Understanding The Unbiblical Worldview of Spiritual Evolution

Welcome to the program.  Glad you are with us.  Hope you had a great Christmas and now we are just going to be leaving 2010 pretty quick here and going into 2011.


And one of the things we’re going to talk about a lot in 2011, as we have the last maybe month or so of 2010, is really this religious Trojan Horse, the co-opting of the church, and a false dominant church that is rapidly growing that I believe will turn big time on those of us who hold to essential Christian doctrines.  They will castigate us as the fundamentalist.  Now, they are some in the audience that probably say, I love that title, that’s what I am.  I believe in the fundamentals of the faith.  What’s wrong with that title?  And I would have to say, I agree with you.  But please know what they’re going to do is take the term fundamentalist and try to make that mean extremist.  An extremist; someone who is very radical in a negative way that is against peace.  Yeah, you’re against peace.  You’re against unity.  You’re intolerant and you’re not part of the collective group think.  You’re not part of consensus.  You are an agitator.  Although, isn’t it Saul Alinsky who said you agitate to the point of conflict?  Hmm?  But you’re a thorn in their side.  That’s what we’re becoming.


And I’ve done a lot of reading over the holiday, over Christmas break here, and I’m going to do a lot more over the next few days and continue to bring you a lot of what I’m learning and, boy, am I learning.  But one of the things that came across my email was from a media outlet source that sends me news releases.  I noticed my friend, Ingrid Slyder, received this as well and she forwarded it on to me to say, hey, did you get this; and we’re both on the same media email list so I did get it, but she’s written about it and posted it up at Cross Talk Blog as well.  And the title of the press release, This Christmas Celebrate the Christianity of All, that was the title of the press release.  This Christmas Christianity evolves, Reverend Michael Dowd convenes divorced Christian leaders who see science as sacred.  EvoluntionaryChristianity.com to host free podcasts and seminars.  The article says, “This Christmas season, bestselling author and evolutionary evangelist Rev. Michael Dowd…”  By the way, he’s a graduate of a couple of schools.  One of them I noticed was an Assembly of God school.  Isn’t that interesting?  I think Kim Ham has been writing a lot recently about the Assembly of God and, I guess, they’re new position on the issue of creation verses evolution.  I received a letter from one Assembly of God pastor a few weeks ago I read to you on the air that has resigned his license.  He said, I can no longer be an Assembly of God licensed pastor because of your new position on evolution and your relationship of bringing in Rick Warren to speak.  So it’s interesting that this Michael Dowd, according to his own bio, is a graduate of an Assembly of God school, along with other places as well, but don’t let that give you the message that all Assembly of God pastors agree with this.  That is not the case.  In fact, this is becoming a huge controversy within this Assembly of God as these things are becoming controversies in all of the church dominations that we’ve discussed before.  But you have to wonder as evangelist Michael Dowd had any influence on the Assembly of God and their new decision.


But he’s an evangelist, an evolutionary evangelist.  I didn’t know there was such a thing.  And he’s written a book, Thank God for Evolution.  That’s the name of his book.  And he’s hosting this free conference.  “The New Atheists and scriptural literalists are not the only games in town,” says Dowd. “In contrast to Richard Dawkins’ God-less universe, tens of millions of us in the middle celebrate both Jesus and Darwin.  For us, religious faith is strengthened by what God is revealing through science.  Dowd will speak one-on-one with 38 religious and scientific luminaries representing Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Progressives, and both Integral and Emerging Church leaders about “how science can deepen faith, not threaten it.  The historic dialogues, titled, The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity, subtitled, Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith.”


Well, folks, you know, sometimes we shock ourselves here a little bit.  No, I’m not kidding.  Sometimes when I tell you what is coming, I believe it is coming.  I wouldn’t tell you if I didn’t.  I believe that this is truly where the trend is going, but what shocks me somehow is, sometimes is how fast what we said was coming gets here.  I mean, really, this year have we not talked a lot, and in 2009, did we not talk a lot about spiritual evolution, that they believe we’re spiraling up, we’re all evolving?  Or as the emergent church says, good and evil will merge to produce a better third option; the teachings of Jurgen Moltmann who the emergent church follow.  People like Ken Wilber who the emergent church follow.  We’ve talked about that  a lot in 2009, 2010 and said this is where we’re going.  But, be honest with you, it’s happening a lot faster than I thought it was going to happen.  So now all these Christian leaders, “Christian leaders” and religious leaders of all the different denominations, the Catholics, the Protestants, the Evangelicals, the Pentecostals, they’re all getting together for a conversation.  Of course, you know who has to be there among this, right?  Yeah, Brian McLaren.  Brian McLaren who has said the Cross and hell is false advertising for God.  Brian will be there, Reverend Brian McLaren.  And a whole host of other emergent church leaders.  They’re also going to have the Co-Chair of the United Nations Global Peace Initiative of Women, so the UN is involved.


