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A Look at the Book of Job

Abner Chou is a professor at Master’s College in California. Today Abner teaches us some often overlooked truths about the book of Job that help us to understand the purpose of our suffering, how can God be right in a world gone wrong, God is always in control, the Holiness of God, the incredible technology of the day, and the incredible grace of God. Topic: What does a thunderstorm reveal to us about God? Topic: Why is the fear of the Lord so important? Topic: Did you know that culture of Job had developed lights as well as elevators and understood the stars and science? Did you know the culture of Job had explosives or dynamite? This was an advanced culture that had wisdom but Job knew that the only way to have the ultimate answers is to look outside of ourselves and look to the revelation of the One that is on the outside and has all the answers and that is God. Topic: What does the book of Job tell us about God and His rule and control over Satan? Topic: How is it that Satan is on a leash and is the servant of God but yet this does not make God the author of confusion nor does it have God in violation of His character and nature?

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Abner Chou

Abner is an author, Bible teacher, radio host, and seminary and college professor. 

Worldview Weekend Radio is pleased to produce and distribute this Bible teaching program because Abner Chou is committed to teaching the Bible so people learn and love the Word of God and the God of the Word. In Neh 8:8 it says “And they read from the book, from the law of God, translating to give the sense so they they understood the reading. Abner’s goal is that this program might help you have the full sense of Scripture and all that God intended it to be and all that it thereby means for their your life, your worldview, and your worship of God.