep. But then, Jesus cried out “Lazarus, come forth!” In this message, we see why the risen Christ holds the keys of life and death for everyone who has ever lived.

Shahram Hadian is a former Muslim from Iran who came to the states in 1978 and committed his life to Jesus Christ.  Shahram has begun the TIL Project, the Truth in Love Project, which exposes the true goal of Islam and the threat of Sharia in America.  He's served as a pastor, a police officer, and a former candidate for Governor in Washington State.

What's the tie between Islam and violence, Islam and killings, when we're continually told it's a religion of peace and that jihad is just a personal, internal struggle?

According to Shahram, jihad is the connection. Part of the problem is that terms aren't being defined as Islam defines them. Sharia law defines jihad as warfare against non-Muslims and to establish the religion of Islam. This means that when you see the outward, or the lesser jihad (because they believe it will end), that jihad is to wage war against non-Muslims.

What's the purpose of that war? It's to either convert non-Muslims, make them second-class citizens, or fight them to the death.

As Islam rises, it's no accident or coincidence. When you look at some of the numbers, Shahram believes we could potentially be looking at the greatest persecution of Christians since the beginning of the Christian church.

Jim then referenced the story of a Muslim man who allegedly killed his own 4 year old daughter as a sacrificial offering to Allah during Ramadan. The killing was allegedly done by cutting her throat.

In response, Shahram noted that some would say that behavior is not reflective of Islam. Shahram disagreed. He believes Islam is an evil, demonic ideology. It promotes death. The highest aspiration of Muslims is to become a martyr for the sake of Allah in order to gain paradise/heaven. He thinks the fact that the alleged killer also referenced the Devil/Satan shows that we're witnessing the true spirit that's behind Islam. This shows how they're sacrificing to their false god.

Jim then referenced Pew Research Center statistics from January that estimates there were about 3.5 million Muslims living in the U.S. in 2017 making up about 1.1% of the total population.

Shahram disagrees with those estimates. He believes in going by Muslim demographics and numbers. Even Muslim Brotherhood sources that he's seen claim that their numbers are around 7-8 million. Actually, Shahram thinks even that figure is low and believes it to be more like 9 million. He cited as proof the burgeoning enclaves in places like Minnesota and Michigan.

What's the cause? One is immigration. Hijrah is part of the Muslim ideology of migration in large numbers to areas where enclaves are then established. That's why over 1,000 no-go zones exist in France while other such zones also exist in Great Britain, Sweden and Germany.

The second cause is jihad wilada (jihad of the womb). So if someone's a devout Muslim and they can't wage jihad in battle or with their money, they can wage it by the womb. This requires a Muslim husband and wife to have a lot of children. This is why the average Muslim birth rate in Europe is about 5 children per family compared with the rest of the continent where it's about 1.45 children per family.

Join Jim and Shahram for much more as they look at worldwide Christian persecution statistics, the exaggerated narrative of Islamophobic attacks, what's taking place in Michigan's race for governor, preparing for growing opposition, and more.


God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! Today on “Encounter God’s Truth” we consider many details about the events that will unfold—in God’s plan—surrounding the return of our Lord. Dr. John Whitcomb is continuing in a series called, “Our Glorious Future in Christ.” This latest message includes a consideration of Revelation 1, where John sees a vision of the risen, glorified Christ. Host Wayne Shepherd then inquires of Dr. Whitcomb about some of the differences between Christ’s coming at the rapture of the church and His final return at the second coming. We trust that this program, offering a study in Bible prophecy, will be a real encouragement to all who listen.

The #Me Too Movement--An Honest Examination. Topics discussed include: The meeting in Singapore between Pres. Trump and Kim Jong-Un. The #me too movement that is affecting our nation. #MeToo movement moves into the Church.


