Will China Invade Taiwan and North Korea Attack Japan and South Korea in 2023?


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Brannon Howse: Good evening and welcome to the broadcast. Glad you are with us. I am back. I am rested, and somewhat tan. I got outside a little bit over those few days, five days off the air. Can you believe that? Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Whew. I started to get into a little bit of a zone there. I said to my wife, You know what? I could probably enjoy being retired for about two weeks and then I'd be bored. But yeah, that was a great, glorious five days. I didn't have to put on a tie. I didn't have to get dressed up. I got to putz around, I got to putz around and clean stuff and wipe stuff down and hose stuff down and power wash stuff and get things ready for the summer. So that's always kind of relaxing and be outside, build a fire outside, do a few things, read. I also did a lot of work to book work paperwork attorneys, and accountants. Are they always screaming at you for something, right? But anyway, it was a good five days. I hope you had a great Memorial Day and we thank all those who sacrificed so we can have these freedoms. Sadly, they're fleeting, but we appreciate all the sacrifices they made. It's our responsibility to hold them right.

Brannon Howse: The eternal price of freedom is eternal vigilance. So we're trying to be vigilant here. We got a lot of great guests tonight. I had so many guests, I had to start pushing a bunch of them to tomorrow night because there's so much going on. I am tracking this Ken Paxton story down in Texas, but he got impeached the other day. And now they're going to have a trial starting as soon as maybe as soon as August 28th. We'll see where that goes. And I'm trying to get someone from the house on about that because I think they're going after our poor buddy, Ken Paxton. So we'll find out what that's all about. We have so many stories to talk about tonight, but we're going to be joined by Colonel John Mills. We're going to be joined by James Rogowski, going to talk about the W.H.O. treaty. He has a copy of what was written there. And I guess we all better get up to speed so we aren't undermined. He he's warning that we have to get up to speed so they don't use tactics to try to discredit us. So we're going to get with James Rogowsky tonight so all of us can be up to speed and not find ourselves being discredited because they love the left, the globalist.

Brannon Howse: They love to try to discredit us. And Vandersteel joins us tonight as always, with cutting-edge reporting about what's going on in our nation with her. And then attorney Dan Eastman. Dan doesn't go out of his way to bother me very much unless it's really important. That's the thing about, Dan, when you hear from Dan, you know it's important. Dan texted me and said, Hey, there are some stories we better cover related to the law. So we're going to turn to attorney Dan Eastman and some things that we all need to know. Joining me now, first and foremost, on Tuesday nights at 730 Central Time is the one and only Colonel John Mills, a former national security staffer for two presidents. And he'll also be one of the keynote speakers at our Ozarks Worldview Week in the middle of October. Full details at TV Store.com. We've sold out the last two years, and this will sell out again this year. So don't delay. You might want to go ahead and get your tickets now. WVWTV Store.com WVWTVstore.com. Joining me now is Colonel John Mills. Colonel welcome back to the broadcast thank you for joining us.

John Mills: Hey, Brannon. And honor to be with you. The world's falling apart, but God's in control.

Brannon Howse: We are thankful for that, aren't we? We are so thankful for that. Amen. Well, what is on your briefing? Your briefing papers for tonight, Colonel?

John Mills: Well, you know, I apologize. No pithy charts for you. It doesn't mean that we don't have a whole lot going on, but we just don't even know where to begin. Whether it's a street fight where 40 people attacked three Marines in San Diego, a street brawl in Las Vegas, or a missile launch over South Korea or Ray. Let's start with Ray. Um, looks like FBI Director Ray is going to be held in contempt. So the question is, so what? What does that mean? Uh, you know, Komer and the Republicans need to hammer Ray. You know, he's failed to turn over this obscure form. And. 1023 is it's a criminal scheme where an American has received money from a foreign source. And why in the world would Ray not turn this over? I mean, this is just this is utter petulance, pettiness, and, you know, either that or Ray is bought off. But, you know, it turns out Ray lives right in my county. So we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna we're looking at some angles to help encourage him to lawfully of course turn over the 1023. That's pretty it's pretty bad. It's pretty bad. Yeah. So didn't realize it. The little birdie just told me he lives in Prince William County. So the county and the state of Virginia have domain over where this person who's supposed to be the director of the FBI and has taken an oath of office. But frankly, I mean, just it's a shameful episode where they won't hand this information over.

