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Chris Pinto: November 12, 2019

Chris discusses the shocking story of how the Vatican has apparently approved the placement of a pagan statue of the demon god, Molech right outside the Colosseum in Rome. Molech is known in the Bible as the pagan god who required child sacrifices (Leviticus 18:21), where children were reportedly burned alive in rituals where drums were pounded to drown out the cries of the tormented children. Because the Colosseum is known as the site where Christians were martyred for their faith under ancient Rome (because they rejected the pagan gods) it is seen as especially offensive that the Vatican would allow such a statue to set up there. We evaluate Scriptures concerning the pagan deity Molech along with commentaries about how the worship of this demon god was practiced.

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Chris Pinto

Chris Pinto is an independent filmmaker and founder of Adullam Films, a Christian ministry dedicated to teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through film and video production. His documentaries have given him a unique opportunity to travel the world and interview some of the leading experts on prophecy, the occult, and the working of secret societies. He is perhaps best known for his three part documentary series, Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings, the first of which won top honors at New York and Los Angeles film festivals, as well as a number of Telly Awards. His other films include Riddles in Stone: the Secret Architecture of Washington D.C., Eye of the Phoenix: Secrets of the Dollar Bill, A Lamp in the Dark: the Untold History of the Bible, The Kinsey Syndrome, and most recently released, The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers. Pinto’s documentaries focus on Bible prophecy and its fulfillment in the pages of world history.