What is KeyWiki?

What is KeyWiki?

For the last several months I've been working on a ground-breaking new project.Together with a growing team we've created KeyWiki - a look at the covert side of politics.At this stage KeyWiki is focusing primarily on the left in the United States.We've started profiles on over 35,000 US people and organizations from the Democratic Socialists of America to the Center for American Progress, and from President Barack Obama to street level cadre communists.We've got congressmen in there, "peace" activists, labor unionists, black radicals, "religious" socialists, "greenies", left wing academics , Obama appointees and thousands of card-carrying socialists and communists.In short, all the people who are dragging America down.Most of the profiles are "stubs", but an increasing number are comprehensive and a few run to several pages.We hope our ever-expanding KeyWiki will prove a very helpful resource for those fighting to restore the great American republic.To check us out, visit KeyWiki.orgGo to search at the top left of the page and type in the name of your favorite US leftist. Press GO. Capitalization and correct spelling are crucial. If you don't find the name you're looking for immediately, type in a surname or keyword and press SEARCH.Follow the blue links to other komrades.If you're a bit of a radical yourself, see if we have YOUR name on file. If for some bizarre reason we have not got a profile on you yet, please use the contact form to send us your details and a recent photograph.Please pass the link to your friends or post it on your blog or website.I'll be posting more on KeyWiki in the next few days.Feedback, comments and criticisms welcome.- Trevor Loudon

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