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Progressive & Cultural Marxists Own El Paso and Dayton Murders

Worldview Radio:

Progressive & Cultural Marxists Own El Paso and Dayton Murders. Guest: Former DHS Officer Phil Haney. Topic: Brannon begins the program with a monologue in which he describes how progressives, cultural Marxists & humanists have orchestrated and laid the foundation for mass murders that are becoming common place as witnessed over the weekend in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. The cultural Marxists have spent decades attacking the morality of our national fabric in order to manufacture one crisis after another that they can blame on conservatives and capitalists and then offer up more legislation that robs Americans of our liberties. Brannon explains how the cultural Marxists have infiltrated media, education, pop-culture and public policy with philosophies such as nihilism, postmodernism, narcissism, hedonism, moral relativism, and infanticide that creates selfishness, hopelessness, a lack of empathy for others and a death culture that celebrates violence. Brannon explains why he thinks the cultural Marxists are actually happy over the chaos and murders that have become a common occurrence in America. Topic: Brannon explains that the reported manifesto of the El Paso shooter reveals he was a socialist, radical environmentalist, racist and pro-eugenics much like what was represented in the Nazism of Hitler. Despite the lies of the fake news, the El Paso shooter was not a republican or supporter of Donald Trump, but in fact, a socialist and racist just like the Democrat's hero & KKK keynote speaker, Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood. Topic: Brannon explains how the events of the weekend are being used to brainwash Americans with lies, distortion and coverup. Topic: Phil joins us to discuss the manifesto of the El Paso shooter. Topic: We take your calls.
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