Folks, can you see the one world religion coming together?  Absolutely it’s coming together and it will largely be based on this pagan spirituality, Hinduism.  You know, a few years ago, again, when I wrote an article entitled, One World Spirituality, and I said that these three worldviews were merging.  I was watching as people like Al Gore and others mixed different worldviews, Darwinian evolution, Hindu pantheism, and occultism.  Again, I didn’t expect to see it happen this fast.  I saw the trend but I thought, it’s still a trend.  It’s still, huh, pardon the pun, evolving, but this is where we’re going.  It has happened fast.  And, again, don’t forget, as I have told you in the past when I wrote that article, I did not realize until after writing the article that Hitler followed those same three worldview trends, Darwinian evolution, Hindu panthesim, and occultism.  And as I’ve done more reading over the Christmas break here, the few days we were off the air, I am convinced that Hinduism is going to play a major, major role in the one world religion.  And I’ll be sharing things with you over the next few weeks and months that will confirm this.


So when I wrote the article a few years ago now saying these three trends, Darwinian evolution, Hindu pantheism, and occultism would be, what I call one world spirituality, that’s the name -- I just gave it that idea because knowing that was their ultimate goal was a one world religion, so I called it one world spirituality.  I didn’t even realize then how big of a role evolution and Hinduism would play and that it would go mainstream so very, very fast.  Think about for a minute the influence of Hinduism on America now.  Think about how we now have “Christian” yoga and yoga and transcendental meditation, also known as contemplative prayer.  As you start to understand what Hindus believe and how their beliefs have been packaged in western terminology, you realize very quickly that Americans are being set up to follow a one world religion that will largely be based on Hinduism.  Pagan spirituality.  And now you have this evolutionary evangelist who’s actually got a website, evolutionarychristianity.com, who says this Christmas Christianity evolves.


Well, I had to go to the internet and find some clips of this guy speaking and sure enough, I found some.  In fact, be honest with you, I don’t even know if I, because I’ve done so much research the last few days, I can’t remember if I found these or maybe someone email it to me.  Ingrid might have emailed these to me.  I don’t know.  But somehow I found this clip and I started listening to it and we put it up on our website at worldviewweekend.com and you can hear it for yourself the entire nine minutes and 31 seconds of this Reverend Michael Dowd.


Again, let’s go back to the idea that a lot of these false teachers love their titles.  Remember when we’ve listed off one of the signs of a false teacher?  Well, there are several of them, six that I’ve given you in our DVD, Last Days Deception or Biblical Truth, which is 90 minutes long and you can get it at worldviewweekend.com, and you can see free excerpts of it at worldviewtube.com.  But in that 90 minute presentation, Last Days Deception or Biblical Truth, I give you six characteristics of a false teacher that I find listed in the scriptures.  One of them is they love their religious title.  Well, here you have Reverend Michael Dowd.  Many of them love that title Reverend.  Reverend Tony Campolo, Reverend Brian McLaren, Reverend Tony Jones, Reverend Doug Pageant, Reverend Rob Bell, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Reverend Al Sharpton.  You see the trend here folks?


Well, here is Reverend Michael Dowd speaking, don’t be shocked here, at a Unitarian church but he doesn’t just go speak on the margins of Unitarian churches, folks, he’s getting into what we would consider mainstream “evangelical” colleges and universities and seminaries.  Listen to a little bit of what he says because this is nothing more than panentheism.


