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Friday, October 2nd
Shocking VIDEO CLIP: Why is Southern Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress Calling Pope Francis a Christ Follower & Humble & Why is Jeffress Wrong According to the Bible?   Please e-mail, tweet, and...
Thursday, October 1st
WVW-TV Presents: The White Magic of Evangelicalism (Part Three). Watch now before this program rolls into the Situation Room at for members only. Click here to watch now:http://...
Thursday, October 1st
WVW-TV Presents: No-Co TV and What Does a Godly Marriage Resemble & How is it Achieved? Watch this program now before it rolls into the Situation Room at for members only....
Tuesday, September 29th
The following is an excerpt of the book; The Coming Religious Reich by Brannon Howse. You can order your copy of this 500 page book here:
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Wednesday, May 16th

Unfair "Fairness" Surges AheadBy Jan Gary Bauer recently said in his "End-of-Day Report" that, "For years conservatives have been painfully aware of the liberal bias in 'big media.'  On the three big networks--ABC, NBC, CBS--the bias permeates everything from news shows to entertainment programming. On cable, CNN and MSNBC are not just anti-conservative, their coverage of international issues consistently undermines the interests of our nation. But in recent years the liberal "monopoly" has been broken. Conservative talk radio has been an incredible success,...

Tuesday, May 15th
Author(s): Tom DeWeese

Opposition to National ID Continues to Grow May 11, 2007By Tom DeWeeseFive states, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Arkansas and Maine, have enacted legislation informing the federal government that their states will not comply with the Real ID Act, a law passed by Congress in 2005 which will essentially transform driver's licenses into a national ID Card.The Act requires each state to change their driver's license system to meet national standards and ensure that their databases are linked with other states and is set to take effect by May, 2008.Under the Act, states and federal government would...

Tuesday, May 15th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

Rape & Murder of Knoxville Couple Largely Ignored By National MediaRead about this horrible and sad story at the link below and then return to this site to post your feedback.

Tuesday, May 15th
Author(s): Bob DeWaay

Binding and Loosing Part TwoBy Bob DeWaay In Part One of Binding and Loosing we saw from Scripture that binding and loosing concerned both the terms of entrance into the Kingdom and the authority to declare God's mind on matters of doctrine and practice. However, some have interpreted binding and loosing to be the authority to bind Satan and demons through verbal declaration, a misunderstanding primarily based on Matthew 12:28, 29: "But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.  Or how can anyone enter the strong man's house and carry off his...

Tuesday, May 15th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

Dangers of internet pornography and a radical solutionHe sat at his computer hour after hour absorbed in high-tech porn. No sneaking into an adult bookstore, X-rated movie house or sleazy strip joint. He didn't have to buy a magazine, hide it in a bag and find a secluded place to indulge his lust. Private access to as much pornography as he desired was at his finger tips.         Did he think these personal moments of lustful indulgence would become public knowledge? Perhaps. Was he willing to gamble the loss of his prestigious position? Evidently, the pleasure outweighed the risk. Fear of...

Tuesday, May 15th
Author(s): Bill Muehlenberg

The Reason for the Religious Right and The Legacy of Jerry Falwell The recent passing of Jerry Falwell, the so-called founder of the Religious Right in America, raises a few issues that need to be addressed. Having just done an interview about him with a secular radio station, it might be worth making a few general observations about the man and the movement around him. Of course one's take on Falwell will depend on where one stands on the political and religious spectrum. To the secular left he was a thundering theocrat who was about to usher in a police state in the US, with all dissent...

Monday, May 14th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

Story of a "hopeless" teenagerBy Steve CornellI can still remember the day my parents gave me the ultimatum. After repeated efforts to help me turn my life around, they realized I had no intention of changing. They offered to take me to a youth program to get help, but I arrogantly rejected their offer. It was such a painful time for them and it saddens me when I think of how I hurt them. When I was fifteen years old, I left home and took to the streets of Philadelphia. I was what people called a rebellious teenager. Although not proud of it, I was fully absorbed in the fast life of the big...

Monday, May 14th
Author(s): Steve Cornell

What in the world is wrong with us? Get this book?By Steve CornellIt's hard to watch the news. The bad news is endless. Each day we hear of people injuring, abusing and killing other people. We hear of nations hating other nations and plotting ways to destroy each other. Why can't people peacefully co-exist? Why is anger, hatred, and violence such a main theme of human history? We've found great solutions for many problems. Advancements in medicine and technology alone are absolutely amazing! Why can't we overcome our uglier side?Consider the normal run of life in America. Why do an...


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