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John Loeffler: January 6, 2014

John’s boralogue begins the first program of the new year by re-examining the crisis window 2014-2016 to see if it’s still potent, sliding a bit, or could even be triggered by events this year. Then, as part of our geopolitical trends thread, it’s time to review the entire push towards globalism, which we’ve covered for years here on the program. Ian Wishart is author of Totalitaria, (, where he maintains George Orwell was right about everything except the date. We’ll see where the internationalists are taking us this year. As progressives have wanted to see a single-payer healthcare system, the economic impact of Obamacare has actually activated the best of the capitalist system: competition among hospitals. Dr. Keith Smith from the Surgery Center of Oklahoma ( returns to the program as we pursue that radical remake of the American healthcare system.

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