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Phil Johnson of Grace To You is NOW Attacking The FAMILY of Brannon Howse

Phil Johnson of Grace To You (But not Grace to Me) has publicly written that I don't have a church? How does he know? He has one but what good is that doing to hold him accountable for his public sin? I don't say where I go to church because law enforcement has told me NOT to because of threats we get from Muslims and we don't want our church put at risk or my own family that is with me. My first responsibility is to my family & their protection & if Phil Johnson wants to mock me for not broadcasting my schedule then let him.

What happened in Sioux Falls to us at our Worldview Weekend is a perfect example why we don't broadcast our schedule or where we go to church. Many will remember that a Muslim man with a Koran and two weapons came into our conference and filmed it all on Facebook live. After our paid off duty officers removed him; he sat in his car and flashed 5 weapons, including 2 assault style weapons, and 1,200 rounds and told us to be afraid and terrified. See the footage he filmed here:


We had 4 off duty officers we hired that night & when we broadcast where we are it is now required we have paid security. You know how expensive that is and what a pain in the blessed assurance it is? Do you think this makes my wife and kids happy?

We now have known Jihadis from overseas tweeting at me. So I am sorry Phil's line of work attacking clear-minded charismatics has not cost him any security issues but when he wants to stop defending Islamic interfaith dialogues and take on Islam as we are then he can judge me. Till then Phil Johnson should shut his mouth. I am the head of my home not Phil Johnson or Grace to You and I will do what is in the best interest of my family. So frankly let me say this with as much Christian love as I can; Phil if you attack me that is fine but you attack my family again and call into question their spiritual condition because we don't announce when and where we go to church then you can expect me to stop being as restrained as I have been concerning my real thoughts about you.