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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, March 21
Brannon Howse: March 21, 2017
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Today Brannon plays audio from a podcast that is reportedly from Sho Baraka, a so-called Christian rapper, saying that it is ok for a Christian to smoke marijuana. Then hear an audio from YouTube in which Sho Baraka talks about how shocked he was that Lifeway was even carrying his CD because it was apparently not for the Lifeway clientele. What does that tell us about what Sho Baraka believes about his own content? Topic: Hear an audio clip of Al Mohler discussing the importance of having discernment in music and the worldview it conveys. So why did Al not do that when bringing in the rapper Sho Baraka? Topic: We take lots of your calls. 

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Best Selling Christian Books of 2016 (Part 1)

This is the “don’t know whether to laugh or cry” episode! Get ready for lots of mysticism and leather bound disasters!

Does the geologic timetable offered by evolution match up with the Biblical record of creation? Bible teacher and author Dr. John Whitcomb will tell us why this is not the case this week on “Encounter God’s Truth.” We are beginning a series called, “Catastrophism is the Key.”  “The fossils came after Adam and Eve were created, not millions of years before,” states Dr. Whitcomb. He talks about his own journey away from attempts to compromise the book of Genesis through views such as the gap theory or the day-age theory. Our teacher also answers a question from host Wayne Shepherd, further developing this theme. The Bible, God’s Word, is true from the beginning to the end, therefore we are so glad to bring you its powerful content each week here on “Encounter God’s Truth”!

Join us on Mission 17-06 as we continue our exploration into apologetics, giving a reasoned, logical and most importantly biblical defense or explanation of our faith. Launching from 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, consider what we can glean from that passage and a listener  wanted to know more about the Strong's numbers mentioned in the last episode so a little more info on that topic will be shared. We'll give an apolgetic to why there is a segment dedicated to Scripture believing scientists. Finally, I will introduce apologetic focus areas and primary apologetic categories.

It's NOT Rocket Science with Jason Pratt is a weekly radio outreach of The Anvil Ministry that applies a scientific approach in conjunction with the clarifying lense of God's Word the Bible as we look at a variety of issues ranging from scientific to theological and everything in between. Former atheist and dedicated rocket engineer/scientist Jason Pratt applies the education and training he has recieved in graduate studies in aerospace engineering, tactical figher jet flights, test pilot school and numerous successful yet challenging launches and space operations missions.

What are the crises plaguing America today?  If you follow the media, the answer is Russian collusion, wiretapping, and tax returns.  In this week's boralogue, John looks at the real looming crises we face including an economy plagued by unsustainable borrowing and courts ruling according to politics and not the rule of law.  But fear not – God is ultimately in control.


Deep state operatives inside the U.S. government still loyal to former president Obama are doing their best to sabotage current president Donald Trump.  Kenneth Timmerman (, President and CEO of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, joins us to discuss classified leaks and other problems caused by those wreaking havoc on this administration.


Diving deeper into shadow governments, we welcome retired business owner and director at the Claremont Institute Robert Curry ( who examines the history of the deep state and its opposition to the Constitution and what President Trump is doing to fight the problem.


Communication is key when you are President and for Donald Trump extremely difficult when the media as a whole is your adversary.  Monty Donohew (, Attorney at Monty L. Donohew, LPA explains how President Trump is reforming political communication by flipping the press's Alinsky methods back at them, exposing them as hacks who have severely underestimated him.


John’s quote of the week:

"Here's a hint that you can tell when you're entering the end game: when politicians start playing the blame game, it means we have finally plowed to the end of a problem which they have created for which they don't have any solution and disaster will be upon us."


As always, join us online for our Section 6 intelligence briefing featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.


Follow us on Twitter @steelonsteelpro as well as the Steel on Steel Facebook page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians for the latest information concerning persecuted Christians around the world. Don’t forget to stop by our YouTube channel as well for our latest videos.


Though named as King, David was pursued by a jealous King Saul for ten long years. Still, he could say of God, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” Can you face trials with that kind of confidence? Here are more lessons from Psalm 23.

The weekly report of stories of concern again was not able to cover every issue due to the limited time. Despite concerns, however, Jim says we do not need to be afraid because God is in control, and the Bible says things will be worse prior to Christ's return.


--President Trump's proposed budget has created a firestorm of reaction. It would increase protection and security, including the military, a border wall, etc., but cutting other agencies that are considered "sacred cows" by liberals, including the EPA, the Department of Agriculture. Some are now saying that the cost savings by cutting the EPA budget will be much larger than the dollars indicated, because the reduction of regulations will result in cost savings to those who have been required to follow them. Opponents say the result will be chaos--in part because many programs are funded from multiple sources making it difficult to isolate their funding.


--The IRS was able to slash the waiting time for a Satanist organization seeking approval as a tax-exempt status t 10 days--while many other organizations are waiting months or even years for approval.


--A former Secret Service agent says recent breaches of security at the White House show that President Trump is not safe in the White House, and the Secret Service is unable to provide the protection needed.


--It has been revealed that Barack Obama obtained transcripts of conversations involving Donald Trump, and other documentation during the campaign by going to a British intelligence agency, thus avoiding any need to go through the CIA or other American intelligence agencies.


--A probe is being requested by members of Congress into whether American taxpayer money is being used to help finance the extreme liberal agenda of George Soros.


--A federal judge has now blocked the revised travel ban issued by President Trump. Apparently these rulings have ignored current law that would have provided authority to issue such a ban.


