The Acceptance of Homosexuality: Similarity Number Eighteen Between the False Church of Nazi Germany and Today’s Growing False Global Church

By Brannon S. Howse

While I am not aware of evidence that the false church in Germany knew of or approved the rampant homosexuality within Hitler’s Nazi regime, there is no indication that German “Christian” leaders were particularly concerned when “two years after Hitler’s victory, the term ‘unnatural’ was purged from the definition of homosexuality in the German Criminal Code.” 

The homosexuality within Hitler’s regime is well documented. Eric Metaxas, biographer of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, notes: 

[quote] It must be said that the Nazi leaders, including Hitler, had no moral difficulties with homosexuality. Many of the early figures in the Nazi movement were homosexuals, Ernst Rohm and his strutting cronies chief among them. Hitler has plausibly been connected to such activity. [end quote] 


Erwin Lutzer offers a similar history:

[quote] Hitler’s initial Brownshirts began as an exclusive homosexual and bisexual organization. Hitler’s personal secretary, Rudolf Hess, was a bisexual known in homosexual circles as “Fraulein Anna.” Homosexuality was rampant in Hitler’s inner circle as well as in the SS, as boys were rounded up from the Hitler Youth to participate in sexual orgies. Of course, Hitler railed against homosexuals, just as he did against occultists, though he himself was a dedicated Satanist. [end quote] 


And Kate Connolly reports that:

[quote] The respected German historian Lothar Machtan…claims in his book that Hitler ordered the deaths of several high-ranking Nazis to prevent the secret of his homosexuality from surfacing.…He refers to scores of historical documents to support his thesis. [end quote] [source: Kate Connolly, “Hitler Was Gay—and Killed to Hide It, Book Says,” Berlin, Sunday, 7 October 2001, posted at:]


Just as a German false church was manipulated by homosexuals, this is occurring now on a global scale as homosexuality is seen as acceptable to many young “evangelicals.” In a Newsweek article entitled “Evangelical Colleges Tackle Divorce, Homosexuality,” Lisa Miller reports that many self-described, young evangelicals have no problem with homosexuality: 


[quote] Young evangelicals are far more accepting of gay and lesbian lifestyles than their parents are: 34 percent of evangelicals between 18 and 29 think homosexuality “should be accepted,” compared with 24 percent of those from 50 to 64, according to the Pew Forum. [end quote] 


In an article entitled “Evangelicals and the New Wave of Gay Acceptance,” the liberal Huffington Post celebrates the ever-growing number of neo-evangelicals who embrace homosexuality:


[quote] Brian McLaren, bestselling author and founder of the emerging church movement, moved toward affirmation of gays and lesbians in his 2010 book A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith. He condemns Christians’ obsession with sexuality and urges them to construct “a more honest and robust Christian anthropology.” Christian music icons Jennifer Knapp and Ray Boltz came out of the closet this past year and asked their fans to reconsider their views. 

Robert Jones, president of Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), says the data he’s collected bears this shift out. For example, PRRI’s research found that a majority of young evangelicals (ages 18 to 34) now support recognition for some sort of same-sex union. While PRRI’s president Robert Jones is hesitant to predict the future, he notes that the trends among evangelicals on same-sex issues all point in one direction and the group can expect “sea change within a generation.” [end quote] [source:  Jonathan Merritt, “Evangelicals and the New Wave of Gay Acceptance,” June 25, 2011, posted at:]


The New York Times similarly reported:

[quote] There are other signs of attitude changes among younger evangelicals. Recent surveys conducted by the Barna Group show that younger “born again” Christians are more accepting of homosexuality than older ones and are less resistant to affording gays equal rights. [end quote] [source: Michael Luo and Laurie Goodstein, “Emphasis Shifts for New Breed of Evangelicals,” May 21, 2007, posted at:]


These so-called “born again” Christians are actually false converts.

In January 2015, the “pastor” (I think hireling is more accurate) of Grace Point in Nashville, Tennessee announced a reversal of his church’s policy on homosexuals. One article described the announcement this way: “[O]n Jan. 11, after more than two years of deliberation, Mitchell announced that Grace Pointe would allow LGBT people to take leadership roles, have baby dedications, and, yes, get married.” [source:  How a Bible-Belt Evangelical Church Embraced Gay Rights by Nicole Pasulka, January 30, 2015, source:]

You can bet that after the U.S. Supreme Court decision in June of 2015 that legalized same-sex marriage in all fifty states that hate-crime laws will follow. Many “churches” will embrace same-sex marriage out of fear of prosecution, fines, or loss of tax exempts status. They will embrace it because doing so is “good business” that reflects a big tent mentality intended to keep and bring in more donors, now demographics favor the acceptance of homosexuality. 

