JFK Murder Re-Examined. Shot From Front And Back = Conspiracy! The StoneZONE w/ Roger Stone


In this episode of "StoneZone," host Roger Stone is joined by Dr. Paul K. Mauer, a renowned neurosurgeon with extensive expertise in terminal ballistics and gunshot wounds, to discuss the controversial details surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Roger Stone sets the stage by reviewing his book "The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ," where he argues that Lyndon B. Johnson orchestrated a conspiracy involving various powerful entities to eliminate JFK.

Dr. Mauer provides a detailed analysis of the medical and ballistic aspects of the assassination, focusing particularly on the nature of Kennedy's neck and head wounds. He discusses the trajectory and impact of the bullets, explaining how the evidence suggests multiple shooters and contradicts the Warren Commission's conclusion of a lone gunman. Using historical diagrams and newly examined data, Dr. Mauer elaborates on the improbability of a single bullet causing all the injuries to both Kennedy and Governor John Connally, often referred to as the "magic bullet" theory.

Throughout the episode, Stone and Mauer explore the inconsistencies in the official reports and the physical evidence, highlighting how recent findings and expert testimonies continue to challenge the narrative upheld by the Warren Commission. They also discuss the implications of these findings for understanding the broader conspiracy and the potential involvement of figures like Johnson and various intelligence and criminal organizations.

This episode of "StoneZone" provides a comprehensive and critical examination of one of America's most enduring mysteries, combining historical research with expert medical analysis to question the established accounts of the JFK assassination.

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