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Brannon Howse
Aired Thursday, December 13
Brannon Howse: December 13, 2018
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Guest: Dr. Peter Pry. Topic: President Trump’s NIAC group has put out a 94 page report on the dangers to our power grid and what must be done. The problem is the group that has put out the report is made up of industry leaders that include power company executives that have dragged their feet and opposed any real solutions to the problems. In fact, the solutions they offer in the report is to give more oversight to the very industry leaders and government agencies that have created the mess we are in now. Dr. Pry responds to this report. Topic: Dr. Pry explains how one man managed to put out the power in a major city in Canada. This story reveals the venerability of the power grid in Canada and in America. Topic: The U.S. Air Force releases a major report that an EMP Attack May Be Undeterrable. Topic: We take your calls

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Broadcast Archive

We cannot win in life’s race without agreeing with God about our basic condition. We need His grace, not to supplement our goodness, but to save us from our depravity. In this message, we hear some straight talk about how badly we need the grace of God.

This broadcast circled back to take a look at a story from late last week. It's in regard to Peter Vlaming, a respected high school teacher in West Point, Virginia.

Due to his Christian convictions, he refused to use male pronouns for a biological female student. As a result, last Thursday the West Point school board fired him. This is in spite of the fact that according to Vlaming's attorney, there was no allegation that Vlaming consciously misgendered the student or acted maliciously toward her. In addition, the school district's non-discrimination policy had no specific guidance on gender pronouns.

This controversy is showing up not only in schools, but also in sports, prisons and even battered women's shelters. How do you feel about this issue? Do you agree or disagree with the decision of the school board concerning the firing of this teacher? Do you believe Christian churches, schools, universities and ministries will be impacted? Listeners were confronted with these questions and you can find out how they responded when you review this edition of Crosstalk.



Chris discusses the continued advancement of Islamic ideology in the United States, including a new story about America’s Islamic Heritage Museum & Cultural Center, located on Martin Luther King Junior Avenue in Washington D.C. Despite the fact that there was no mosque in America until the year 1929, the museum promotes the narrative that Islam has been part of the American story from the beginning. The argument assumes that many or most of the African slaves brought to the new world were Muslims. So far, the museum seems to have carefully avoided mentioning the fact that Muslims were responsible for the original enslavement of most Africans, and then sold them to white slavers for money. The Islamic narrative runs alongside the promotion of Marxism in our country, both systems struggling against Christianity.

Pastor Sam and Patrick Wyett discuss gun-control from a Biblical perspective.

Jamie Glazov interviews Brannon Howse on his new docuMovie Sabotage: How Islamists, Marxists & their religious “useful idiots” are destroying America from within.

Tamara talks with Darlene Line about Hanukkah and then Senator John Mikovich about Robert Mueller's corruption. 

Tarrant County Texas - one of the reddest counties in America - has a GOP Vice Chair who is a muslim.  Some in the county are disturbed by this and want him removed.  On cue, the media came to his defense, but so did many GOP leaders, including George P. Bush and Ted Cruz.  How do we handle situations when good people make bad decisions because they lack information?  How do we discern between muslims who support jihad (sharia adherence) and those who do not?  Get your questions answered at UTT - Listen NOW!!!"

Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Topic: Brannon starts the program talking about his two days with Billy & Karen Vaughn and why their new TV program with WVW Broadcast Network is important but also heart-breaking. Topic: Dr. Woods answers these questions. Question: What is your position on the New Jerusalem being accessed by the glorified saints during the Millennial Kingdom? Will those who possess glorified bodies be traveling to and from this city?  If so, where do you believe it will be located? Question: Does the Bible reveal any other rewards that the Tribulation saints will be given in addition to their care for the Jews during the Tribulation? Question: Are the rewards presented to the church saints at the Bema Seat Judgement solely represented in the five crowns or will there be other eternal blessings bestowed upon the believer? Question: A recent prophecy program on another station featured a discussion of the end days, which stated that Babylon in the Book of Revelation is definitely the Vatican. He stated that since today Babylon is nothing more than stone and rubble, it would take several decades to build up the area to a world power. Are there are other view about this?

