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John Loeffler: February 27, 2017

A kerfuffle erupted this week involving President Trump, Sweden, and the media.  In this week's boralogue, John looks at the media double standard in how they treat Republicans versus Democrats as well as how political correctness has kept what's really happening in Sweden from being reported.  One culture is refusing to assimilate into another and as a result, crime has increased.  This is a fact no matter who says it.


If your speech goes against politically correct mantras in Sweden, you could be charged with hate speech – that is unless you are an imam.  Writer, journalist, and activist Judith Bergman ( joins us to discuss the rampant double standard when it comes to speech in Sweden.  It appears as if Islamaphobia is one of the worst crimes you can commit there.  Or at least the worst one to be reported.


Where will hate speech laws in Europe lead?  Denis MacEoin (, Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, analyzes the case against French historian Georges Bensoussan and shows that Europe is on track to be a haven for not only anti-Semitism but criticism of any religion – except of course for Islam.  We face serious problems in the future if we don't face the truth today.


John’s quote of the week:

"Chief of police in the Swedish city of Ostersund three weeks ago urged Swedish women to adjust their behavior in order to avoid being raped by you-know-who but we can't say it because that would be hateful."


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