John Mills: We now know from Durham everything was fake. It's all a fraud. There was a coup against the candidate and President Trump. So that's one thing. In South Korea, there was unfortunately, there was a missile launch that was picked up. And in the missile alerting system between South Korea, Japan, and America, that that can, if not properly tweaked and filtered. So they do the measurements. You got about five minutes at most in the short-range launches to calculate everything now now that's probably a learning experience. They got to tweak the algorithms, the AI algorithms and get it straight so that they can filter out the bad stuff. They can filter out the bad stuff. Um, and so, but there was a launch. Now the North Koreans, of course, they're calling it a space launch. That's a lie. I mean, if you could launch something into space, you can launch an intercontinental ballistic missile most likely a nuclear warhead. And China has seemed to make China and Russia I've seen it make it clear, as opposed to the American nuclear umbrella, which is tattered, frayed. And even though Biden just offered nuclear. Something. Nuclear Scotch tape, nuclear. Uh uh uh, something to Korea. Uh, we keep it under our control. It looks like the Chinese and the Russians, they're just giving. They're giving it out, and they're helping Iran. Helping North Korea. So, uh, you know, we got that, uh, the target's gone. There's. There's all this.

Brannon Howse: Tell you that. Does all this tell you that things are moving closer to a conflict with China over Taiwan?

John Mills: Yeah. I mean, think the way it's going to play out is North Korea will attack the South and Japan simultaneously. So North Korea will volley what they have to make life to cause pain and suffering in the south and also Japan. That's why in an unprecedented manner, South Korea and Japan are working very closely together. Uh, you know, still a lot of bad blood.

Brannon Howse: Well, what you're saying? You're saying they're going to attack North Korea and China will attack Taiwan and Japan at the same time?

John Mills: Well, I think as part of its end of the bargain, end of the deal, North Korea will volley its ballistic missiles at South Korea and Japan, South Korea, and Japan to tie them down, to prevent them from reinforcing and helping Taiwan because especially Japan is very close to Japan, is very close to Taiwan. So that'll likely be what they do, is that that'll be North Korea's role in this is to volley their ballistic missiles and cause pain and suffering. They'll the North Korean military has grown incredibly mean was last over there in 92 but it's grown incredibly since then and it's very, very good. And they got a good conservative leader now in South Korea. But to tie down South Korea now, one of the important roles that South Korea and Japan can play is deploying their navy to essentially cut off the bigger bases of China from sending naval reinforcements down to pressure Taiwan. But they're going to get distracted. You know, I think North Korea likely will volley ballistic missiles in with warheads on them, maybe nuclear warheads to tie down South Korea and Japan. So there's that aspect. Yeah, I think the likelihood is getting closer and closer with what's going on.

Brannon Howse: You're still thinking something will happen before the year is over. Are you thinking of next year? Yes.

John Mills: Yes. Now this year. This year. I mean, we're this year now.

Brannon Howse: I thought you were saying. I thought you were saying yes to the question was this year or next year? You said yes. So I thought you were covering. Yes, but it could be this year or next year. But no, you then got very specific. You're saying it will be this year?

John Mills: I think this year. I mean, with the Chinese getting caught in the cookie jar of Guam with their, uh, the, uh, can't remember the name of the group that was caught, but they placed in, placed, uh, essentially, this is remote access. This was a major component of my federal testimony done on behalf of Kari Lake and Mark Finchem. And what I gave testimony on was the history of government remote access operations. The American government pioneered the ability to break and essentially do things, monitor, and cause catastrophic disruptions. Hey, this goes back to 1982 when, uh, when Reagan approved the attack on the Siberian pipeline. That was a cyber attack that was done by government remote access operations where we put something I'm not going to go into detail, but it's been publicly released. We put goodies in the pipeline equipment and then sent a signal for them to do the wrong thing at the wrong time and create a catastrophic malfunction. So there's a lot of these that's the danger of doing these, uh, covert operations and activities is the other team learns from you and they say, Wow, did you just see what the Americans did? We need to be able to we need to figure out and we need to do that, too. So, I mean, that's the danger of these things. That's the danger of these things. So, uh, Guam was the target. They were caught in the network.

