Answering Biblical Objections to a Literal Six Day Creation

Answering biblical objections to a literal six day creationWhen I ask many Christians why they believe the earth is old very seldom do they start with the Bible. Instead their initial answer is based on the scientific evidence. In other words, their understanding of science has a higher authority than the Bible on this issue. However their knowledge of the scientific methods for dating rocks and fossils is not complete. They have not been taught about all the scientific evidences for a young earth. When asked to provide biblical support for an old earth, many suggestions have been given, such as:

  • The day age theory
  • 2 Peter 3:8
  • Plant death before sin
  • The gap Theory
  • Genesis 2:4 and the word day
  • Framework hypothesis (Genesis is not real history)

In this session we examine each of these challenges to a literal six day creation. Banner