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John Loeffler: July 25, 2016

What is driving the conflicts we’ve seen in the past few weeks in France, Germany, Baton Rouge and Orlando?  In this week’s boralogue, John examines common threads through these tragedies and shows that in order to solve the problem, we need to stop listening to politically correct elites and focus on the truth: we have a morality problem and a collision of worldviews.

Is the narrative from Black Lives Matter accurate?  Heather MacDonald (, Fellow at the Manhattan Institute reveals statistics which challenge the account that white police officers are the most dangerous threat to black men today.  In fact, African-Americans are much more likely to die from violence in their own communities than in officer-related shootings. 

John plays a clip of Dave McAlvany and Kevin Orrick ( from the McAlvany Weekly Commentary where they discuss the possibility that the failed coup in Turkey was orchestrated by President Erdogan to gain a more powerful hold on the country. 

Is it a surprise that the EU is floundering under its own weight on a flimsy foundation?  Wallace Henley (, Senior Pastor at Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX discusses how Christianity was purposefully left out of the EU’s formation and how institutions that cater to political correctness are drowning out the Christian worldview today.

Finally this week, we welcome back Bill Forstchen (, History Professor at Montreat College, who analyzes not only the suppression of freedom of speech and thought on undergraduate and college campuses, but also the dangers of ISIS and our unpreparedness as a country to handle their terror campaign.  

John’s quote of the week:

“The violence and the murders that you are seeing must be dealt with at the morality and worldview levels, but those are the very areas where the politically correct crowd will not allow us to go.”

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