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John Loeffler: December 2, 2019

Freedom is not free.  It is a fluke of history.  And it must be maintained at all costs.  In this week's boralogue, John shows how our Constitution protects our freedoms by restraining government.  The Supreme Court just handed down a ruling against civil asset forfeiture, thankfully upholding freedom and protecting citizens from unjust search and seizure.  Where power and money goes, trouble grows.


The worldview battle in the West is beginning to affect the Church.  Joining us to discuss this are Pastor Steven Grant, Senior Pastor of Destiny Christian Center in Colorado, Pastor Brandon Holthaus, Senior Pastor of Rock Harbor Church in California, and Mike LeMay, retired General Manager of Q90FM in Wisconsin and former host of Stand Up For The Truth.


Topics on the roundtable agenda this week: preparing the church for the worldview battle to come, unbiblical messages infiltrating the church as a whole as well as the pulpit specifically, and the need for a group of pastors to pray and encourage one another in these times of trouble in the Church.


Healthcare and insurance are touchy subjects lately and one of the most important topics in the presidential race.  Andrew Langer, President of the Institute for Liberty, joins us to discuss the impossibility of price controls and free, free, free stuff for everyone.  He also offers solutions to the problem of high prices.


John finishes off the program this week with several stories, including inflation in Venezuela, the history of Marxism in Zimbabwe, and media falsehoods surrounding Israeli settlements in the West Bank.   


John’s quote of the week:    

"The whole idea of rights and freedom is to act as a restriction on government.  It's not anti-government.  Our founders recognized that we needed government.  But they also recognized that unrestrained power and the mischief that is innate in mankind will also produce tyranny.  So the power had to be restrained and divided up so that it could be controlled and accountable."


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