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Monday, January 26th
Claims of sight-seeing return trips to Heaven and Hell are still in vogue among publishers today. However, I swear A Visitor’s Guide to Hell (Sterling Ethos, NY, 2014) is not a book vying to join...
Monday, January 26th
Accurately reporting on no-go zones dominated by Muslims in Europe is now a no-go zone. Our media have made a mess of the whole issue and are now afraid to dig themselves out. What a disgrace and...
Saturday, January 24th
WVW-TV Presents: Testimony of Jason Pratt a Former Atheist & Real Rocket Scientist & Navy Test Pilot That Went From Attacking The Bible To Contending for the Faith. Watch now before this...
Friday, January 23rd
Why You Shoud Not Respect C.S. Lewis & His Theology and What is the Gospel. These are just a few topics covered in this episode of NoCo-TV. Watch now before this program rolls into the Situation...
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Recent Articles

Wednesday, March 14th
Author(s): Rick Strange

Transition - it's God's idea!!    by Rick Strange transition - passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another; change; a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.  This is a weird time for me and my family, a time of great change and new opportunities.  A time of closed doors behind me, yet open ones before me.  A time of the comfortable and known behind me, and the mystery of the unknown in front of me.   What is it about us as humans that makes us want to have all of our ducks in a row?  We don't like change, and we especially don't like the...

Wednesday, March 14th
Author(s): David New

A SECRET PLAN TO MAKE SAME SEX MARRIAGE LEGAL IN AMERICA By David W. New, Esq.                                                                  According to some legal experts, 35 states have already passed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution making same sex marriage legal. It is doubtful that anyone knew it at the time, but when the legislatures of 35 states passed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) they passed a gay marriage amendment to the Constitution. If three more states pass the ERA, it is possible that this will effectively make same sex marriage legal in the United States. This...

Tuesday, March 13th

The NAE Heads Left     Why am I not surprised? Is there any institution, agency, culture issue, etc., not moving to the left today? Since the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) was founded in the 1940s to counter the "religious left," they would not succumb, would they? Wrong. They are headed toward the left coast.In a recent press release and also noted on two of their Web sites, and, they announce some new strategy. They are taking a left turn to pay more attention to the social gospel. It is not that social issues lack importance, but they should take a...

Tuesday, March 13th
Author(s): Thomas E. Brewton

Need We Fear Inflation?By Thomas E. BrewtonContrary to the popular understanding, higher wage rates and higher  oil prices do not cause inflation.  They are symptoms of the real  danger.News reports express concern that the tightening labor market and  increasing oil prices will lead to increased inflation.  This is an  upside-down view of reality.Inflation is nothing more nor less than an increasing ratio of money  to available goods and services.Higher prices – rising wages or higher oil prices, for example –  result from two things.First is excessive money supply creation and the resulting...

Tuesday, March 13th
Author(s): Jill Martin Rische

10 More Amazing Facts of Mormonismby Jill Martin Rische The old saying "A little learning is a dangerous thing" certainly applies to Mormonism and its long history of mysterious teachings.  The Mormon Church does not always discuss many of its core beliefs, so even Mormons do not know what their Church accepts as truth.  This lack of knowledge is fatal, for choosing the wrong Jesus means an eternity without Him.The purpose of these facts of Mormonism is not to attack people but to examine Mormon doctrine, and defend Christianity from the original attack of Joseph Smith.* Christians must know...

Tuesday, March 13th
Author(s): Donald Hank

Amazing Grace: …Could See But Now Am Blind The Song vs the MovieOrthodox Christianity, as taught by the Bible, focuses on the belief that when a person accepts Christ, he is saved and given a new heart, and as he grows in the Lord, he comes to love everyone, including his enemies, as commanded by Christ. The blindness of sin is lifted as God grants spiritual sight, or discernment. Social progress is inevitable after this, as evidenced by the great humanistic strides-including the abolition of slavery at the time of the early church-made as the new religion took hold. By contrast, the...

Tuesday, March 13th
Author(s): Brannon Howse

 Legal but not citizens: Should they get to vote?Click here to read this article and then return to our site to post your feeback.

Tuesday, March 13th
Author(s): Tom DeWeese

Hate Crime Legislation Will Target Your Freedom of Speech By Tom DeWeeseA battle has been waging during the opening months of the 110th Congress over proposed Hate Crime legislation. The main bill currently before the House is H.R. 254, titled, "The David Ray Hate Crimes Prevention Act," introduced by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX). Opposition is growing to the legislation because hate crime laws would make certain types of speech a federal offense, allowing federal "thought police" to interfere in the law enforcement authority of states and local government. Such interference is blatantly...


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