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Why Did God Allow Donald Trump to Win The White House: Blessing, Judgment, Protection, or All Three?














Why Did God Allow Donald Trump to Win The White House: 

Blessing, Judgment, Protection, or All Three?  

By Brannon S. Howse 


The following is a transcript from the television program of Brannon Howse and what he said the day after the election of Donald Trump 


Many people of wondering what is God doing when he sets up leaders? He clearly – the Bible says – does set up leaders. So, why did God allow Donald Trump to be elected? Is this God's blessing on America or is this God's continual judgment on America? Well, God is not schizophrenic, my friends, and I believe that he is indeed judging America per Romans 1 as we've discussed before. So, how can God judge America – and at the same time be blessing America as some are saying with the election of Donald Trump? Well, I don't think he can be doing that.

Let me tell you what I wrote on our website. Here's what I said. "Could God be using Donald Trump to slow down the globalist because it is not the time on the prophetic calendar of God for global governance?" So, indeed, maybe God is slowing things down. God is maybe going to use Donald Trump to slow down global governance because it's not his time yet for these things to occur. I believe Satan has to have a leader or antichrist for every generation. I think Hitler was that man for that generation and I believe God stopped that and did not allow Satan to go forward with that because it wasn't on God's prophetic timetable to allow that to happen then. 

Maybe God is using someone like Donald Trump to slow things down on a global scale. We don't know. That could be one issue. Perhaps God is giving the church a bit more time to preach the gospel while God also judges America. So, maybe while God's judging America – and I believe He is, God is going to give the church some protection, give Christian broadcasters radio and television, and the pulpits – the preachers in the pulpit – the chance to preach the gospel and proclaim how to pass from judgment into life through the biblical gospel.

So, maybe simply it's that. God could be using this opportunity to allow the church to preach the gospel while God continues to judge America. 

Could it be also that the election of Donald Trump will cause the enemies of America to come against America in a horrible fashion and thus be part of the judgment of God? In other words, we're already hearing from Muslim leaders and Muslim nations talking about their hatred of America even more so now that Donald Trump has been elected. Perhaps maybe they've been more involved in a stealth jihad because they had someone in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, and key people in major government agencies – we don't have time to get into all of that. We've done that in the past. They had a lot of their people involved in major government agencies. So, maybe they were involved in more of a stealth jihad. But now maybe with the election of Donald Trump, maybe it's now going to be more of a hard jihad. We don't know. So, could Donald Trump's election actually be used by God to draw out the enemies of America to come against America as part of God's judgment on our nation? We simply don't know. We see in Ezekiel 38 that God puts a hook in the mouth of the enemies of Israel, the Marxists and the Muslims that make up that Gog-Magog coalition.

It says in Ezekiel 38, "God causes them to come out." He puts a hook in their mouth and draws them out to come against Israel. Why? So that God can destroy them and the whole world will know that He is Lord. So, the point is God at times does allow things to occur and draw out enemies. In other words, God's not the author of evil. He's not the author of confusion. But He does allow the things that evil, wicked people want to do – He allows them to do those things as part of His sovereign providential plan. Joseph said to his brothers, "You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good," when they sold him into slavery. So, God is not the author of evil. God is not the author of confusion. But He does allow what is in the sinful hearts of men to be enacted. At times, God doesn't allow them to do what's in their heart. He restrains that evil. Other times, God simply backs up and says, "Go right ahead." So, could it be that Donald Trump is going to draw out the enemies of America, the Muslims and the Marxists, to come against America really hard now in more of a harder jihad as part of God's judgment? Maybe it's all of the above.

Maybe God is using Donald Trump to slow things down on a global scale. Maybe God is going to use Donald Trump to give the church liberty and freedom, on the airwaves of radio, TV, the internet and the pulpits for a period of time to preach the gospel, while also God's judging America. It could be that God is going to use the Donald Trump administration to draw out our enemies to come against us as part of that judgment. It could be all of the above, my friends. We don't know. You see, that's the thing about providence. You don't know what's happening when you go through it. It's not until you look back and you see that you say, "Ah, now, we realize what God was sovereignly and providentially doing." But the point is this, folks. God sets up leaders and He takes down leaders, and God judges nations and He gives over nations, and God also gives grace and mercy to nations. Well, there's no reason to say that God should be giving grace and mercy to our country just simply because we had an election. So, we need to look and see. Has America repented? Have the churches turned back to preaching a solid gospel and the word of God?

Have we ended the slaughter of millions of babies? No. Have we stopped disobeying God? The righteous judgments of God? No! We continue to do them and encourage others to do them per Romans 1 verse 32. So, there's no reason to believe that God has stopped judging America. I believed it on the Election Day and I believe it after the Election Day. God is still judging America. But we have to look and say, "Well, what is it that God is doing?" But God is not schizophrenic. He cannot be judging America and blessing America at the same time. Thus we must seek to understand what God is doing and explain how Christians are to see the times and respond. I believe I have laid out three reasons God allowed the election of Donald Trump and I think it could be for not just one reason of the three but for all three reasons