Remember when we did a whole program on that a few weeks ago, panentheism?  Pantheism is the belief that all is God.  Panentheism is the belief that God is in all.  God is in all.  He is in the creation but He’s also outside of the creation.  And we’ve also talked about how this is really what Rick Warren has promoted in his book, Purpose Drive Life, using this verse God is everywhere and in everything.  God is everywhere and in everything.  We showed a statement from his own church website or form his own church curriculum that you go through when you become a member of the class that teaches this idea too that God is through all, throughout His creation.  No, God is separate from His creation.  But this idea of panentheism, God is in all, including you and I, that’s what they teach.  And when we come back from the break, I’m going to play for you a couple sound clips of this Reverend Michael Dowd explaining to you how this idea of Christianity, embracing evolution, is, well, going very mainstream.  Spiritual evolution, the idea of spiritual evolution, we’re all evolving spiritually, and as you’ll hear him say, this means we can stand together shoulder to shoulder with all worldviews and be co-creator.  Where have I heard that phrase before?  Oh, Eckhart Tolle, Opera Winfrey’s friend has said we are co-creators.  I’ve heard quotes by Shirley McClain from years gone by saying that we are co-creators, that man actually created God in his own imagine.  Man created God.  Well, these guys still believe that we are creating, we’re co-creators, and we will unite with all religions and create a just society, social justice.  You’ll hear these clips when we come back.


I’m Brannon Howse.  It’s Worldview Weekend Radio.  Our website’s worldviewweekend.com, worldviewweekend.com.  Thanks for listening.  We’ll be right back.




Welcome back to the program.  Glad you’re with us.  Brannon Howse here.  It’s Worldview Weekend Radio.  Our website’s worldviewweekend.com, worldviewweekend.com.  If you want to check out our news and our stories, our free video clips.  We got a lot of free stuff available to you that will help you understand what’s happening, the worldview war that’s going on, the various worldviews that are merging to create one world religion, and how really what is happening here, folks, is a one world religion that will become extremely hostile to Christianity.


I was doing some reading over the weekend and Jay Vernon McGee, remember Jay Vernon McGee?  He’s been gone now awhile but Jay Vernon McGee wrote about the fact that Christians in America were going to find themselves being persecuted by denominations.  Yeah!  So this isn’t a new idea that we’ve just come up with.  This is something that, well, Godly pastors who really understand the Bible and understand the last days and understand the apostasy, that which of a form of godliness but deny God.  They understood what was coming.  But the question is do we understand what’s happening?  Do we understand what’s coming?  Are we talking to our young people?  Are we talking to our friends about this spiritual evolution that is going extremely mainstream?  Again, I believe that this is happening much faster than even I realized it was happening and therefore, I’m going to tell you right now, I believe a year from now this idea of spiritual evolution will be very, very popular.


The question is though, as Sunday School teachers, deacons, elders, pastors, associate pastors, church youth leaders, college leaders, young adult leaders, will we begin to explain to people this spiritual evolution and why it’s unbiblical, where it comes from, so that we can prepare folks for the next trend that is a lie?  Or will we wait until it’s right on top of us and then try to explain it to them?  No, I think the idea is that we should know what’s coming, what the trends are, and then prepare the sheep before the trend is on top of us.  And that’s one of the things that we try to do here on this program.  And let me just say, before I play this clip by Reverend Michael Dowd, that this is one way that you can be a real blessing to your pastor.  You know, your pastor, if your pastor’s like mine, doesn’t have time to be a researcher full-time on trends and worldview and apologetics and the cults and the occult.  He has a specific and unique calling and that is to get up every week and, if your pastor’s like mine, it’s usually more than once a week.  I know in some parts  of the country pastors preach one sermon a week and that’s it, but particuarly down here in the south where we have -- Wednesday night service is still a big deal and Sunday night church is still a big deal.  Many of them are preparing more than one sermon a week.