John Mills: I've been waiting. Now, it was funny that Microsoft has been the major announcer of this event. I mean, it was on their software environment. And as my old boss and DOD used to say, DOD is a Microsoft environment, just get over it. I mean, that's just the way it is, you know, on our desktop environment. So they got inside and planted software so they could remotely access and I would say shut down equipment. The Soviets, depending on whether you believe it or not, the Soviets pre-planted suitcase nukes in case of war with America, China pre plants, cyber malware to take down our networks. And that's that in Guam. That's what happened. Now, Secretary of the Navy Del Toro did make some announcements about which kind I'm looking for. I've had to write a lot of press releases in these situations. So I'm listening closely for certain code words in these press releases to kind of give me more idea on what exactly happened. But yeah, they were the Chinese who have been caught. This is an act of war and we should treat it as such. This administration treats it as a, oh, you know, you gotta cut that out, guys, stop doing that. First you did balloons. Now you're doing this. Cut it out, guys. Come on. No, they're treating it as a law enforcement action, and it's not right. This is a prelude to war action.

Brannon Howse: This brings me to this article tonight by our friend Leo Holman. We put it up at Worldview Times or it's going to be put up at Worldview Times.com. It's also of course at Leo holman.com. Take a look at this guy's Media colluding with the feds to lay a narrative for a right-wing attack on the US Power grid media colluding with Feds. The lay narrative for a so-called right-wing attack on the US power grid. I'm so glad Leo wrote this article because I've been seeing this myself several times now where they're talking about right-wingers, right-wingers attacking the power grid. And I'm thinking to myself, they're going to do everything they can from blaming bombings on right-wingers, gun shootings on right-wingers. They tried to do that with that U-Haul that bumped into the fence at the White House and laid out a perfectly laid out Nazi flag. Like that's some kind of right winger. Let's not forget, folks, Nazis, the Nazis, the Nationalists, Nationalists, Socialist Workers Party. Okay. I don't know if you want to call that right-winger. I would sound more like a leftist and globalist to me, but they seem to be trying to lay this narrative over and over that the Christians, the conservatives, and the Patriots are white supremacists.

Brannon Howse: They're the moms who go to school board meetings, the pro-lifers. They're all terrorists, domestic terrorists. So they've done this predictive programming and now the media is helping them that when the power goes out. Who's going to get the blame? No, not all the Islamists that have run over the border. Not all the CPP military-age males have run over the border. Not all. Not all of the drug cartels. But it's going to be blamed on you and me, the conservatives. The Patriots went and did this. Really? So here is his article. I think you guys got my audio, Don't you guys got my audio? Here is a video. CBS News. I want you to hear this kernel and respond. I think this will play. Let's see here. You don't have audio. Okay. Why don't you have audio? I can hear it. Why don't you have audio? Well, why don't you guys go to that site and cue me up when you can play it? Uh, well, it's leo.com.

John Mills: If I was Colmer, I have always been thinking about this. He needs to subpoena. I want to know by name in Sisa Sisa, who exactly is keeping the statistics and the numerator over denominator on the supposedly right-wing attacks? They count and they are white male right-wing attacks because they treated everybody on January 6th. Regardless, that was a very diverse audience in my memory, a very diverse audience, uh, gathering together one of the most incredible gatherings in American history, January 6th in front of the Ellipse. It was an incredible moment, very diverse. But everyone there was marked down as a white male extremist, regardless of whether they were male or regardless of their ethnicity here. And yeah, this crash into this crash into the White House with that perfectly laid out that was so, uh, fake. You know, the way they perfectly laid out that Nazi flag. I want to subpoena the Secret Service. I happen to know a number of the Secret Service agents that work there. I want to know exactly how that flag got laid out there. And then this person, ethnicity, it's irrelevant but was not a white male. So I want to know by name who is keeping the book at Sisa. Uh, and the notebook on this on this raises a spike in white male violence and extremism because it's a fraud.