Turning Mole Hills into Mountains: Making an Issue Out of Everything. Topics discussed include: Journalist claims 'women-only' plane sections could combat midair assault. Controversy over 'Baby, It's Cold Outside’ and Disney songs. Is there a “War on Christmas” or a “War on Christianity”? 

Guest: Tom Littleton. Topic: The civil war in evangelicalism between thinking Christians and the evangelical deep state that is giving credibility and cover to cultural marxism, globalism, and an anti-Christian agenda. This will be on the edge of your seat content.

Does God Dream? (Part 2) With guest Warren Smith 



Today is the last day of the Jewish Holy Day of Hanukkah and the lighting of the eight candles for these eight days in the Jewish year. Jimmy DeYoung and Winkie Medad will have a conversation that will take us in four directions, the first of which is this Holy Day, Hanukkah. Jimmy and Winkie will also discuss the UNGA and the 148 member states who voted to disavow any connection between the Jews and the Temple Mount; the connection between the late President George Bush 41 and the State of Israel, some things good and some things bad; and lastly, the conversation will focus  on the Conference in Jerusalem, made up of Jews and Christians, that believe there is great significance attached to the Temple Mount today, and into the future.

Many philosophers believe that good and evil naturally coexist in humans, fighting for ultimate control. The Bible paints a different picture, one of a basic depravity that can only be remedied by the grace of God in Christ. In this message, we will see a big picture view of who we are, and how we can be made good in the eyes of God.

The result of the mid-term election is bringing change to the focus and priorities of the House of Representatives. Buzz words being used such as 'investigations', 'impeachment', passage of the so-called 'Equality Act', 'border wall' opposition and finally, 'gun control'.

The effort to target the Second Amendment is not only the goal of the new House, it's also part of various state governments.

​Joining Jim to look at this issue was Michael Hammond. Michael is the legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America.

Concerning gun control, what can we expect after control changes in the House of Representatives? According to Mike, Nancy Pelosi said that one of her first objectives after she takes over is to present the largest gun control package that we've seen in a generation as one of the first items considered. In fact, Michael believes she will begin by disarming all representatives in the capitol.

Pelosi said she also wants to move quickly on universal background checks. Michael views this as outlawing every private sale of guns in the nation. This is problematic because in some parts of America it would become virtually impossible to buy or sell one. Also, if every transaction requires a form, that means every transaction can potentially be entered into a national gun owners registry.

Michael believes they will be successful at filibustering universal background check legislation in the Senate.

Michael's most serious concern surrounds Red Flag Proposals, or as he called them, 'gun confiscation orders'. For example, the police or a disgruntled relative of yours could convene a secret court (an ex parte proceeding). This is a secret court in which you're not invited. This court could make an allegation that you are dangerous. You haven't committed a crime nor are you about to. Instead, by the subjective standard of those involved, you are considered dangerous. If the judge agrees, he issues an order which strips you of certain constitutional rights, one of which would be your Second Amendment right.

You would possibly not find out about this until the middle of the night when the police S.W.A.T. team arrives. If you resist, they may arrest or even shoot you to death. Michael provided an example to prove the point as well as the response to this process by a congressman from California.

There's much more to glean on the Second Amendment issue when you review this vital Crosstalk broadcast.



Olivier Melnick is an internationally known speaker on the world-wide growth of anti-Semitism. Born in Paris, France, to Holocaust survivors, he has equipped thousands to recognize and defeat anti-Semitism with his research, writing, speaking, and teaching. Olivier is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute. He serves as the Northwest Director of Chosen People Ministries, and has served in Messianic Jewish ministry for over 25 years,

He is the author of “They Have Conspired Against You: Responding to the New Anti-Semitism,” and his latest book, which is the subject of our conversation today, “End-Times Anti-Semitism: A New Chapter in the Longest Hatred.”

Pastor Sam and Patrick "No Compromise with Evil" Wyett breakdown what Cultural Marxism is and how it is being used to influence the church. "