So they’re calling is to prepare a sermon to impart the word of God, theology, and doctrine to the sheep.  Now, granted, they need to be bringing in what’s happening within the culture so that we can understand the times and know how God would have us to respond.  But my pastor isn’t called to be a talk show host.  He is not called to be a guy that studies the trends, per say.  That’s not his ultimate calling.  His ultimate calling is to teach theology and doctrine, to the teach the word of God in context, Ephesians 4, “To train up the saints to the do the work of ministry.”  Now, if you go on in  Ephesians 4, you see that what is the whole body is us doing our various parts, as believers in Jesus Christ through faith and repentance, being a part of the body, and then using our spiritual gift for the edification and equipping of the saints in the proclamation of the gospel.  Now, that’s where you come in.  That’s where I come in.  And we can sit here and say, oh, our pastors, they should know all this.  Or we could be realistic and say, you know what, a guy that’s preparing a few sermons a week, marry, burying, counseling, hospital visits, doesn’t have time to know all of this.  Look, I do this full-time and I can barely keep up myself.  If I were having to do all they’re doing on top of it, do you think I could keep up?  No.  Again, that’s where we all have our different callings, our different spiritual gifts that we use, and yours might be in the area of being really a prophet, per say.  Not a prophet who reveals new extra biblical revelations.  No, that’s not what I’m saying.  Someone that understands what’s happening and is warning the sheep.  In other words, they’re being a watchman on the wall.  That may be your gift.  Now, this is where I think you can help your pastor understand what’s coming and give him information that he can then use and to incorporate into sermons.  So he is giving the sheep a little bit of a heads up in saying, here’s what’s coming.  Here’s the trend.  Be listening for this.  I think you’re going to start hearing this more and more the next few months and here’s why it’s not biblical.  Would you do that this year in 2011, this next year, as we enter 2011 in a few days?  I would encourage more of you to do that.


Let’s not just complain about what we wish our pastors were saying, let’s encourage and help equip our pastors with some of the cutting edge research they need, and some of them would be happy to receive.  I know my pastor has said, hey, if there’s every anything you think I need to see, make sure I see it.  And have I heard on numerous occasion some of the things I’ve given him be worked into his sermon?  Absolutely.  If you have a humble godly pastor like that, be a blessing to him this year, in 2011.  Don’t completely overwhelm him.  Be choosy with what you give him.  Give it to him in small increments.  Don’t give him, you know, a white paper that’s 50 pages and say, here, pastor, you need to read this.  Maybe give him the cliff note version.  That may mean you cut and paste some paragraphs here and there.  You send him a video clip and you tell him exactly where to watch.  I mean, he’s not maybe going to have time to watch all nine minutes and 31 seconds of Michael Dowd but you could cue it up and say, hey, here’s where you need to watch, from a minute to 2:23 or from 8:03 to 8:38 in this clip.  You need to watch and see what this guy’s going to say.  In other words, make it so your pastor can come to understand some of these things, which many of them that I know want to, they just need a little help.


Do you know, by the way, some of the major, major pastors in America, I won’t name names, I know one of them, if I said his name, all of you would know who he is.  And there’s nothing wrong with it.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this.  But I know one nationally known pastor has seven researchers, seven.  Between his church and then his radio ministry, you know, how these pastors take their sermons and they preach at their churches on Sunday and then they have usually a separate ministry that’s independent of the church that they’re the pastor of.  Well, between his church and his broadcast ministry, he has seven researchers, I’m told.  This is what he told a friend of mine when we were together.  Nothing wrong with that.  I am simply saying, how many research assistants does your pastor have?  Probably zero.  How many does mine have?  Zero -- well, me, and he says that sometimes.  Oh, yeah, I have one -- you.  Go find me something on this.


So become known as your pastor’s research assistant.  Make a joke of it in a sense that, hey, here’s your research assistant with some more research pastor.  And pretty soon, he’ll be referring to you that way.  Oh, here comes my research assistant.  Here comes my research.  What’d you find?  And again, the key is not to overwhelm your pastor and don’t be offended if he doesn’t use everything you give him.  Give him the information and you will find that he’ll probably tuck it away in a file and you may find he uses it in a week, two weeks, two months, six months.  All of the sudden a sermon comes up.  He’s looking for research or you may even get an email and say, hey, look, I’m looking for something on this, what do you got?


The point I’m trying to make is, we, as listeners of this broadcast, have a role to play in what’s happening and we have a role to play in wanting the church to respond correctly and be ahead of the trend.  But it’s not right for us to sit and just complain about what we wish would come from the pulpit.  Maybe we should help the pastor by using our spiritual gifts to be that body that is together working for the edification, equipping of the saints.  That’s what I want you to do in 2011 and if you go to a church where you have a pastor that’s completely uninterested in that kind of help, then you might want to consider finding another church.  But believe me, I hear from pastors on a regular basis who say things like, I would like to have someone in my church that would help me do that.  It would be great if some folks would step up to the plate and say, pastor, we’re going to kind of have a little ministry.  Maybe there’s two or three of you in your church.  You know how we use to have Salt and Light Committees?  Well, maybe you want to have a little informal group of people, two or three of you in your church, that really like to research that are helping prepare small briefing papers for your pastor.  Maybe the entire church staff, but that’s what we should be thinking about in 2011 because this is becoming extremely overwhelming even for full-time researchers, much less a guy who’s a full-time pastor.


