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Brannon Howse
Aired Friday, November 8
Brannon Howse: November 8, 2019
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Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: China - not Iran  - is the reason United States troops will never pull out of Iraq. Topic: Fatah official: Mahmoud Abbas won't seek re-election. Topic: Hamas believes since Israel does not have a government Israel is powerless in the Gaza Strip

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Broadcast Archive

How Islamists presents a deceptive Islam to the west (part 27)

Dave Dolan gives Jimmy DeYoung a Middle East News Up-date once a-week in order to keep all of our listeners up-to-date on the current events that are happening in the Middle East so that they can recognize where we are in God's plan for the future. This week Jimmy and Dave, on PTIB, will discuss the ongoing saga of the elections in Israel; how Jared Kushner visited Israel to encourage the two political leaders of the opposing parties to come together and form a coalition government; Kushner wants the Israeli's to get moving on the Trump Peace Plan for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; and the PM saying that Iran has been emboldened by the lack of response to Iranian aggression in the Middle East.

Believers are told to wield the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. It’s not just a book. It has power, and it’s the means God uses to open closed hearts to the Gospel. Let’s take a final look at Ephesians 6 and observe the power of God’s Word as it puts the enemy to flight.

Next year around this time we’ll be looking at the results of the 2020 election.  We’ll likely know the makeup of the House and Senate, who won the presidency, as well as the landscape of each statehouse.

We can’t wait for all this to unfold with an attitude of ‘whatever will be will be’ without giving a thought to our personal responsibility in such a time as this.  In other words, this is a critical time to embark upon prayer for America, especially for the election.  

Joining Jim to discuss an avenue to help people make that happen was Sam Rohrer.  Sam is the president of American Pastors Network and the Pennsylvania Pastor’s Network.  He’s also host of ‘Stand in the Gap.’ Sam is a former state representative in the Pennsylvania Legislature as he sought to apply biblical principles in all areas of legislation.  He was often referred to as the ‘Conscience of the House’ because of his consistent stance for moral truth in public policy.

So what does Sam feel is at stake for America in regard to the election?  Sam responded by wondering whether religious and civil freedom as we’ve enjoyed them will remain and will God’s blessing that has been on our nation turn to final judgment for what we’ve been doing.

He noted that we can look back yet not really explain what happened in the last election, although God did raise up Donald Trump, giving America a ‘window’ of opportunity that he believes is for the church of our nation to wake up and realize that in God’s mercy, we’ve been given another chance.

Have we taken advantage of that opportunity?  He communicated that the church has squandered this reprieve from God and has failed to enter into this ‘window’ with an ‘aggressive focus on obedience and biblical living and truth and speaking biblical principles into the culture.’ 

In response, Sam has launched the ’52 Tuesdays Prayer Initiative for America.’  This initiative seeks to get people to understand where we are as a nation, while at the same time letting every Tuesday be an election day reminder of who is going to govern us nationally and that this individual would be driven to God and prayer.



Here, we continue our discussion of perhaps the most misquoted and abused passage in the entire Bible, which is found in Matthew 7:15–23. People typically cite these verses to prove their assertion that the professing Christian, that does not produce enough fruit in their lives to prove that they are one of the elect, will be cast away from Christ at the final judgment. Such a interpretation unnecessarily terrorizes the average Christian since they always wonder if they will be one of the ones cast into hell on account of the fact that they have an illusory or spurious faith. Here, we demonstrate that such an interpretation is not what the passage is at all talking about.

"Jihadis are gaining more influence in America weekly.  Hamas doing business as CAIR is still untouched.  The Gulen network plays its role in the U.S. as a propaganda arm to lull Americans into thinking well of Turkey instead of seeing it as the future seat of the barbaric Islamic caliphate.  Local, state, and federal leaders remain silent despite the massive threat to our nation from Islam and the deep jihadi network here.  We win at the LOCAL level with YOU!  Want to join us?  Listen to this radio show!"

On this episode, Dr. Peter Pry discusses how few minutes the President of the United States has to respond to an incoming missile from Russia. Dr. Pry explains how the nuclear football, that follows the President, is engaged. Learn how new missile technology of Russia makes it very difficult for America to detect and track Russian missiles and how Americans must respond.

