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Crosstalk: May 30, 2019

On October 25th of 2010, the day before her 34th birthday, Marissa Henley, a mother with children of 6,4 and 18 months, received her biopsy results.  The doctor told her that she had a rare and aggressive form of cancer known as angiosarcoma.

Marissa is a cancer survivor who writes and speaks about faith, friendship, God’s character and suffering.  She’s the author of the book, ‘Loving Your Friend Through Cancer.’ Through this two-part series, as well as her book, you’ll learn how to give support and compassion with some specific action steps and practical support that will help you show love in the day-to-day details surrounding this issue.

Here’s a sample of what Marissa discussed with Jim during the second part of this series:

–What are the 3 phases of cancer?

–Why is understanding the person’s physical needs so important?

–Marissa says, ‘Moms and kids, keep your germs at home.’  What does she mean?

–How can you help a cancer sufferer tackle logistical needs?

–How can you best address the emotional needs of a friend suffering from cancer?

–What does Marissa mean by ‘loving through the long haul’?

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