Obama's Utopian Dream Is Trump's Cold War Nightmare

While liberal mainstream media concoct fake news that President-Elect Donald Trump is Moscow’s Manchurian candidate, they ignore the latest real threat from Russia.

Russian state television “accidentally” disclosed plans for a robot submarine, armed with a massive 100 megaton warhead — the largest nuclear weapon ever deployed by any nation.

The submarine doomsday bomb would explode underwater to radioactively contaminate and inundate with tsunamis U.S. coastal cities and seaboard.

Reportedly, according to U.S. intelligence officials, Russia is testing a prototype of the unmanned robot submarine designed to deliver its doomsday bomb.

What to make of this Dr. Strangelovian threat from Moscow?

Even if Russia’s doomsday robo-sub is disinformation to frighten the West with a shock and awe boogeyman, it is no laughing matter, manifesting a paranoid hostility and recklessness worse than anything from the Cold War.

East and West are supposed to have moved beyond the Cold War and learned not to repeat its worst mistakes.Yet Moscow is telling us the Cold War is back in deep freeze. They are thinking about 1950s-type all-out thermonuclear mass destruction of entire peoples and nations.

After blasting us into oblivion, they would sow our soil with radioactive salt so there could be no recovery. Unfortunately, Russia’s doomsday bomb is real.

Moscow built a 100-megaton bomb called the Tsar, tested in 1961.

The Tsar was deliberately tested to only half strength, 50-60 megatons, by removing the third stage. No bomber could survive if Tsar were tested to full strength. And at 100 megatons the Tsar would have covered vast swaths of Russia with radioactive fallout, though tested in far Novaya Zemlya beyond the Arctic Circle.

Tsar is the most powerful nuclear weapon ever built, even at half strength yielding the biggest explosion ever produced by mankind — more than all the ordnance exploded in World War II. 100 megatons is equivalent to 10,000 Hiroshima A-bombs or 1,000 U.S. W80 H-bombs (yield 100 kilotons). The most powerful bomb ever deployed by the U.S. is the B41 (yield 25 megatons) scrapped in 1976.

Moscow never deployed Tsar as an operational weapon because at 60,000 pounds (30 tons) it was too heavy for delivery by bombers trying to penetrate U.S. air defenses or for any missile at the time. Tsar was also militarily impractical for blasting cities and spreading fallout because this could be done more cost-effectively with numerous smaller nuclear weapons.

Tsar would produce exactly the kinds of catastrophic effects described by the Russians, if detonated off the U.S. coast. A robot submarine could certainly transport Tsar’s 30 tons, but is not really a practical delivery system.

U.S. satellites would see the robo-sub leaving port for sinking by missiles, aircraft, and torpedoes. Even if the doomsday robo-bomb is intended to exact revenge after a nuclear exchange has destroyed U.S. satellites and the U.S. Navy, it likely would be a high priority target destroyed during the first salvos of a nuclear war.

The only militarily sensible mission of Tsar is a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.Russia’s scheme for a doomsday robotic submarine may be a ruse to conceal the real purpose of the Tsar.

A 100-megaton weapon detonated 400 kilometers above the center of the U.S. would generate a manmade geomagnetic-superstorm, like lightning striking everywhere nationwide simultaneously, but far more powerful than lightning. Such a man-created electronic storm would deluge North America with the kind of powerful long-wave EMPs that directly destroy transformers and generators.

It would plunge the entire nation into protracted, perhaps permanent, blackout.

Russia already has what it calls Super-EMP weapons, designed to generate powerful short-wave EMP that would destroy most electronics, and put transformers and generators at risk indirectly. But these low-yield (1-10 kilotons) Super-EMP weapons would not make long-wave EMPs as powerful as the Tsar.

The Tsar combined with Super-EMP weapons would cover the electromagnetic spectrum with redundant electronic mass destruction — EMP overkill perhaps, but historically and doctrinally mass and firepower overkill is Russia’s way of war.

The Tsar could be disguised as a satellite and delivered by a space launch vehicle over the South Pole to evade U.S. National Missile Defenses — making a surprise EMP attack.

This is exactly what Moscow planned to do during the Cold War with a secret weapon called the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS).

North Korea appears to have revived the FOBS, orbiting two satellites over the U.S. from south polar trajectories. Maybe Moscow is reclaiming its original idea.

A surprise EMP attack could enable Russia to win a nuclear war with a single blow — perhaps this is the real reason for the return of the Tsar.

Ironically, President Obama’s neglecting U.S. nuclear deterrence while questing for a utopian "world without nuclear weapons" has bequeathed to President-Elect Trump and our children a dystopian legacy — the New Cold War and Russia’s doomsday bomb.

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