How Islamists presents a deceptive Islam to the west (part 26)

This week on “Encounter God’s Truth,” we will learn how the Old Testament saint Job continued to give thanks and praise to God even though he had lost his children and his earthly possessions and was facing a serious decline in health. Dr. John Whitcomb is teaching a special series for the Thanksgiving season. It comes from the book of Job and is entitled, “Thankful—In Spite of Trouble.” This week we learn to be “Thankful—For What God Allows.” Our teacher then receives a question from host Wayne Shepherd about whether Job was forced to leave his home because of his skin disease, and if he was compelled to live like a leper. God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! May it guide us, following the example of Job, to give thanks even when our circumstances seem to oppose us.

Economics is one leg of the geopolitical stool.  In this week's boralogue, John looks at financial indicators and raises a red flag watch on our economy.  David McAlvany and Kevin Orrick from McAlvany Weekly Commentary discuss how we are overdue for a recession, and though the economy continues to hum along, indicators are pointing to a likely recession in 2020.  How will it affect the election?  We'll have to wait and see.


In our continuing series on the Constitution and the founding freedoms of America, we welcome to the program Myron Magnet (, Edit-at-Large at City Journal, who examines Clarence Thomas's efforts in establishing reform in the U.S. judiciary, and looks at the battle between originalists and those who believe in a living, breathing document in interpreting the Constitution.


It's time for a Middle East Update and who better to give it than Ken Timmerman (, President of Foundation for Democracy in Iran?  He discusses the geopolitical link between Syria, Iran, and Israel as well as tense NATO allies Turkey and the U.S.  Is the stage being set for an end times battle against Israel?


John and Producer Steve round out the show covering the Deep State and the latest impeachment effort.  Reform is needed and government should be pared down.  The President has control of foreign policy, but those in Congress and the Deep State who disagree with that policy are attempting to oust the President via impeachment.


John’s quote of the week:    

"Economically, are we healthy or are we not?  Yes, the economy is buzzing along, but if you look at the underlying fundamentals, there are serious structural problems with the global financial system.  It, like our government, is going to have to be reformed at some point."


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Follow us on Twitter @steelonsteelpro as well as the Steel on Steel Facebook page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians for the latest information concerning persecuted Christians around the world. Don’t forget to stop by our YouTube channel as well for our latest videos.


All who call on the name of Christ are in a lifelong battle. That’s why we have been given the armor of God: five pieces for self-defense, and one weapon for offense against Satan. That weapon is the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.

Jim quoted historian Bill Federer from his ‘American Minute’ who said, ‘The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, World War I ended.  Though the armistice was signed at 5am on November 11th1918, the fighting continued till 11am killing nearly 11,000 more men.’ This is how this special Veterans Day edition of Crosstalk began, a program that allowed listeners to call and honor those who’ve served as they’ve defended the United States of America. Jim also included audio cuts from the late General Douglas MacArthur commenting most notably on duty, honor and country. 


Chris discusses the shocking story of how the Vatican has apparently approved the placement of a pagan statue of the demon god, Molech right outside the Colosseum in Rome. Molech is known in the Bible as the pagan god who required child sacrifices (Leviticus 18:21), where children were reportedly burned alive in rituals where drums were pounded to drown out the cries of the tormented children. Because the Colosseum is known as the site where Christians were martyred for their faith under ancient Rome (because they rejected the pagan gods) it is seen as especially offensive that the Vatican would allow such a statue to set up there. We evaluate Scriptures concerning the pagan deity Molech along with commentaries about how the worship of this demon god was practiced.

There is a race going on between the United States and Russia to see which nation can get into the strategic real estate in North East Syria and set up a  military base and an airport for the protection of the Syrian military forces. That is a major story on the geo-political landscape that you, as a student of Bible Prophecy, need to know all about. Ken Timmerman comes to the Broadcast Table of Jimmy DeYoung here on PTIB to explain all the details. Jimmy and Ken will also discuss all the political activities of Russia, Iran, America, Israel and Syria. These reports will make you aware of where we are today in the prophetic scenario that is found in the Bible for the last days.

Linda Harvey of Mission America and local resident Laura Carlson discuss Ames Library's drag queen shows and the impact on the community. 

We’re at War: Religious Liberty in America Under Attack. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: The Supreme Test of Freedom is Now! How Judeo-Christian Tenets Supports Freedom. Why the Pendulum of Freedom may not Swing Back. The 3 Front War Against Freedom.