John Mills: It's a fraud. It's just like, you know, deaths in annual deaths and long rifles. You know, an AR-15 is classified by the FBI as a long rifle. There are only two kinds of weapons. It's a handgun or a long, long rifle. That's it. That's the only way that for stats, for statistics, that's the only way the FBI and the CDC track it. Okay. How many people are which kills more every year? Fists or long rifles? Fists. So guess we should outlaw fists, which kill more every year. Wow. Falling off of horses or long rifles falling off of horses. So guess we should designate, uh, you know, horses as a danger to society and lock them up. I mean, this is, you know, this is. There is no scope or scale rationality. It's a lie. It's an absolute lie. So, I mean, these mass shootings are horrible, but the reality is more people are killed by fists every year. So guess we should take fists away from everybody. Um, you know, more people are killed by falling off of horses. So guess we should take away horses from everybody. I'm sorry. Those are facts. I'm sorry. That's the way it is. According to FBI statistics.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. And you know, and you know, in my documentary Siege which came out in December 2019, we were talking about how the government was trying to ramp up the numbers of the biggest threat is white males By classifying the 9/11 hijackers as Caucasians. I mean, I have that an in a report that was done. I have it documented. It was in my documentary Siege from 2019. So we were telling people this narrative was going to get ramped up. And it has now the narrative is when the lights go out, it'll be the white guys, the nationalists, the patriots that did it. And of course, you know, the Patriots were all getting ready for the power to go out. Don't you know, Brendan House was telling everybody to go to wptv.com and get ready So you know they're going to use all of our getting ready for China MPs cyber hacking as excuses to say I think you see the right-wingers knew it was coming because they were behind it. Really. No, that's not it's going to be the government that's behind it.

John Mills: Yeah. The New York Times who you know, I study all media every day, think it's good to sample and see who's talking about what. Now, there was a New York Times article on white Latinos who are proud of white extremists, white Latino extremism. I mean, these people are so absurd At The New York Times, and on the 16% who don't, don't believe there's a deep state. You know, this is they're going it's a theater of the absurd on the theatrics and gymnastics they're going through to emphasize this white, white, white, white routine when guess what? Most of the clowns who were writing this stuff are a bunch of self-loathing, Uh, you know, white liberals. So, I mean, come on. That's exactly right. Yeah. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: Take a look at what? Let's. Let's play it, guys in the control room. Here's CBS Warning. What might happen to the grid and who might be responsible? This. This. Programming. Play that video, guys.

Video: Homeland Security is warning of a potential troubling escalation in tactics from right-wing extremists. Catherine Herridge has more on this and she joins us from Washington. Catherine, we understand the power grid could be a target.

Video: Good morning. According to the intelligence report obtained by CBS News, these groups have developed credible and specific plans to attack the power grid since at least 2020 as a way to disrupt the country and the ability of the government to operate. The report warns extremists adhering to a range of ideologies will likely continue to plot and encourage physical attacks against power networks, which include more than 6400 plants and nearly a half million miles of high voltage lines. While the Bulletin emphasized small-scale attacks are unlikely to cause widespread power loss. It may disrupt critical infrastructure like hospitals and police departments. Homeland Security noted several indicators, including online chatter. While the report does not suggest an imminent threat, the Homeland Security secretary has warned lone wolf actors and small bands of extremists are among the greatest domestic threat because they are hard to detect, disrupt, and can mobilize quickly.

Video: All right, Catherine, Got it.

Brannon Howse: I mean.

John Mills: They're just making this stuff up. And Catherine Herridge I saw her, the DNI, director of national intelligence, used to have one of the greatest Christmas gatherings at headquarters, which the location is classified. And you used to see Catherine's heritage, you know, she comes up to about your knee. She's tiny. Nothing wrong with being tiny. That's okay. But. But I can't believe that she. Now notice what she said though, which ran against the narrative of the previous gentleman, gentlemen, because when she read the excerpt from the report, it was a wide variety of ideologies. Well, that just means anybody. So I guess the outcome of our intelligence community and DHS is that anybody could attack the power grid, which goes against their mean see, they're very they start shaping the narrative and say these things. But then when they give a quote, it doesn't support what they say, a wide range of ideologies. Well, that could be anybody. And again, I would insist on details. I would insist that the classified version is released because just as with the fake Comey and Brennan Intel community assessment that Trump was a Russian asset where there was no information. I want to see the details. And after years and years and years of working top secret reports, the difference between the top-secret version and the released version is often, startlingly, startlingly, and breathtakingly almost. There's no difference. Meaning they don't get anything, meaning they're just making this up, meaning this is just opinion and they're winging it to support a certain narrative. So this is shameful and shameful.

