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Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Thursday, May 26
Brannon Howse: May 26, 2016
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Guest: Michael Reagan. Topic: Michael reveals behind the scenes stories of what he learned from his father, President Ronald Reagan on topics such as hard work, learning from failure, economics, and other life lessons. Mike has detailed many of these stories in his new book, Lessons My Father Taught Me. Topic: We take your calls as to what you appreciated about President Ronald Reagan. Note: Occasionally Brannon conducts interviews on public policy, history, or with public figures. These interviews are not about theological issues but about history, public policy and human interest stories.

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Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners that each have a report dealing with very important issues. Rick DeYoung, Jimmy's youngest son, is in Istanbul, Turkey, and has a report about the political moves of President Erdogan, which are moving him to a place where he could become a "Dictator". But first, Jimmy will talk with Dr Rob Congdon who has a European Union Up-date for us today.

POPE FRANCIS, AMERICA & THE CONSTITUTION Chris discusses a recent story from Breitbart that reveals Pope Francis "probably" dislikes both America and Americans -- according to a Vatican insider. More specifically "conservative" Americans are the Pope's real problem. Could the Pope's membership in the Jesuit Order have something to do with it?

Tim Keller and Direct Speaking: How should Pastors respond to the question, "Is homosexuality a sin?" The Veritas Forum reveals one approach. Mike and Steve disagree with Keller' approach.

Abraham lets his nephew Lot pick the land he wants, and he agrees to take what’s left over. Lot quickly chooses the best even though it would lead to ruin. God gives His best to those who entrust their future to Him.

​Alex Newman is an international freelance journalist, educator and consultant. He has a degree in journalism from the University of Florida and has worked for numerous publications. He is the co-author of the book “Crimes of the Educators”. Its subtitle is, “How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children”. As a freelance journalist he writes for The New American. There has been a great deal of concern after a plan to create trans-national agencies that will have authority over national and local laws and regulations, and which essentially will standardize how things are controlled in both the United States and the European Union. Already there are international institutions that operate with the authority of courts, often meeting in secret, that overrule national laws and the rulings of state and national courts, which enable large corporations to get around laws they do not like in a state or country where they operate. The TTIP, or "Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership", is another step towards international consolidation of power, following the TTP, the "Trans-Pacific Partnership", which was announced last year. Like many other proposals, the plan appears to be to somehow place the TTIP in operation without the American people knowing what is going on. In fact, it would not be known now had there not been leaks of information from insiders. Perhaps of most concern in this latest revelation is the plan to eventually merge the United States and the European Union, along the lines of the international trade agreements that have already been negotiated, with the result that the United States will be controlled by these international entities, much as European countries must adhere to the rules of the international European Union. There would be no more national sovereignty. Even in Europe this has not been accepted universally, and Great Britain is preparing for a referendum on whether to withdraw from the EU. Although the EU has been in operation for many years, support in Europe is very low, though most establishment leaders are giving lip service to the idea. Those in control in the European Union see the TTIP as an opportunity for them to increase and consolidate their power. The argument is that if everyone is controlled by the same rules, it will simplify legal decisions. But it goes against one of the main reasons for the U.S. Revolution--preserving the right to govern ourselves. Theoretically, if the American people approved an amendment to the Constitution to allow foreign entities to override American law, it could be done legally. Any other way is an unconstitutional usurpation of power, going against government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". Even those promoting this program realize that there is rising citizen opposition, and it appears that any action in Congress would be delayed until after the November election, so that our Senators and Representatives would not need to face the voters after they make their positions known. It would be a "lame duck" session of Congress where controversial bills can be passed with little recourse for the voters. To become in involved, first become educated yourself, then share that information with other citizens. Then move on with letters to the editor, and contacts with legislators.

