Was Adolf Hitler The "Anti-Christ" of His Generation?

By Brannon S. Howse

In every generation, Satan chooses a man to be his Antichrist. Although the devil does not know when the end of days will occur, he knows that the end will come. That means an Antichrist must be available for every generation. 

With this devil-backed strategy in mind, it is possible to identify Antichrists who have come before. I believe, for instance, that Adolf Hitler was the Antichrist candidate for his generation. In his award-winning book Hitler’s Cross, Erwin Lutzer documents the Fuehrer’s satanic worldview:


• Even those who knew Hitler from his early days were well aware of his occult powers. August Kubizek, a friend, said, “It was as if another being spoke out of his body….It was not a case of a speaker carried away by his own words….I felt as though he himself listened with astonishment and emotion to what broke forth from him.” 

• Hitler’s closest advisors were into occultism and pagan spirituality, such as Rudolf Hess, Dietrich Eckart, Karl Haushofer, Joseph Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, and others. 

• Hitler confided to those who were closest to him that he was under orders from a higher being in his unique mission. “I will tell you a secret,” he told Rausching, “I am founding an order…the Man-God, that splendid being will be an object of worship….But there are other stages about which I am not permitted to speak.” 

• After reading his friend Alfred Rosenberg’s blasphemous book entitled The Myth of the Twentieth Century, Hitler declared, “Creation is not yet at an end. Man is becoming God….Man is God in the making.” 

• Allan Bullock, who wrote an extensive biography of Hitler, dutifully listed what Hitler studied in his youth: yoga, hypnotism, astrology, and various other forms of Eastern occultism….


Hitler did all the things on a national scale that the ultimate Antichrist will attempt on a global stage—his strategy for coming to power, how to charm even his opponents into following him, using an economic crisis to his advantage, and manipulating a false, dominant church into doing his bidding. That’s why any study of the growing false one-world church must take note of Adolf Hitler and the “German Christians.” 

Please understand that I’m not sensationalizing when I make these observations. First Chronicles 12:32 says the men of the tribe of Issachar were called wise because they “understood the times and knew what God would have them to do.” To help you make your own assessment of the situation, I’ve distinguished twenty benchmark issues that outline the intensity of the tempest that is nearly upon us. And yes, the comparisons with the growth of Nazism in Germany are obvious. I will point them out unabashedly because it’s only reasonable to say so if something that looks similar to an earlier, dangerous historical parallel actually is similar. After all, storm warnings, by definition, foretell bad news. For the biblically minded Christian, though, it is not all bad news if you understand how to defend and proclaim the Gospel in the midst of the storm. 

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