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Crosstalk: February 6, 2019

This evening, President Trump will deliver the State of the Union address. He originally received an invitation from Speaker Nancy Pelosi to deliver the address on January 29th. That invitation was rescinded due to her concerns over possible government shutdown related security issues.

The president’s theme for tonight will be, ‘Choosing Greatness’. The speech will highlight many of his accomplishments from the past two years, many of which have gone unreported by much of the media.

Jim noted that if you go to, you’ll find a document about 16 pages in length called, ‘The Historic Results of President Donald Trump’s First Two Years in Office’. It describes topics such as the growing economic boom, trade related issues, a section on health care, American energy, the opioid crisis, the sanctity of life and protecting religious freedom.

He then went on to present other interesting points related to tonight’s speech:

–CNN is describing tonight’s telecast as ‘President Trump in Nancy Pelosi’s house.’

–Maxine Waters doesn’t want to hear what the president has to say tonight.

–The rebuttal will be given by Stacey Abrams. She had a failed bid for governor in the State of Georgia.

–White House Counselor Kellyann Conway revealed that the president would use the address to call for an end to the politics of resistance and retribution, calling for cooperation.

After mentioning the various State of the Union guests that will be on hand, Jim asked listeners to finish the following: ‘The state of the union is…’

Many listeners volunteered their opinions and you can hear them all when you review this Crosstalk broadcast.

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