Allah is Satan and Jesus is God (Part Thirty-One)

Itamar Marcus, the director of Palestinian Media Watch, has a report of what the Palestinian Media, the print media and the electric media, is really saying to the Palestinian people today. Itamar will give that report to Jimmy DeYoung of PTIB and the two will discuss what the Palestinians call "Nakba Day" and he will translate the word, "Nakba"; talk about the Palestinian museum that is empty, it has no exhibits; and more and more the Palestinian people are saying they fear a Palestinian State because it will be a "police state", which many say is already in place.

To save his skin, Abraham bent the truth and told Egypt’s Pharaoh that his wife was his sister. His journey of faith hit an early snag as he tried to out-maneuver the Egyptians rather than trust in God.

​Tom DeWeese is President of American Policy Center. He is one of the nation's leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence, and protecting our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights Many people scoff at any hint of a planned agenda with international implications that is being furthered by passing one piece of legislation at a time. But Tom DeWeese says that our government is not simply elected local, state, and federal officials, but to a greater extent a huge number of government agencies that are urging those officials to pass packages of legislation to deal with a particular issue, promising Agenda 21 has been the result of several international meetings--calling it a comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of society. A big part of it is the Social Justice movement, as well as environmentalism and which is responsible for increasing regulations of nearly every part of society--including business, industry, agriculture, education, and even religion. Issue 1: Global Warming/Climate Change, which has been a large factor in creating a presumed crisis, an "environmental Armageddon", that requires major regulations to protect the planet. Now the government is beginning to move to silence anyone who disagrees with the premise that man is responsible for destroying the planet. Issue 2: Overpopulation a claim which ignores the fact that the entire population of the world could live in an area the size of Paris, and there are large areas even in eastern states in America, which have few or no residents. But in reality, people are poor and starving, not because of overpopulation, but because of bad government that keeps people from doing what is needed to provide for themselves. Private property has been demonstrated to be the number one means to eliminate poverty, but in many parts of the world private property is prohibited, and the poor are dependent on government day by day just to survive. Even in the United States, huge amounts of government assistance are now going to non-citizens, and the country is going bankrupt. The government even now moving to destroy the family unit, removing the right of parents to raise their own children--or even to have children without obtaining government permission. The goal--to shrink the population of the world to a total of a few hundred million, or perhaps 2 billion, from its current level of about 7 billion. Issue 3: Destruction of the free enterprise system, which is accused of oppressing people. It is now becoming increasingly difficult to even start a business, let alone run a business in the United States due to government restrictions. Ultimately only a few massive companies, approved by the government, will be everywhere, and regulations will determine what people can eat, can wear, can use, etc. Even the use of water is being restricted--including rainwater, which is no considered to be property of the State. There are now plans to "re-wild" the world, returning populated areas to the kind of pristine wilderness that existed before Columbus arrived in the New World. Issue 4: The elimination of "cheap energy", which is seen to be the enemy of the earth. It is seen as preferable for poor areas of the world to remain poor rather than develop energy resources like developed nations, as it would hold down carbon dioxide emissions. Issue 5: Common Core--the complete reorganization of education, which is actually a part of Agenda 21, and which has the goal of creating workers who will be trained only for the skills designated by the government, regardless of their proficiencies, and their desire to learn and be creative. Part of the plan is to condition children and young people to accept this program. Issue 6: Health care, or "Sustainable Medicine", perfectly demonstrated by Obamacare, with the goal that the government will control health care, so that it will increasingly be rationed so that many will die who could be treated. The late Dr. Madeleine Cosman, put it this way: “Sustainable Medicine + Sustainable Development = Duty to Die". In other words, it is a tool to reduce the population and create a government-controlled population.

Submitting To Sovereignty (Part 2): Remember “Hamburger Helper?” Yum. For those who have a hard time stomaching the sovereignty of God, this show is for you.

