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John Loeffler: October 7, 2013

John’s boralogue starts the program with a review of how close we may or may not be to an international currency crisis. So far, it’s a ways off. Many politicians have wish lists of goodies they want to provide their constituents. This weekend’s show spends time examining the political “myth lists,” since many seem to be evaporating as we watch. First off, the latest IPCC report on global warming was rolled out by the media along with trumpets and drums in one more attempt to resurrect the concept of anthropogenic global warming, even though the IPCC’s data seem to be showing the opposite. Joseph Bast from the Heartland Institute ( contrasts the wish list with the myth list. The Obamacare exchanges kicked off this week with the predictable panoply of confusion. Remember all the promises that were made during the wild healthcare reform debate about how great this was all going to be? We’ll go down the wish list of promises and compare them to the myth list of emerging reality. Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, MD, ( joins us. John rounds out the show by tying together a series of news stories illustrating topics from the recent round table and other shows we have done. Interested in subscribing to Steel on Steel? Here’s just a few ways to get the show! • Get the full weekly program via MP3 download for just $7.00 per month. • Premium access to download over a decade of full-length shows for just $100.00 annually! • Have CDs of the show mailed directly to you! View our subscription packages

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