Brannon Howse: And what it tells me is, again, the narrative is all about the source of all suffering and oppression and problems. Are Christians, conservatives, constitutionalists, and the free market system? The free market system. Marriage. Traditional biblical. Marriage. Sexuality. All. The free market system. Capitalism, if you will. It's all a construct. It's all a construct of white European men to dominate and enslave people. Marriage is an enslavement institution to get free labor from the wife who cooks his food, washes his clothes, rears his children, decides, and keeps his house clean. It's forced labor. Everything is the source of suffering in Christianity. And you see this narrative now going on. So hyper-driven, hyper-driven. The last three years, 36 months, it's just been in overdrive, which tells you and of course, they're changing the laws. They're working on making parents who don't want to go along with the LGBT thing. They can steal your children from you. The government can. I mean, they've got a biased registry they're working on in Minnesota. The handwriting is on the wall, Colonel. If the Lord does not return for believers for Christians, as I believe he will, he doesn't do that soon. The handwriting is on the wall. Just as the Jews were set up, marginalized, characterized, terrorized, and they legalized the terrorizing Christians, those who embrace a Judeo-Christian worldview, the rise of anti-Semitism. It's all happening again. And I guess in one way, I'm encouraged. As I said on the air last week, I never dreamed that the American people in this day and age have been so.

Brannon Howse: Uh, brainwashed or intimidated? Threatened into collectivism and self-censoring. I am so happy and hopeful based on what I'm seeing come out of many Americans, including many young people. I don't have time to be on social media and all that, but I have people that handle that for me and keep me up top of what's going on. And there is a lot of social media of even young people pushing back against Target, LGBTQ, all of this, and the transgender movement. I have more hope right now than I've had in a while because I thought the large to many of the American people, too large of a segment, not this audience, but too large of the segment of the American population. Two compliant brains braindead, brainwashed, whatever. But I'm starting to have a little hope. I'm starting to have a little hope. But all that to say. They are marking and watching so they can create a biased registry to know who you are. So those of you that are getting vocal, God bless you. Thank you. But trust me, they're watching and taking names and numbers. They are intending to set up as the source of all suffering and oppression and persecute those who believe in the Judeo-Christian worldview. And that's where I see this going. Unfortunately.

John Mills: Yeah, well, you know, I get asked a lot, you know, should I stay where I'm at or should I move to red territory? It's a personal choice. It's a personal choice. I'd say if there is not a compelling reason to stay in the blue territory, move to the red territory because we are seeing the greatest movement internal movement of American citizens since blacks left the South after the Civil War. This is the most incredible move. Now we're seeing falling house prices because, you know, my hometown is Seattle. And, you know, unfortunately, some of my relatives fall into that category where the of the aging white liberal without kids who, you know, all they do is hide under their bed every night, you know, obsessed about the trumpet anymore moment is going to knock on the door. And, you know, the city's collapsing around them and they're just, you know, and they're all their response is it's not that bad. Well, now one of their metrics is always that, but the house prices are going up. Well, guess what? We've hit the peak and they're now collapsing. It's too late. If you haven't sold in Seattle, San Francisco, or Portland, get ready for taking a bath because your, equity is vanishing and it's vanishing society has collapsed because these people have just no moral foundation. And they think by just letting everybody do what they want, society will get better. No, I mean, Civil God gave us rules for reasons here. And this is what civil society and governance that is all about. And it's crazy. But so everybody says, do I stay? You know, we're just out in Los Angeles.

