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Crosstalk: January 10, 2018

We're just a week into 2018, yet as you look at the news landscape, it appears that the challenges we face as a nation seem unrelenting. For example:

--Will North Korea launch a nuclear missile toward the U.S. mainland?
--Tensions continue in the Middle East as we hear about protests in Iran, news concerning their nuclear ambitions, and unrest in Iraq and Syria.
--Israel always seems to have a target painted on their back.
--There's tension with China, tension within Russia and the Ukraine.
--Our court system continues to sanction the killing of the unborn.
--Courts have ruled that Christian businessmen and women must use their creative talents to accommodate so-called same-sex weddings.
--The transgender movement is invading the military as well as the most private places in society with the desire to force people to accommodate whatever identity they wish to assume.
--The LGBT movement has invaded American classrooms, network TV, and the movement is also pushing corporate America to succumb to their agenda.
--Islam is being pushed in classrooms and governmental bodies.
--There've been uprisings and demonstrations based upon antagonism and resistance. --Drugs continue to be an issue, the latest of which has been the opioid problem. --Many are hoping to strike it rich through gambling that's now even promoted by state governments as they offer massive Powerball jackpots.
--There's corruption among politicians.
--There's antagonism against biblical Christianity. It's morals and values are now deemed intolerant, bigoted, extreme, and archaic. In other words, evil is called good and good is called evil.

Could it be that we've turned so far from God's Word and have become so self absorbed that we're blinded to the severe spiritual need that we are in as communities and as a nation?
The answers won't come from the halls of Congress, any presidential administration or the U.N. So as we recognize these problems during this early stage of 2018, Jim asked callers to share a verse of Scripture that the United States needs to hear today.  ‚Äč

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