New Case Headed to Supreme Court Conference Concerning Security Breach Regarding The Vote of Americas

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Brannon Howse: Good evening and welcome to the broadcast. Here we are, 735 Central Time on Wednesday night, May 24th, 2023. Glad you guys are with us. I'm going to be joined tonight by Loy Brunson. Many of you remember the case he and his brother sent to the US Supreme Court. They've got another one they're working on. We're going to hear about that tonight. Daniel Greenfield, the great investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield joins us. We've got a lot to talk about with Daniel. I like the ACLU, suing Florida on behalf of China. Now, that would not be a shock to any of you that have read my book, Grave Influence, because the ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union, was founded by Roger Baldwin, an avowed communist. So why would it be shocked? Why would we be shocked if an organization was founded by an avowed communist who said he traveled to Communist Front to get where he is? I mean, he just flat-out said it's in the book. And I wrote Grave Influence. Why would we be shocked at an organization founded by an avowed communist would be defending the communist Chinese? Huh? We'll also talk about Black Lives Matter Mansion fund is almost depleted. What happened to all that money? Where did all that money go? Oh, there are a few other things we're going to talk with him about, and then we're going to be joined by. Joined by Jo Hoff. Let's talk about it. Ron DeSantis, who announced he's running for president this afternoon, didn't go so well. It crashed about five times on Twitter Spaces, I'm told.

Brannon Howse: I heard bits and pieces and coming out of the control room, but I guess it crashed 5 or 6 times. His announcement for president with Elon Musk. We'll talk about that. And then did you know that there's an old film, an old cartoon that was produced in 1948, 1948? An old cartoon. Almost has the feel of a Disney cartoon from back in that era. I think the guy that was behind it used to work for Disney at one point but left, and it is about a nine-minute and 25-second cartoon. We're going to pop some popcorn and get the kids in front of the TV. We're going to watch a cartoon tonight, folks, right here on Brannon House live. Probably something you never thought you'd hear me say, but it's a historic anti-communist. Cartoon. And guess what? It's like they were predicting the future. Like they were predicting the future in this nine-minute 25-second cartoon warning about the dangers of communism. Warning about the dangers of isms. The various isms. I've given several speeches on the dangerous isms of the day. You know, moral relativism, communitarianism, secular humanism, Cosmic humanism. Communism. Marxism. Mhm. There's a lot of globalism, there's a lot of isms to be worried about today. And this film was a warning about the isms and what the state could do to farmers and private property and so much more. Again. It's almost like they were predicting the future. So we'll discuss that.

Brannon Howse: We'll tackle that tonight. All right. Are we ready with LOI? Mr. Brunson? He didn't answer. Well, why don't you guys come to get my phone and come communicate with him? Because I can't. He says he's going to reboot his phone and see if that works. Why don't you come to take my phone? You guys communicate with him about that. While we're doing that, let me just. While we're getting him on board. Let me show you something here, folks. Let me show you how it is we come to you. One of the ways we come to you is through this right here. If you want to show this website right here, guys, this is one way you can support us. Okay? W v w I mentioned it at the end of my news show tonight. I'm going to mention it again. I probably don't mention it often enough. A lot of you say I'd like to just support what you're doing. Brandon, How can I do that? Okay. Contribute to any size. There are three ways you can do it. Credit card, PayPal or mail, or phone. Okay, so WVW Foundation. My foundation exists for many reasons. One is to proclaim the truth of a Christian worldview, a Judeo-Christian worldview to push out free programming like free radio shows, and TV shows. This show is not behind a paywall to watch. You're all watching it right now for free. You'll be able to go to later tonight or certainly by tomorrow morning. Watch it all for free.