Guest: Michael Reagan. Topic: Michael reveals behind the scenes stories of what he learned from his father, President Ronald Reagan on topics such as hard work, learning from failure, economics, and other life lessons. Mike has detailed many of these stories in his new book, Lessons My Father Taught Me. Topic: We take your calls as to what you appreciated about President Ronald Reagan. Note: Occasionally Brannon conducts interviews on public policy, history, or with public figures. These interviews are not about theological issues but about history, public policy and human interest stories.

Allah is Satan and Jesus is God (Part Thirty)

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung will bring to this broadcast table Dave Dolan who has a Middle East News Up-date for all of us. Dave has much experience as a journalist in that region of the world, and thus great insight into the events unfolding in the news today. Jimmy and Dave will discuss PM Netanyahu forming a new Israeli government; the EgyptAir crash, the latest on this horrific event; and a group of leading Rabbis in Israel who are saying the best way to deal with terrorism is to shoot the terrorist on sight, and then deal with the terrorism.

THE OFFENSE OF THE GOSPEL Chris discusses a new story about how the Archbishop of Canterbury has told Christians in the U.K. that they should not share their faith unless asked about it. The apparent context of his comments had to do with an ecumenical gathering of leaders from different faiths (Muslims, Hindus, etc.,) and so Christians were instructed not to offend the unbelievers. The U.K. Express reported, "Christians ordered to keep faith quiet ..." But is such an approach in keeping with a Biblical standard? How did the apostles witness in the first century? Did they keep quiet in the face of idolatry? Or did they speak against it? Jesus warned that believers would be hated by all men for His name's sake (Matthew 10:22). How is the Gospel being impacted by the politically correct ecumenical movement?

Pat Roy served at the Institute for Creation Research for 12 years and saw the devastating effects of an evolutionary world view on the families of our society. He was the creator of the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures. He has a passion to reach families with the message that we are indeed fearfully made, and now services as Director for Genesis Apologetics and Creation Quest. Pat says that his passion comes from the description in Romans 1 about what happens when people reject the evidence of the creator in the creation all around us; a description of what is taking place around us in society today. When talking to students on college campuses, many admit they were raised in a Christian family, were active in church activities, etc. but who now do not attend church, and many admitted they had lost their faith. When asked how long it took them to reject Christianity after starting college, and the time was often only about six months, and the most common reason was the teaching of evolution. And this amounts to the rejection of God described in Romans, and which has devastating consequences. Now Pat intends to regularly visit college campuses in order to present the evidence that creation is actually more scientific than evolution, when the evidence is examined fairly. But in public schools today, it is not a question of "if" evolution will be taught, but "when" and how strongly it will be presented. The textbooks are full of evolutionary teachings that are being taught without any other viewpoints being acknowledged. Since teachers are authority figures, and the textbooks are presented as the source of the truth, it is much easier to believe them rather than to challenge what is contrary to the Bible. These public school Junior and Senior High level textbooks present evolution in about 12 different areas. Pat and his organization have developed a book to debunk evolution point by point in these 12 areas. They also ordered 120,000 wristbands for teens to wear, with the web URL printed on them. They then learned that the CEO of the company that filled the order is dedicated to promoting evolution, and because he had helped a creation project, donated part of the profits to an organization that works to promote evolution in the schools! Despite this unusual development, it has opened the door to tell their story and give out the wristbands.

Dr. John Whitcomb joins us for another installment of Ask Dr. John. Question: Please explain Zechariah 6:13. How could anyone be a priest as well as a king? Question: Did the Apostle Paul establish a church while he was in Athens (Acts 17)? Question: How do we know that the church will be raptured before the great tribulation? Question: Do all people born during the millennium, who believe in Christ, live to the end of the millennium? Question: Does Daniel 12 refer to the same times as Mathew 24? Question: What is the relationship of church-age believers to the Law of Moses? Question: Could you please explain what the gospel really is? Question: What do you think of the seventh day Sabbath (Saturday)? Why did the church move it to Sunday? Question: How can we tell which fossils were formed by Noah's flood rather than local floods over the centuries? Question: How can I study the book of Revelation?