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Crosstalk: May 1, 2018

Randy Thomasson is the founder and president of, a campaign for children and families.  They advocate for parental rights, safeguarding religious freedom and teaching and activating pro-family citizens to stand for what’s right.

This Crosstalk looked at several California bills that are lurking in the legislature. While California is known for its wildfires, if passed, these bills could set off wildfires of immorality. The list includes:

Senate Bill 320—This legislation would force colleges to give girls abortion pills. It's so radical that the Cal State University system doesn't want it. Why? Because even pro-aborts know such drugs will cause severe uterine bleeding which can cause infections and blood clots. So for some it's a liability issue. It's already passed the senate and Randy hopes it will be killed in the assembly.

Assembly Bill 282—This bill would do away with criminal prosecution for, '...aiding, advising or encouraging physician assisted suicide.'

Assembly Bill 2153—Ten sexual indoctrination laws (8 of which are mandatory for government schools) guarantee that from Kindergarten on up, children will learn that homosexuality, bisexuality, trans-sexuality, etc. are good, natural and may be for them. AB-2153 would force every public school teacher in California into pro-homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender 'in-service' training.

As one of the 10 sexual indoctrination laws, Randy noted that every May 22, children in government schools are told to celebrate Harvey Milk. Milk was a homosexual activist/sexual anarchist/teen boy predator from San Francisco. He was murdered by a political rival and homosexual activists have tried to make him out to be their gay version of Martin Luther King Jr.

Assembly Bill 2943—This bill is co-authored by 8 homosexual Democrats. They want to exterminate counselors who would help someone overcome homosexuality or trans-sexuality.


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