Brannon Howse: Many people put all their programs behind a paywall and if you don't pay, you don't see. Think of us as the conservative alternative to NPR, National Public Radio, or National Public Television right there. Donor supported. Right. Think of us as the conservative Christian worldview alternative to that. So, yes, vital that we have your support. When you go to my channel. You go to my channel,, which I'm going to do real quick. I'm going to run over there, guys. if you run over there. What you're going to find is a lot of what we did last night and the night after that and the night after that. And when you click any of these shows and watch them, they're free for you to watch. But they're not free for me to put them out. My bandwidth Bill is now about $12,000 a month in storage and bandwidth bill and compression, compressing these files to put them out. And you just keep going and it's all archived plus all the other shows that I host. And I've been running this network here for many, many, many years. WWE TV. But there it all is. Okay. You just keep clicking to load more shows and more free shows, but every time you watch one, it's free for you. It's not free for us. Well, 12 grand for me to have this page. If you go up to the top of the page and you click radio right there, it's going to bring up all of my radio shows and I'm on about 63 terrestrial stations every day.

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Loy Brunson: Great to be here. Thanks for inviting me back. Absolutely.

Brannon Howse: All right. You and your brothers, the Brunson brothers you guys were known for trumpet players going on Johnny Carson, all kinds of shows. The guys were talking about you tonight in the control room. What a talented family you guys are. Those are fun to go back and watch. What are you what are what are the brothers up to now? You got something new, right?

Loy Brunson: Yeah, we certainly do. We have a Rule 11 petition for writ of certiorari docketed at the Supreme Court. And today the United States solicitor general filed a waiver. So now the Supreme Court will set a conference date. This is a whole new case. This is a brand-new case. And it's been we've been working on this. This is the main case that got stuck in federal court and then it got unstuck. So here we are. I can give you some of the background of that if you'd like.

Brannon Howse: Yeah, absolutely. Please.

Loy Brunson: Okay, well, let's see. March 31st, 2021, the Federal Court of Utah ordered the U.S. Marshal Service in Washington, DC to start serving my summons and complaint. About 84 were served on March 31st, according to the docket that included Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and about 80 others. Whoa, wait a minute.

Brannon Howse: Are you telling me you had federal marshals serve? What were they, subpoenas? What were they?

Loy Brunson: A summons and complaint. They were serving a lawsuit against the defendants. Okay.

Brannon Howse: And that included Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

Loy Brunson: And Maxine Waters and about 80 others. They had 388 summonses and complaints to serve. The reason the US Marshals Service was doing it is because Congress had locked themselves down so we couldn't hire a process server. We couldn't have a deputy sheriff go in and do it. So the only people that were allowed to do that were the US Marshals. So the Federal Court ordered them to do it at no expense to us because we couldn't use our server, and we couldn't hire someone to do it. So they said that they would do it at no expense to us.

Brannon Howse: Wow, that was nice of them. And so what are you specifically suing them for?

Loy Brunson: Well, we're suing them because they participated in a security breach, a major security breach, and that has to do with the 2020 election. So people think that this might be about reversing the election, something like that. No, this is simply about fixing the security breach. When 380 some odd members of the House and Senate refused a ten-day investigation to simply pause and investigate, based on over a hundred members of Congress showing a mountain of evidence and showing that there needed to be a pause, at least a ten-day investigation to see what was the cause of all this, all this evidence of fraud. And the members of Congress that refused to pause for ten days are defendants and those that participated in any way without supporting that attend the investigation are named as defendants. So that includes a sitting president, Vice President Mike Pence, and 385 current or former members of the House and Senate.

Brannon Howse: Now, how is this similar or not similar to the last case history-breakinyours that went to the Supreme Court?