In addition to “evangelicals” embracing homosexuality, the Church of Rome is also publicly opening its arms to homosexuality (although I think it has accepted it behind the scenes for many years). “Pope Signals Openness to Gay Priests,” a July 20, 2013, article in the Wall Street Journal, stated:

[quote] When Pope Francis said he wouldn't judge gay priests, he opened the door to a new era of reconciliation within the Roman Catholic Church, which has struggled for decades to confront the presence of homosexuality in its ministry. [end quote]


Pope Francis went where no Pope is thought to have publicly gone before when on the Pope Plane in July of 2013 he said:


[quote] If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge? The catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well. It says they should not be marginalised because of this [orientation] but that they must be integrated into society. [end quote] 


While the public face of the Church of Rome may be changing on the issue of same-sex marriage and homosexuality, a Frontline special on PBS reports of a “gay mafia” that has been operating in the Church of Rome for some time. Yahoo news reported on the PBS Frontline documentary, “Secrets of the Vatican,” this way:


[quote] [R]eports emerged from Rome of a “gay mafia” inside the church that included some of its top officials, who were unafraid to wield political power and at the same time live an openly promiscuous gay lifestyle. [end quote]

The article quotes Antony Thomas, the producer, writer and director of the documentary as saying:


[quote] “There was a lot that came to light, including a man who was, as it were, providing choirboys as rent boys,” Thomas said. “What we have tried hard to do in the film is not be simplistic about this. There are a lot of people in the Vatican who are gay who are leading celibate lives, and this is difficult for them. And there are others who are promiscuous.” [end quote] 


To show you how deeply this homosexual culture seems to have infected the Church of Rome: the New York Daily News reported in 2013:


[quote] Church leaders gathering for Tuesday’s papal conclave picked up the paper to learn the Holy See is the majority owner of an apartment block that houses Italy’s largest gay bathhouse. Even more shocking, Ivan Cardinal Dias lives in a swank 12-room apartment one floor above Europa Multiclub, and mere yards from the phallic shrubbery at the entrance of the gay Xanadu, La Repubblica reported. [end quote] 

Theological failure and moral failure are closely tied. Thus it comes as no surprise that a former Jesuit priest and homosexual wrote an article for the The Daily Beast in 2015 that calls the Jesuit order the most gay order in the Church of Rome: 

  • [B]efore I knew it I was, at 27, on my way to St. Louis for further training. In St. Louis I learned firsthand about the secret, scandalous world of gay Jesuits. 


  • About the secret world of gay Jesuits: I could go on and on about gay Jesuits…


  • At every new stage of formation, I met more and more gay Jesuits who were happier sipping scotch, ordering cigars, opera tickets, and shoes, publishing books or holding secret masses with LGBTQ sympathizers…


  • As I discerned entry into the Jesuits, many close friends debated me about homosexuality and Catholicism, essentially questioning my calling. My friend Katie asked me how I could dedicate my life to an institution that labeled me as intrinsically disordered, one who saw gay sexual acts are evil.


  • But I saw homosexuality and Catholicism in the most holistic way, and I put my needs for self-preservation last because I wanted to make a difference in the life of LGBTQ youth. I thought I could change things from the inside, but to do this right I had to enter the Church’s most gay friendly order, an order with political and social connections that rivaled the Beltway. [source:  Confessions of a Gay Jesuit: How I Was Forced To Leave My Church—And Calling, by Benjamin Brenkert, February 25, 2015, The Daily Beast, Source:]


Then there is the LDS or Mormon Church that sees a growing acceptance of homosexuality. In the January 31, 2015, Los Angeles Times featured an article entitled, “An Embrace that Swayed the Mormon Church on Gay Rights.” The article reveals that talks between LDS church officials and the “LGBT community” have been in the works since 2009:


[quote] The 2009 incident opened the door to an unlikely series of back-channel talks between mid-level church officials and members of the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community. Meeting in private homes and other venues, they spent much of the next five years exchanging views, discussing policy changes, even socializing. They shared jokes, music and sometimes tears. [end quote]

The article goes on to detail how a group of homosexual activists were eventually given the VIP treatment by the LDS church:

[quote] That Christmas season, the LGBT activists who had come to be known as “the Gang of Five” and their same-sex partners were invited to sit in the VIP section at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert, the hottest ticket in town. [end quote]


I guess the “dialogue” is working in the favor of the pro-homosexual group. On March 17, 2015, Religion News Service reported: 


[quote] An LDS apostle reaffirmed recently that Mormons who support gay marriage are not in danger of losing their temple privileges or church memberships—even though the Utah-based faith opposes the practice. [end quote]


I believe the false global church will embrace homosexuality and even use the issue to silence and persecute true Christians.



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