Now with that being said, let’s listen to this first clip of Reverend Michael Dowd speaking on spiritual evolution.  Listen to the words he’s going to use, folks, because he’s going to refer to God or maybe for you it’s Goddess.


[Begin sound bite]

So we see this at all nested levels creativity exists and what we now know, and I say know rather than believe, is that ultimate creativity God, the Goddess, whatever your name for ultimate creativity, didn’t really make everything at the beginning of time like a potter makes a pot or a carpenter makes a table.  The divine creativity, God’s creativity, exist throughout the entire universe in a nested sense and from this vantage point, God is not a supreme landlord who’s residing off the planet and outside the universe.  A supreme engineer who, you know, who made this clockwork universe.  God is nothing less than a sacred proper name for that ultimate creative reality, the largest creative reality, that includes it all yet transcends it all.

[End sound bite]




[Begin sound bite]

This is God beyond belief or disbelief, this is a God that is undeniably weird in every drop of experience.  You may or may not to choose to call ultimate reality God but that reality is itself, undeniable.  In fact, the Stoic Greeks, you know what the Stoic Greeks called ultimate ________ –

[End sound bite]


Stoics were new agers, folks.


[Begin sound bite]

– the largest nesting ______ and the largest nesting reality?  Cosmos.  A proper name.  An I though relationship.  Cosmos.  Not the cosmos, little c like, you know, the pulpit.  No, then it would be an object.  No, Cosmos.  It was a living being they were a part of.  See we are a subset of the whole.  We can’t get outside the whole to examine it.  So I have to use some analogies and metaphors to describe the nature of ultimacy.  What this means of course is there’s no one right way to talk about ultimate reality.  Which I realize is probably preaching to the choir here but this may be news to many of your neighbors.

 [End sound bite]


So there’s no ultimate right way to talk about reality.  Do you remember the Stoics?  The Stoics -- Cosmos.  Folks, the Stoics were who Paul was talking to in -- what is it, Acts?  Act 17, I believe.  He’s preaching on mars hill to the Stoics.  The new agers of his day.  And did he go on to talk about God -- or Goddess, whichever you prefer -- that you’re part of it.  You’re part of the whole.  Panentheism.  Your God, I’m God.  We just have to realize our Christ consciousness.  There’s a little bit of God’s light in all of you.  Or did he go on to say there’s the natural world, there’s the spiritual world, and he started out in the natural, he swung into the spiritual and then he began to teach about man’s sinfulness, their depravity, and the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ?  This false teacher, and that’s what I believe he is, this false teacher is citing the Stoics as a positive.  Well, there you go, the Stoics were the new agers.  Clearly they were lost.  They were unsaved.  Paul was trying to teach them biblical truth so they might understand their sinfulness and their need to repent and place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  But here’s this guy preaching -- Reverend Michael Dowd -- and quoting the Stoics as if it’s a positive thing.


Now, when we come back.  We’re going to hear another clip by him and then we’ll open up the phone lines.  But, folks, this is it.  This is what we’ve been telling you is coming and is happening faster than we even believed.  Spiritual evolution.  Ties right in, folks, with occultism, Darwinian evolution, Hindu panentheism, one world spirituality, a one world religion.




Welcome back to the program.  Glad you’re with us.  Brannon Howse here.  We’ll give the phone number for you to get on board to comment or a question, 1-800-347-9829’s the number.


Are you hearing about spiritual evolution?  Are you seeing this trend?  Are you hearing about it as well?  Are you shocked by it?  1-800-347-9829, 1-800-347-9829.