Loy Brunson: It's a different plaintiff. It's a very similar case, but a different plaintiff. So it's a different case. This was filed first, but it got stuck in federal court illegally by the court, I would say. And so because it was having some problems there, we decided to launch another case with a different plaintiff. So my brother Roland volunteered to be the plaintiff in that. So he had different judges. He started in state court and then it was moved to federal court. And then he was able to get permission from the Supreme Court to bypass the decision from the circuit court, which is usually mandatory. You can't take your case to the Supreme Court until you've had all the lower courts decide unless you can convince the court to let you bypass the last court, which in this case was the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals bypass based on their Rule 11, which uses the words if it is of imperative public importance, they will review it. And if they believe that it is of that nature, they will allow it to be docketed. Now, my brother Rollins was permitted because we sent it that way with rule 11 stamped on it, but they sent it back asking us to add additional information to it and to make a correction. But they permitted us to move forward with Rule 11. But while we were working on that, the 10th Circuit made a decision, so we didn't need to bypass the 10th Circuit because they had a decision. So we called them on the phone and they said, Just get it to us.

Loy Brunson: We don't need to debate that issue at all. So just get it to us now because they've made a decision. So you can just do it as a regular petition for a writ of certiorari. But in my case, the 10th Circuit had not made a decision. And so because it was pending in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals just a few weeks ago, we were able to send it to the Supreme Court with rule 11 stamped on it its docket number 22, Dash 1028. So you can search the Supreme Court and you'll see that petition. They allowed us to bypass the 10th Circuit. And this is the first Rule 11 petition for a writ of certiorari ever docketed in the Supreme Court by a pro se litigant, in other words, by someone who's representing himself. It's also the first in history since the 70s where any searchable 11 petitions for writ of certiorari were and docketed allowed to be docketed and filed in the Supreme Court of the United States. So this is history-breaking right here. And so people that got discouraged with the last one, it's like this is these are battles. The war hasn't been decided yet and we haven't given up yet. So we had over 70,000 people support the Supreme Court. They sent us copies of the letters they sent to the Supreme Court supporting the petition. And with this one, we have that momentum build-up. We're inviting people to go to Lloyd and do a letter digitally to the Supreme Court and that digital letter that they can actually sign with their mouse or that and they can also add their letter to a form letter there that goes to a fulfillment company and it's printed, folded, it's envelope and postage stamped and then mailed individually to the Supreme Court.

Loy Brunson: The Supreme Court then is obligated by law to file every single letter. So this is much more than just what the justices will do. This is an opportunity in history for people to do something that will never happen again in the history of this country where they can send a letter. And it's voting. It's a vote supporting the Constitution and the binding oath that the Constitution requires. And that's what the challenge has been with the US attorneys. They're not denying wrongdoing. They're claiming immunity. Well, Article Six of the Constitution is very clear with the words they shall be bound by oath to this constitution. Our representatives, federal, state, and local, are bound by the Constitution with the oath. And so the oath is supposed to be binding. And they over the years have given themselves immunity. They're even state statutes that exclude politicians when they take the constitutional oath. So are they protected from prosecution for perjury when they take the oath based on statutes? And that's just flat wrong. It's unconstitutional. So we're not suing about the outcome of the election. We're simply suing to remove a security breach and allow the United States of America to replace those vacancies with honorable oath-keeping candidates. Wow.

Brannon Howse: Here's the website folks. Lloyd There it is. Welcome to Lloyd Brunson's website. Your letter is mightier than the sword. It's easy to send your letter or fill out the form and we'll send one for you. Watch the video. There it is. There it is.

Loy Brunson: And that explains Rule 11 as well. So we're excited because when we sent the petition with Rule 11 stamped on it without a decision from the 10th Circuit, we thought for sure they were going to say, Hey, your brother did an identical one similarly. And you know we're not going to catch. This is a rule 11 and send it back and say battle it out in the circuit court. But that's not what happened at all. We didn't hear a word from them. We didn't hear anything happen except them Docketing on the 24th that went on the docket of April the 24th, this historic Rule 11 petition for a writ of certiorari. So we're super excited about this. And now the emphasis is on public awareness and public support. That's the only thing missing right now. With enough public awareness and public support, the justices will feel it and know it and see that we the people are standing up for the Constitution and demanding that the oath be binding and demanding that our representatives keep their oath and not violate it and not allow another security breach like what happened in 2020. Now. Now, the argument was, well, there wasn't enough of a breach or enough fraud to change the election. That's like saying the iceberg just isn't poking up enough out of the water to worry about it. What you do is you stop and you measure. You investigate to make sure that if it's not big enough to change the election, you check and find out where it came from, where the fraud happened and stop it from happening again.