--There is concern that a program to help religious workers come to the United States is being used to allow Muslim Jihadists from countries that would be include in the ban, to come into this country, and essentially set up. Some Muslims now state that they have found America's "Achilles heel", as they are now able to provide coordinates of our military installations to allow them to be attacked by Jihadists already in the United States.


--A Muslim in Grand Forks, North Dakota, called 911 over 47 times to express his disapproval of President Trump, and his support for ISIS.


--An public school teacher in Sydney, Australia, has resigned after her students in year 5 and year 6 threatened to behead her, and similar activity has caused other teachers to seek time off.


--Hawaii is considering a bill to require all pregnancy centers, even church-related centers, to provide information or referrals to abortion providers.


--A group of female "pastors" in Iowa have signed a statement giving their support to Planned Parenthood, and opposing recent bills that would defund the organization in Iowa.


--In Texas, a chain of abortion clinics with a long list of health and safety violations, that was forced to close when Texas passed a law to require that they meet the same guidelines as other health clinics, has now been allowed to re-open.


--In Iceland, an OB/GYN has stated that in the future every single baby diagnosed with Downs Syndrome will be aborted. Denmark also plans to be Downs Syndrome-free within five years. But on the road to the same record is Great Britain, and even the United States.


--In Sweden an increasing number of children are expressing interest in changing their gender to the opposite of their birth gender, and are doing so at younger ages.


--A Russian spy ship, observed off the coast of Delaware several weeks ago, has returned this week.


--North Korea is again threatening "merciless" attacks on U.S. and South Korean military if they carry out joint military exercise, something that has taken place regularly for decades.


In today's program, Tom begins a two-part series with guest Dave James as they address the topic: Why Are Christians Flocking to The Shack? 

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners joining him, both with very important reports. Dr Don DeYoung has a book on Astronomy and the Bible that he and Jimmy will discuss. But first, Jimmy and Rob will discuss how Poland failed to bring down the President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk; EU leaders embrace the "multi-speed" move forward in the EU; and EU MInisters agree to create a joint military command center.

Henno. What does Henno mean? A common phrase used by Mike Abendroth when false teaching is discovered. Don't miss this episode.

The Shack, part 5 March 17, 2017

In this the final installment of of our series on the movie, The Shack, Jim Osman and I discuss what may be the most dangerous element of all - its endorsement of the heresy known as universalism. We will see that The Shack promotes the idea that all people will ultimately go to Heaven.

Jim allowed you to get on your 'soapbox' and address concerns to other Crosstalk listeners. Topics included:

--Mixing up of restrooms.

--Getting back to God's Word.

--There's no such thing as separation of church and state in the Constitution.

--Churches need to talk about innocent victims in prisons.

--Fully fund the border wall by defunding Planned Parenthood and kicking the U.N. out of the U.S.


--Pray for South Sudanese Christians.

--Keep lifting up President Trump and everyone in Washington.

--The state of the family in the church.

--The spread of Islam.

--The lack of civility in society.


...and many more. 

Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: NBC news reports what WVW-TV & Radio has been claiming for months, that the critical infrastructure of America is at threat from cyber hacking. Brannon connects this story to the latest report that North Korea is threatening merciless attacks against America for our participation in drills in South Korea. Topic: President of Turkey threatens to send 15,000 Muslim immigrants a month into the European Union. Topic: 40% of Americans don't know if we can beat ISIS. Brannon is starting to wonder if they are not correct when our national security teams cannot even keep the White House safe after it comes out that a recent intruder was on White House grounds for 16 minutes before being discovered. Add this to the fact we have generals engaging in sex parties with prostitutes and the troops involved in one sex scandal after another. Are these the consequences of a nation filled with Romans 1:21 people? Topic: Russia digs its tentacles deeper into the Middle East. Topic: Palestinian issue puts the Jordanian Israeli peace agreement on ice. Topic: Iran has set up underground rocket factories in Lebanon to supply Hezbollah with arms. 

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners joining him, both with very important reports. Dr Don DeYoung has a book on Astronomy and the Bible that he and Jimmy will discuss. But first, Jimmy and Rob will discuss how Poland failed to bring down the President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk; EU leaders embrace the "multi-speed" move forward in the EU; and EU MInisters agree to create a joint military command center.

When God chose to communicate how He cares for His own, He gave the picture of a shepherd tending his flock. Shepherds do more than guide their sheep to food and water. They take a personal interest in every lamb. Today, we learn all about the Great Shepherd.

100 so-called evangelicals sign a letter with Scripture out of context and Brannon thinks they are pleading with government leaders to continue stealing money from Americans (through progessive taxes) to redistribute to the world for social programs. Brannon explains that apparently these evangelical leaders have no issue with stealing and socialism. Brannon does think they should read Matthew 25 since he thinks many of them are like the goats discussed in the text. Topic: Justin Peters joins Brannon to give a book review of a new book by Paul Young, author of the Shack. The book is called Lies About God. This is a non-fiction book and reveals the heretical worldview of Paul Young. For all those simpletons saying that the Shack is fiction so you cannot make a case against it, what lame excuse will they come up with now that Young has spilled his theological bile in this non-fiction book?

Politicians speak of vast conspiracies against them. But the real conspiracy is that of the nations of the world in revolt against God. Psalm 2 tells us that God sits in heaven, laughing at man’s attempt to remove him from society.