Notice what Reverend Michael  Dowd is saying is that things did not come into being like a potter creates a pot or a carpenter creates a table.  They evolved.  And it’s still happening and you can be a part of it.  You can be a co-creator and if you understand this spiritual evolution and we will evolve, meaning -- you say, how do I evolve?  Aren’t I -- if you believe in evolution, wouldn’t you be done evolving?  No, they’re talking about spiritual evolution.  So we need to be spiritually evolving or spiritually growing to understand our Christ consciousness.  And he actually says that the universe is us.  We’re part of the universe.  We’re part of the whole.  Panentheism, we’re in the whole.  It’s also monism; all is one.  The universe is becoming conscious of itself.  That’s what he says.  And so you’re spiritually evolving and as people spiritually evolve, understand their Christ consciousness, guess what happens?  We have a harmonic convergence.  You say a what?  A harmonic convergence is the idea that enough us of throughout the globe understand our Christ consciousness and then through the power of our minds united, we bring about world peace.


Now, let me tell you something, folks, this is where the Christians who hold to essential Christian doctrine and reject this pagan spirituality will be considered anti-peace, against peace.  We will become the enemy because we stand and are intolerant and are bigoted, narrow-minded, according to them, as we teach and proclaim the exclusivity of Jesus Christ and that all roads do not lead to God.  There is only one way that leads to God.  Through His son, Jesus Christ, faith and repentance.  And we will be seen as being hateful, intolerant, bigoted, and an obstacle to world peace.  This is what’s going to happen folks and it’s going to happen quicker than you or I think it’s going to because I’m noticing things are speeding up rapidly, and things are moving faster than I ever thought they would.


Now, listen to this, as you’re getting on board, 1-800-347-9829.  We’ll go to Mark in Ohio in a minute.  1-800-347-9829’s the number.  Listen to this last little sound bite from Reverend Michael Dowd who is bringing together a group of 38 religious and scientific luminaries representing Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, Progressives, as they talk about how science can deepen faith, not threaten it, and the historical dialogue is being title, The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity, subtitled, Conversations at the Leading Edge of Faith.  Listen to this last clip before we go to the phones.  Again, the number is 1-800-347-9829, 1-800-347-9829.  Listen to this last clip.


[Begin sound bite]

And then finally, it restores realistic hope.  Not other worldly hope.  Not Jesus; the Cosmic janitors going to come and clean up the mess we’ve made.  But real hope, real believable spiritual practical material hope.  So that we can work together across our differences.  One of the things I love about the diversity here is that we have virtually every kind of worldview represented and yet we can stand shoulder to shoulder and co-create a just, healthy, sustainably, life giving future.  And that, for me, is the richest aspect is that we have realistic hope.  A sacred and _____ of evolution builds bridges, provides guidance, and gives us realistic hope so we can wake up each morning and not just grow spiritually, as important as that is, our grow personally.  But in our growing personally, in our growing spiritually, in our growing in integrity as individuals and couples and families and so on, we also become a blessing to our neighborhood, to our community, to our city, to our country, to our world.  And as we grow together in integrity, we truly participate in what God has been doing for billions of years and that, that is holy work.  Yeah.

 [End sound bite]


All right, well there you go, folks.  So we can unite all religions together and stand side by side and it doesn’t matter because there is not one reality.  That’s what he said.  You heard it in the first clip I played.  But as we do this together, we create a better society.  We restore the society.  We restore justice and so now you will see -- okay, ready?  Because we’re going to go to the phone lines in a minute but listen to what I’m telling you hear.  As you see this vehicle of religion being used to usher in, not only a one world religion, but to get people of “faith” or people who are spiritual and now most millennials, 72 percent, 18 to 29, call themselves spiritual, people of faith, people who call themselves spiritual will unite not only behind this one world religion which is a self-centered, pagan, I am God religion, which fits this Me Generation, this selfish generation, a sinful -- what, it’s every generation since the fall but it will just fit perfectly with a generation that is all about me.  But it will not only be the catalyst for a one world religion, but then these folks will believe that this is the way that we must then deal with injustice which is some who have and others who have not.  The haves verses the have nots, Saul Alinsky.  So therefore we need to redistribute the wealth and socialism will be seen as a religious doctrine and it won’t be straight socialism.  I believe it will be a mixture of socialism with capitalism for what we call, communitarianism, or the third way.  As we take seriously the community, communitarianism.  And we keep enough capitalism to allow businesses to operate.  Of course, the idealist need to keep enough capitalism around for them to enrich themselves and try to keep the middle class a float which they milk and keep the cream and then give the rest to the 48 percent who are on some type of entitlement program who keep them elected.  But this new religion will be the vehicle for a one world economy and eventually because we are all following and worshiping towards the same end of spiritual evolution, we no longer need boundaries.  You no longer need national sovereignty because we are one with each other and there is no threat of war because we have come together in a new spiritual understand.


