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Sunday, July 14th
WVW-TV: LIVE 8pm CT Sunday Night: Brainwashed America  Watch LIVE here: or here:  Text WVW to 88202 for a reminder and link to watch each...
Friday, July 5th
WVW-TV Presents: Is America Implementing a Nazi Style Ecology Through Agenda 2030? Click here to watch now: Your support...
Thursday, July 4th
WVW-TV Presents: When Illegal Aliens Have More Rights Than U.S. Citizens with hosts Billy & Karen Vaughn Click here to watch now:
Monday, June 24th
Iranian Terror Cells in U.S. & Iran's Roll in 9-11 on Youtube here:   On our website here:
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Recent Articles

Tuesday, April 23rd
Author(s): Worldview News Team

WVW-TV Presents: Former NSC Official For President Trump on Failed Coup & Future of U.S.  Click here to watch now at WVW-TV: Or here to watch you YouTube: Your support makes the distribution of programs like this possible. Thank you for your tax deductible contribution at or by using: WVW Foundation P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027 

Monday, April 22nd
Author(s): Robert Knight

As C.S. Lewis wrote, the Gospels leave no gray area: Either Jesus was God Incarnate or a madman for claiming to be so. Merely being “a good teacher” doesn’t cut it. The New Testament says that Jesus is not only the Jews’ long-awaited Messiah but the Son of God, who was sacrificed for the sins of the whole world, rose from the dead and grants eternal life to all who believe in Him. He is the second part of the Trinity comprising the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For 2,000 years, this has been orthodox Christian doctrine. Meanwhile, Jesus‘ name has been invoked on behalf of nearly every...

Friday, April 19th
Author(s): Mychal Massie

Tiger Woods!! He has re-climbed Mount Everest of golf. He won The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia this past Sunday. Our Pastor and his family, a long time friend, my wife and I were just preparing to leave the restaurant we had dined at after church when another friend texted me: “I can’t stop crying…so happy for Tiger…he’s about to win it.” It so happened that the BBQ restaurant we were at had the tournament on. I was able to watch the last hole, his victory roar, and him hugging his children and his mother. My eyes teared up. Later that evening when I was able to watch the...

Friday, April 19th
Author(s): Mychal Massie

I do not support the Republican Party – I support President Trump. I am a card carrying Republican, but that is only so I can vote in the Primary. I am neither an ideologue nor am I a sycophant who is willing to sell my soul for a pat on the head or an invitation to a “vote Republicans event.” I supported Donald Trump from the beginning because I knew he was exactly what America needed. He’s a blue-collar billionaire and bare-knuckle brawler from Queens, who knows how to get projects done ahead of time and under budget. He has an economics degree from the Wharton School, which means he...

Friday, April 19th
Author(s): Mychal Massie

I applaud Candice Owens for standing up for her dignity and integrity, when the petulant hater – California Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu knowingly lied about her, and tried to humiliate her. Lieu’s behavior reminds me of FoxNews’ Shepard Smith with whom Lieu shares disgusting patterns of behavior. I hope she wasn’t wearing her favorite shoes that day, because retrieval of one shoe will require Lieu using a strong laxative to extract. But I digress. Lieu the smug, massively prejudiced Democrat despises any black person who does not grovel at his feet. During the House Judiciary Committee...

Tuesday, April 16th
Author(s): Kaveh Taheri

Many Iranians wonder why world leaders of the democratic West continue to flirt with the Islamic regime of Iran, rather than put faith in the people of Iran to liberate themselves from Islamic tyranny. If Western countries would just step out of the way, then Iranians might be able to join the West as a newly productive country, in humanity, peace, prosperity, freedom and open trade. Obviously, regime change would bring increased security for the world, if the Iranian people were to rise up and remove the Islamic terror state from power. No doubt it would be bloody for the terrorist mullahs...

Tuesday, April 16th
Author(s): Kaveh Taheri

The mullahs have turned Iran into a “Water-Bankrupt Nation”, wrote Iran’s exiled crown prince Reza Pahlavi. It is more than a looming environmental disaster. It is a present life-and-death matter. Iranians who have nothing more to lose will destroy the Islamic prison state that destroyed their lives. Iran has faced a major shortage of rainfall over the past few decades. Over the long term on average, Iran has been consuming more water than nature can replenish. When surface water was not enough, people and the government went to groundwater for new supplies. They are now facing the terrible...

Monday, April 8th
Author(s): Dr. Peter Pry

The American people owe President Trump a debt of gratitude, and perhaps someday their lives, for his “Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses” signed on March 26, 2019. The EMP Executive Order is designed to protect America’s life-sustaining critical infrastructures — such as the electric grid, telecommunications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water — from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated by an exo-atmospheric nuclear detonation or solar superstorm. Scientists and strategic EMP experts have been advocating for an EMP Executive...