Former Muslim Now Pastor Says High Ranking Government Officials Want Islamic Chaos To Further Their Agenda

The Islamic terrorist that killed 49 people in Orlando, Florida has been investigated by the FBI two times. There were numerous reasons this man should have been questioned last week and monitored since ISIS had announced they were planning a terrorist attack in Florida. Are the leaders in our intelligence and national security agencies 1. Barney Fife and clueless. 2. Scared to address Muslim threats to our nation for fear of losing their job and retirement due to the political correctness that dominates government agencies. 3. There are high ranking government officials that actually want terrorist attacks to occur so they can use the chaos to implement more government tyranny and even fundamentally transform America. Which of these three is it? Today former Muslim Shahram Hadian joins us to tell us by which of these three he believes our nation and national security is being compromised. Why are all these events occurring in America and around the world how should Christians respond? Banner