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The Delusions of 2005

The Delusions of 2005

By Jan Markell


We have all read about the major stories of 2005, the funniest stories, the most spiked (downplayed), and more.  My category requires a book: "The Strongest Delusions of 2005."  I can only list a fraction of them but here goes, not necessarily in this order:


1)    The withdrawal of the Jews from the Gaza Strip was the first solid step towards peace and security between Israelis and Palestinians. Reality check: Gaza is now an unofficial terror state, steeped in anarchy, even taking Western hostages.


2)    Saudi Arabia is a Middle East moderate and ally of America.  Reality check: More than 80% of U.S. mosques are stacked with Saudi Wahhabi propaganda promoting the Islamic States of America.


3)    The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an upstanding organization speaking for conservative, peace loving Muslims. Reality check: They, too, want to see the Islamic States of America.


4)    Fences don't make good neighbors, so Israel cannot have a security fence to keep out terrorists. Reality check: Many nations have such a fence and one along the U.S. southern border is under discussion presently.


5)    All the ills of the world are the fault of Christians, Jews, America, President Bush, and global warming. Reality check: Man's sinful nature is the root of all evil.


6)    Islam said Hurricane Katrina was the wrath of Allah against America. Reality check: When the Pakistani earthquake hit (and other disasters in the Islamic world,) Allah seems to be on vacation and doesn't notice.


7)    The "religious Left" preaches a sound gospel. Reality check: They are meeting with and praising the likes of Hizbollah and Hamas and wondering why their membership attendance is declining.


8)    The church will save the world and make the world perfect so that Christ can return. Reality check: Many churches, though not all, are not even preaching a solid gospel. They are soft-peddling it to fill the pews and parking lot.  False doctrine, as predicted in the Bible, is exploding.


9)    Separation of church and state is mandatory. Reality check: You won't find such a proclamation in our Constitution or anywhere else.


 10) The riots in France recently were caused by unemployment.    

       Reality check: Europe allowed itself to become "Eurabia" a long

  time ago due to lax immigration laws and political correctness.


11) We're in the "last days" and churches are encouraging their flocks

      to get right with God while there is still time. Reality check: Visit

      most any congregation in North America and you will never hear

      the wonderful news that Jesus is coming again, and soon.


12) The public schools have no agenda. Reality check: Christ and

      Christmas are out but your kid will learn all about Islam and even

      be given a Muslim name in some.


13) When President Bush does exactly what President Clinton did,

      Bush is pounded and there is collective amnesia about Clinton.


14) There were no WMD in Iraq: Reality check: Evidence abounds of

       them being moved to Syria in 2003.  Saddam used them on

       his own people and on the Iranians in the 1980's.


15) The mainstream media remains popular and the media source of

       choice for most Americans.  Reality check: They are rapidly

       sinking in the sunset. The rise of the alternative media is one of

       the top stories of 2005: the blogs, Internet, talk radio, etc.


16) It's a new day for the Palestinians with the passing of Arafat.

      Reality Check: Mahmoud Abbas still rewards suicide bombers

      financially, but he does wear $2,000 suits rather than military

      garb.  Maybe that makes it a "new day."


17) The Russian bear has been tamed. Putin can be trusted.  He's

       Fighting terror. Reality check: He's co-operating with Iran in prep-

       aration for the Battle of Gog and Magog ( Ezek. 38-39).


I think you get the point.  We're in an upside-down world where black is white, white is black, right is wrong, wrong is right, and I think most of the world lives in Alice's Wonderland.