Now, this is where it’s all going and the Bible says that all will worship the beast.  All whose name has not been written in The Book.  All whose name has not been written in The Book of Life.  They will worship the beast.  A one world religion.  And no one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark, a one world economy.  So this is clearly in the scriptures, folks, and I don’t know how I can make it more clear to show you that who is going to be set up as the troublemakers will be the “fundamentalist”, those who are holding to the fundamentals of the Christian faith and are therefore really contrary to political correctness, post modernism, because, you see, we don’t buy into what Reverend Michael Dowd’s saying which is there really is no ultimate reality.  No, we’re saying there is an ultimate reality and that is unless you bow the knee and confess that Jesus is Lord and enter into a relationship with him through faith and repentance, acknowledging your complete depravity and sinfulness and the work that He did on the Cross through the shedding of his blood, you, my friend, the reality is you’re going to hell.  That is not going to fly in this new age of religion.


Let’s go to the phone lines.  Let’s go to Mark in Ohio.  Mark, thank you for patiently holding.  Welcome to the program.


[Caller speaks]


Well, it’s something to the effect -- yeah, you’re close.  It was something to the effect that we can’t get outside of it so we -- I’d have to go back and listen but you’re in the ballpark.


[Caller speaks]


I used that word that that’s where we’re going, this communitarianism.


[Caller speaks]


I would agree that what was going on in Acts was a voluntary system of communal living and if people want to do that, you know, there’s nothing wrong with it or unbiblical.  I don’t think it makes the most productive society.  The pilgrims tried it.  It didn’t work so well.  The difference between Acts and today is it is government doing it, government forcing us to do this, and then, of course, that becomes a violation of thou shall not steal, thou shall not covet.  But what I think I hear you saying is that this guy takes Christian concepts but he moves them outside of theology and doctrine as believers and then is trying to apply them to a sinful world which he denies the sinfulness of man, and therefore, it’s not going to work.


[Caller speaks]


You’re right about that.


[Caller speaks]


I agree with that.


[Caller speaks]


Well, of course -- by the way, thanks for your call, Mark.  I believe -- and again, I don’t want to get into a huge discussion on eschatology -- I personally believe that Christians will not be here at the time the mark is being given out.  Now, those who do believe that Christians will be here when the mark is being given out, they believe they will have to reject that mark because the scripture clearly states that if you take the mark, you’re in big, big trouble for eternally, and that is where people who believe that we’re here during the time the mark is given out, Christians will be slaughtered in huge, huge numbers for not worshiping the beast.  But what I agree with in your conversation is, they’re taking the Christian terms and the Christian ideas, they’ve perverted them and brought them into their pagan spirituality.  Where’s the separation of church and state?




Welcome back to the program.  Glad you’re with us.


Before we went into the break there, I said what about the separate of church and state?  Because you see, that’s been the battle cry since 1962, 1963, no prayer, no Bible reading.  1980, no Ten Commandments.  The Supreme Court makes a ruling, defines church to meaning any religious activity in public.  Now all of the sudden that they’ve ushered Christianity out the back door and secular humanism, cosmic humanism through the front door, you can choose whichever one you want to be, secular or cosmic, but the worldview that’s the predominant one today really is new age, pagan spirituality, cosmic humanism.  You don’t hear a lot of talk about the separation of church of state by these folks, do you?  Where’s the ACLU and these guys screaming and hollering as we see more and more leaders embracing spirituality as the key to fixing the world’s problems?  That will be something you also see.  Religion, faith, spirituality becoming a key ingredient to solving the world’s problems but there will be no cry for separation of church and state.   But it will become a state religion and you will bow to the image, the idol, or you will be persecuted.  That’s what I believe is coming.  No really different than what happened with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.  You will bow to the graven image or the state will punish you.  They will may prosecute you for saying what we say on the air here, what we say at our conferences, what we put in our DVDs, what we put in our books.  So Christians who don’t follow the state religion, the worldview -- and a religion is simply a system, set, or collection of beliefs -- so, yes, the state can promote a religion by promoting and saying you must belief this, or at least you must not say these things.  Therefore, you must deny your religious convictions or what?  We’ll prosecute you.


