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John Loeffler: August 21, 2017

Right versus Left, KKK versus Antifa, hate versus hate. The events in Charlottesville last weekend were horrible, but why is there still such a problem with hate in this country?  In this week's extended boralogue, John shows that social justice warriors need chaos, regardless of the pain it causes, to achieve their transformation of society.  Socialism is the goal and our freedoms are the cost.

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is urging cities to ignore President Trump.  Pat Wood (, Editor-in-Chief of Technocracy News, examines the sustainable development agenda and ICLEI's insistence on upholding the Paris agreement, and shows that we are moving toward a cashless society.

Economics and politics go hand in hand.  Long-time friend of the show Don McAlvany (, Founder of McAlvany Financial Company, joins us to discuss the globalist hatred toward President Trump as well as the state of the global financial markets.

Native Americans are affected by our government's economic decisions as much as or more so than anyone else.  Leslie Solliday (, Executive Director of the American Indian Christian Mission, looks at the state of welfare on Native American reservations and offers solutions on how to help them become more independent from government.

John’s quote of the week:

"Don't let the Left versus Right tension fool you.  The real fight today is over freedom itself.  Freedom of each individual in the country regardless of race or religion to have certain thoughts and hold intelligent conversation based on accurate facts, rather than to be forced to adhere to dictated beliefs.  And if freedom of speech doesn't survive, neither will freedom."

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