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T.A. McMahon: August 10, 2015

Today and next week, we’re going to talk about creation and evolution, and what most Christians think and believe about the issues. I say “think and believe” because many if not most who call themselves Christians haven’t settled the issues in their minds, and therefore many are confused at least. So we’re going to discuss what such confusion does to one’s faith in the Scriptures, and consequently, the effect is has on a person’s trust in the Lord. Here to discuss the subject with me is Jay Seegert. He is the cofounder of Creation Education Center and its principal lecturer. His degrees are in physics and engineering, yet you will hear his heart and mind are first and foremost in the Bible. Jay is the author of Creation and Evolution: Compatible or in Conflict? and has produced an excellent DVD titled Creation in Six Days: A Biblical and Scientific Analysis.

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