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John Loeffler: February 24, 2014

So Who Does Own the West Bank? Here we are 100 years since the beginning of World War I, the great paradigm shift that created the modern Middle East. This is a thread we’re pursuing for an extended period this year on the show. John’s extended boralogue starts with an in-depth analysis how the Middle East arrived where it is today beginning with World War I, and the explaining the new paradigm shift we seem to be passing through. The contrasting similarities between then and now are striking. We hear frequently that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are an impediment to peace and in violation of international law. But what law and who owns the territory according to that law? It’s an issue much more complex than the media portray. Avi Lipkin ( joins the show from Jerusalem as we attempt to unravel this complicated question. We’ll start with a history of the territory going back over a century. Finally, it’s time to skate over to the edge and peer into the future with Spanish TV host Daniel Estulin ( in Madrid, Spain. Daniel is a futurist tracking trends which will be affecting us in coming decades. His TV program is "Desde la Sombra" ("From the Shadow").

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