Worldview of Julius Wellhausen Part (Short bio sketch)

By Brannon S. Howse

In 1878, a German theology professor and author of numerous books “discovered” that the Bible is a book of stories but not the divinely inspired Word of God. He proclaimed his new truth to countless Germans and taught that the Bible could not be trusted, but human reason could. Known as Higher Criticism or German rationalization, this was the contribution Julius Wellhausen offered to Germany’s cultural demise.


European Christianity was compromised and changed into a false religion from within as Higher Criticism led people into an essentially humanistic religion. Germany was Hitler’s for the taking because absolute truth and the Gospel of Jesus Christ had long since been betrayed. Thus the German people came to believe that “the end justifies the means.” In return for regaining national pride and financial abundance, the people would grant Hitler his dream of hope and change.

History screams that ideas have consequences, that worldview matters. Most Germans—including German Christians—willingly traveled the road to Hitler’s hell, largely because they had lost the courage of their convictions. They had sold out to paganism, pragmatism, and a new gospel that promised everything while requiring nothing. Does this not sound like churches, seminaries, Christian colleges, and some of the best-selling Christian authors in America today? 


Wellhausen’s liberal philosophy eventually jumped the ocean, became popular on the East Coast, and has spread throughout the United States. Many American Christians are all too willing to go down a path that will surely lead to the destruction of our once great nation. Incredibly, many self-professing Christians are not just following but leading the way over the cliff. A domineering false church is rising, largely due to pansies in the pulpit. False teachers have turned the grace of God into lewdness, and they deny the only Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ (Jude 3-4).

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