Loy Brunson: Can you imagine going to the police, to the police department with 140 members of Congress saying that there have been crimes committed with a mountain of evidence and asking the police department to investigate and they refuse to investigate? And then these people, some of these people accuse those who wanted an investigation of election denying the election deniers. Well, would an investigation cure that little problem as well? So it was a huge mistake when they passed this opportunity and just hurriedly voted to certify the electoral votes without investigating. They should have paused for ten days and investigated it if it had happened something like that before where they investigated and so it wouldn't have been a completely new thing. So Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and others were pushing for a simple ten-day pause to make sure that those electoral votes were true electoral votes so that they could certify them properly and they failed to do that. So we filed lawsuits in state and federal court, several lawsuits. And here we are, the Supreme Court of the United States, the like the other one with rule 11 attached to it, asking the Supreme Court to uphold the Constitution and the oath of office and do something about this huge security breach.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Good for you guys. So let me ask you in closing, in conclusion, why do you believe the Supreme Court has been so? Accommodating to you?

Loy Brunson: Well accommodating to us. I think maybe they're sensing the urgency. I mean, they have to qualify it as a rule 11 to docket it. So we don't know who that would be. We don't know what justice and justices would be contributing to the decision to docket and filing docket it. The clerk of the court is I think his name is Scott Sessions. Harris For 11 years, he was the lead counsel for the Supreme Court. He was the attorney for the Supreme Court. He's the clerk of the court. So we don't know. We can just guess which justices are working with allowing this to happen. But what it is, the petition and the complaint are an expose of the Constitution and the oath of office. So we're thrilled that people are reading it. We're especially thrilled that justices are reviewing it. It's reminding them of their oath. The justices swore to uphold the Constitution twice. They're required to take tools, one, a constitutional oath. That's purely the Constitution. And then another one is similar, if not identical to the congressional oath that also includes the Constitution. And that's all this lawsuit and the petition is about. So we're thrilled that they're reviewing it and reading it, and we're hoping and pushing that the oath-keeping the conference date when it's set, that they'll go into conference and they'll vote to go into a hearing to settle this matter. And as it goes, that.

Brannon Howse: If they do that if they agreed to have their conference and they agree to accept the case, then the justices, the nine of them, come there to the bench and hear from you or your brother or your attorney, correct?

Loy Brunson: Well, they would hear from me because I'm technically the counsel of record. I'm the attorney representing myself and I'm the petitioner. I'm the plaintiff. And so we would go in and argue in front of the justices about the merits of this case. And it'd be so simple. It's like the position is, hey, guys, the oath of office, as you can see in Article Six that you swore to, requires a binding oath. Now look at the immunity and look at the statutes throughout the country that have just completely contradicted that powerful clause in the Constitution that has not been amended out of existence. So think it'd be a kind of a simple, simple pleading and clear pleading, and hopefully, they would take some kind of action and have a plan in my mind where it could be a pretty smooth process. And it wouldn't be. Some people think, oh, that would tip the government upside down. Well, this is we're in a national emergency. And so it's like fraud and fraud and treason and war vitiate everything. And so the justices have more power with this than they've ever had in the history of the court. And if they look at it in that light and they get enough support with letters from us the people, then they can take some action that would completely turn things around from the direction we're going now.

Brannon Howse: Fascinating. Look, check it out, folks. More at Loy, as always, thank you for being with us and for your passion, and for making time for us. Happy Memorial Day weekend coming up.

Loy Brunson: Thank you. You, too. Take care.

Brannon Howse: You, too. Thanks. Brunson Thank no, thank you. Loy Brunson checking in, folks. Check out his site

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