John Mills: And I said it's a personal choice. I don't want to just say everybody moves. But if you do stay in blue territory, you need to get prepared. And we did talk about that and a lot of questions about what preparedness means. And Wood talked about Brandon House and his potassium iodide and blood clot and all your other wonderful material. But you got to get ready if you're going to whether you're in red territory also. But it's a different dynamic. If you're going to stay in the blue territory, you need to prepare yourself and your family because it's going to get a lot worse until it gets better. But this is the Detroit syndrome on steroids where Detroit collapsed. You know, once the miracle of America and then, you know, the blue team in the late 70s had just killed off Detroit. But it's housing prices and all those people are in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco saying it's not that bad. Guess what? They just they're losing everything as their house prices are collapsing and they let this happen. They wanted this. They think they think this is oh, you know, you know, we shouldn't criminalize shoplifting. Well, geez, I'm just going to walk in and this is a great gig. I'm just going to, you know, anything under nine, $999.99, you know, nothing will happen. I'm just going to keep on running. They're going to fire anybody who gets in my way. So what is that teaching? It's absolute craziness.

Brannon Howse: And now if you're a good Samaritan, if you're a good Samaritan and you step in and you stop someone, look out, you might be prosecuted, go to jail. Let me just say this in closing. I agree with you. I agree with you. And I said on the radio today that if you live in Oregon, Washington State, California, New York, and now increasingly Minnesota, several of these other states and you have children, you need to prayerfully consider getting out if you're a parent with children now if you're grown and you don't have children that are under 18, you know you don't have children that you're responsible for under 18, then you do what you want. But if you are a parent of a four-year-old, a five-year-old, a ten-year-old, an an11-year-old and, I urge you to seriously pray about getting out of these states because they're working. They are working to undermine your authority, indoctrinate your children, and groom them. And if your kid says the wrong thing, watch for CPS to show up at your door. Go to foster care where so many of these kids end up being molested. I'm just telling you, if I were a parent with small children, I would get out. And I did. I am not from Minnesota. I lived there for many years, but I got out of there almost 20 years ago. I saw the handwriting on the wall and I got my little kids who are now all adults, but I got them out. Okay. My wife was a medical social worker, so as a medical social worker, she saw how these crazy Christian-hating progressives operated. She would tell me the stories. So we knew firsthand how crazy many of the social workers in CPS and all of them are in liberal Minnesota. And you're you got an attorney general who is sympathetic to Muslim Brotherhood. Okay. So. I'm saying, along with the warning by Colonel Mills, if you have minor children in these states, prayerfully ask God to providentially open the doors, be happy, and provide a job so you can get out. Got to run. Closing comment, Colonel.

John Mills: Yeah, it's. Oh, the Bible passage. Those who send both the quick and the dead, the quick and the dead. There's the quick and the dead. It says right there in the Bible. So the quick are the ones who move and mean taking. Getting ready in the blue territory might be good action too, but the quick and the dead just as deciding for Christ. It's a decision for your life on this earth here is you got to be quick about it. Got to start thinking about these things because there are two kinds the quick and the dead. That's there is going to be my devotion to men's ministry on Saturday morning here, the quick and the dead. So ladies and gentlemen, be part of the quick, not the dead.

Brannon Howse: Indeed. All right. You've got a new book coming out and your substack is Colonel John. Colonel, you just give it. I'll mess it up.

John Mills: Yeah. Colonel Rhett, John Substack, Colonel Rhett, John. Also on Gettr and truth. Colonel John Substack Gettr. Truth. Got a major announcement probably next week on the book. Book one the nation will follow. We'll have a great big deal on my pillow store my store on Lindell should be ready to announce that next week we sold out our original stock the was sold out but also booked two in the fall and hopefully, it'll be ready by the time of of the gathering in the Ozarks. In the War against the Deep State first chapter Moms will win this war. So book two coming out. Um, and the book is coming out from Skyhorse It'll be great. But Book One and Book Two are just action-packed about my history or my experience in the deep State and how we fight it. How do we fight it? It's all about the local level, just like Christopher Wray is local here. Now you got to make it local. That's where the action is at Maricopa County. Maricopa County, you know, the biggest thing with Maricopa County, we got to divide it up into three counties. Citizens of Arizona, you have got to fight. That is the only way to bust up the corruption in Maricopa. Divide it up. Divide it up.

Brannon Howse: Local actor Colonel John Mills the Nation will follow.com. Thank you, Colonel. Appreciate it. We appreciate our Tuesday night updates. Thank you, sir.

John Mills: Thank you, Brannon. And take care.

Brannon Howse: Colonel John Mills checking in.

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