Both Secular Humanism and Marxism are Religious worldviews

By Brannon S. Howse

While theirs is not the God Christians worship, both Marxists and Secular Humanists have created their own substitutes. Liberals in our culture generally adopt some version of one or the other.

Since liberals believe abortion and same-sex marriage are morally acceptable, that all religions are equal, all truth is relative, and that the Bible is not the inspired Word of God, they are responding to something other than the God presented in the Christian Scriptures. They’ve imagined a way of being that serves humanist desires and purposes of all kinds. Their god is really nothing more than a worldview in which man is the center and measure of all things. 

The battle that rages in America today between radical liberals and traditional conservatives is a battle between two opposing religious worldviews—Secular Humanism and its Marxist progeny, and Christian theism. Sadly, most Americans believe only what they’ve been programmed to think—that humanism is a “neutral” position and belief in God is somehow a skewed perspective. This nonreligious mask of humanism is why it is the only religion funded and promoted in America’s public schools. Teaching “non-God” is OK; teaching “God” is not.

Humanist organizations like the ACLU and other liberal groups and individuals file lawsuit upon lawsuit to keep students from praying over their lunches, mentioning God or Jesus Christ in their graduation speeches, singing Christmas carols, having Christmas parties, or observing Thanksgiving as an occasion to show gratitude to a Deity. While liberals fight to remove the religion of Christianity from our schools, colleges, courtrooms, city halls, city seals, or from the city square, their “dirty little secret” is that they don’t want a religion-free zone. They simply want to replace the Judeo-Christian faith and acknowledgement of God’s place in our history with their religion of Secular Humanism.

If Americans in large enough numbers would recognize that humanism is a religion, religious liberals would not be allowed to usher Christianity out the back door of our schools while the religion of humanism is ushered in the front. To make sure you understand how “religious” humanism actually is, take note of several telling facts.

In their 2003 New York Times bestseller Mind Siege, Dr. David Noebel explains: 


[quote] The truth is, humanism is unmistakably and demonstrably a religion. One need merely visit the second edition of A World Religions Reader to note the prominence given to Secular Humanism as one of the world’s religions. Indeed, in a list of the world’s religions—Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism—Secular Humanism is at the top. [end quote]


Some argue that humanism, unlike Christianity, does not force a specific set of religious positions and beliefs on people, but Dr. Noebel points out: 


[quote] Humanists preach a faith every bit as dogmatic as Christianity. Moral relativism is foundational for Secular Humanist ethics; spontaneous generation and evolution are basic to their biology; naturalism is foundational to their philosophy; and atheism is their theological perspective. [end quote] 


No less a source than the U.S. Supreme Court also validates the claim that humanism is a religion. Again, Dr. Noebel explains:


[quote] In 1961, the Supreme Court handed down the Torcaso v. Watkins decision regarding a Maryland notary public who was initially disqualified from office because he would not declare a belief in God. But the Court ruled in his favor. It argued that theistic religions [religions that believe in one God] could not be favored by the Court over non-theistic religions. In a footnote it clarified what it meant by non-theistic religions. [end quote] 


The footnote to which Dr. Noebel refers was written by Justice Hugo L. Black and elaborates the point: “Among religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism, and others.” 

So the next time you hear of ACLU president Barry Lynn and other high priests of humanism attacking a cross on a city seal, the singing of a Christmas carol in a school program, or a prayer spoken at a graduation ceremony, be prepared to speak out against their true goal. They’re in an all-out campaign to eradicate Christianity in favor of the religion of humanism. 


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