It’s like the article that I’ll get to tomorrow.  An officer who won’t sign an order for troop indoctrination.  He’s asking to be relieved of command over the repeal of the homosexual’s band in the military.  He’s saying, I can’t do this.  I will not sign my name to this.  I will not be a part of indoctrinating my troops into homosexuality which is a violation of my religious biblical beliefs and convictions.  I won’t do it.  Now, what is going to happen to guys like this?  Increasingly, they are going to be persecuted.  He may not be thrown in prison but he may very well be thrown out of the military, or at least, I think he’s part of the National Guard, and he’s wanting to stay in.  He’s been in quite some time and he wants to stay in until he can reach his point of retirement at 20 years and zero days to be eligible for his retirement.  But he may find himself losing that because he’s going to stand up for biblical truth.  This is what I’m talking about, folks.  As we assert a biblical view in all areas of life, look out for those who are believing in absolute truth.  But where, again, is those claiming a violation of separation of church and state by forcing a religious system on to all people or being punished if you don’t accept?   That’s what’s coming.


Let’s go to Bob in Wisconsin.  Bob, welcome to the program.  Thanks for calling in.


[Caller speaks]


Okay, let me ask you this, Bob, before -- because I don’t want to get into a book review.  But let me ask you this, Bob, what evidence do you have for Darwinian evolution?  Can you point me to any transitional fossils that reveal one species changing into another, macroevolution?


[Caller speaks]


Wait, wait, wait.  Did you just say there are multitude of transition fossils?


[Caller speaks]


Really?  Oh, wait, wait, Bob.  Did you know that most of those guys have turned out to be monkeys, to be gorillas?  There’s a ton of them that have turned out to be absolutely fraudulent.  I have them in my book, Put Your Beliefs to the Test.  A lot of them have turned out to be absolutely fraudulent but you never hear the news media come back and say, oops, that wasn’t actually a man.  There isn’t one transitional fossil.  Dr. Colin Patterson is head of the British Museum, has about a million fossils in his museum.  He has written in one of his books, there is not one transitional fossil.  Someone asked him, why didn’t you include a picture in your book of a transitional fossil?  He said, because we don’t’ have one.  He was asked, well, why don’t you have an artist sketch what it might look like?  He said, because that would not be honest.  We don’t know what one would look like.  See, Bob, this is the myth.  The people have bought that, oh, there are tons of transitional fossils.  Well, if you have one, you better put it up on eBay or go to the British Museum or the Museum in D.C. because you become an instant multi-millionaire because they will gladly buy whatever transitional fossil you have if they can validate it to be real because they are in dire need of one because even their leading scientists, Colin Patterson, and many other evolutionist have admitted, there is no such thing.  Darwin said we should find millions and millions of them.  They haven’t found one transitional fossil.  Go back and look at what these different men that evolved were supposed to be.  You will find out they have all been discredited as being actually monkeys or apes.  But again, the media doesn’t go back and report that.  The most they have is for the evidence of evolution, they now point to microevolution.  Finches, different colors.  Dogs, different types.  Macroevolution is not microevolution.  And, Bob, I pray that you will really see the truth because what you’re following here is clearly not only Darwinian evolution, but it’s clear you’re reading books that are promoting that Jesus was really just a spiritual avatar.  You’re following a new age pagan spirituality, Bob, but I’m glad you called in because I don’t want just people who call in to agree  with me.  But I do appreciate you calling in, Bob, but I am concerned for your eternal soul and I hope you will really study the scriptures and I ask you to start with reading the book of John and study the veracity and authenticity of the Bible.  Study the messianic prophecies that Jesus fulfilled, all 109 messianic prophecies.  There’s overwhelming evidence this is a supernatural book written by a supernatural God.  But, Bob, right now, if you continue, I believe following what you’re following, your eternity, your soul is at risk.


Let’s go to Terry real quickly.  Terry, welcome to the program.  Thank you for calling in.


[Caller speaks]


Thank you, Terry.  I’m not going to bow down and accept a worldview even if it means, you know, you get this or you get that.  My concern is, as I’ve been predicting in my book in ’95 on education, kids will be told, you accept this worldview or no college degree, no high school diploma.


[End of Audio]

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