A Middle East News Update is essential for all interested in the prophetic scenario that is found in the Bible. God's Word lays out the plan that the Lord has in mind for the end of times. We must put the two together, the Biblical scenario and the current events happening on a daily basis around the world, especially those events in the Middle East. This is the reason Jimmy DeYoung has Dave Dolan on PTIB on a weekly basis for the purpose of getting these updates to all of our listeners. This time Jimmy and Dave will discuss the marking of the re-unification of Jerusalem which happened on June 7, 1967; the Israeli PM visiting the EU leaders and presenting the problems with a nuke-powered Iran; the warning from Netanyahu to Syria that if they attack Israel the IDF will destroy the Syrian military and take out Basher Assad; and the PM's warning that Iran wants a nuclear  WMD so they can annihilate Israel.

When Jesus heals, He heals completely. “Once I was blind, but now I can see.” Can the same be said for the so-called miracles of televangelists and faith healers? In this message, we’ll learn about healing from the Great Physician Himself.

Alex Newman is an international freelance journalist, author, educator and consultant.  His articles frequently appear in The New American.  He also writes for Freedom Project Media.

Initial comments from Alex dealt with documents signed by President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un concerning complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. He communicated his 'gut-feeling' that this is probably a stall tactic on the part of North Korea as well as commenting on the China connection.

He finished this portion of the discussion with comments on president Trump's performance at the G7 summit.

The Southern Baptist Convention (the largest U.S. Protestant denomination) is currently meeting in Dallas, Texas. Alex has written that they are on the verge of falling to organized progressive social justice forces and anti-Trump activists.

Alex noted that there's been a 'back and forth' between liberal and conservative factions within the denomination going back many decades. What he's noted is that these social justice/progressive forces don't come in waving a Marxist banner or a rainbow flag. Instead, he believes there are a lot of people within the SBC that would love to move the denomination in a more progressive direction. He cited those within the SBC who have the idea that maybe God has created people LGBT and that's a fundamental part of their identity, so they feel the idea of an LGBT Christian needs to be grappled with. These individuals may feel that homosexual acts are still sinful and those who fit the LGBT profile need to be celibate, but once you begin allowing such ideas into the church, that becomes problematic.

Is the rank and file aware of the battle over this matter? Alex believes most of them are not and this point is what came through most clearly in his discussion with SBC pastors and members.

There is a resolution coming forth from conservatives within the denomination against the things that Alex brought up, but defining terms is very important. For example, Alex defined 'social justice' because at one time, the phrase had a positive connotation. However, it's been hijacked by those who want to fundamentally transform Christian civilization so that now the phrase represents the effort to support abortion (reproductive justice), feminism, heavy taxes, open borders and more.

Jim and Alex also talk about the Revoice Conference taking place in July in St. Louis, some individuals supporting the progressive movement in general, and much more.

Topic: How socialist, progressives, internationalists, and globalist want America to fail and why? Topic: The war on the business owner and entrepreneur. Topic: Risk and reward, effort and reward, work and time, saving a little over a long time. They keys to success in America and why many young people do not want to wait and do not want to work for their own success. Topic: We take your calls.

Giving an Answer LOUD and CLEAR--Christians Speaking Up Courageously. We are joined by Dan Kistler (Teacher, Historian). Topics discussed include: Athletes speaking boldly for Christ. Correlation between political movements and spiritual awakenings/revivals in a land/country? “The Conservative Resurgence” and the Southern Baptist Convention. What are the consequences of failing to be God's watchman?



Ken Timmerman has a report from the G-7 Conference that took place this last week in Canada and a preview of the US-NKorean Summit between Trump and Kim in Singapore. These are two geo-political events happening in the world that will have political leaders making political decisions that will actually set the stage for the prophetic scenario that is found in Bible Prophecy, events that we students of Bible Prophecy need to have an understanding of and how they fit into the end of times. Ken will join Jimmy DeYoung on today's edition of PTIB as these two Broadcasters discuss these events; how Iran has boosted their enrichment program of Uranium, to develop a Nuclear WMD; how this Iranian move is preparation to annihilate the Jews; and that Israel has warned Syrian President Assad that if Syria attacks the State of Israel the IDF will destroy the Syrian military and assassinate President Assad.