Why Are So Many Muslims From Islamic Nations Pouring Over U.S. Border?


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Todd Bensman. He's joining us from the border tonight. Todd, welcome to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.


Todd Bensman: Thank you for having me again. Appreciate it.


Brannon Howse: A lot of people on our in our text, email phone conversations have said that they're concerned about you and that you look exhausted. So I just want to convey to you that our audience appreciates you, but they're concerned you're wearing yourself ragged.


Todd Bensman: I'm going to agree I'm pretty ragged. You know, as soon as when we hang up, I'm going to hit that crappy bed back there in my hotel room here in Monterrey. And I've been up since, uh. I want to say 3 a.m., I got two hours sleep and then I had to go do some Fox News hits out there on the river at three and four and five and six in the morning, and I just haven't gotten to sleep. So then I came back. You know, I haven't gotten to do a lot of reporting out there anymore either because I'm just busy. Can't, you know. Anyway, I hear you.


Brannon Howse: Well, take care of yourself. Our audience is certainly noticing it and appreciating it. So let me ask you, what was this decision by this judge today? Explain this. What does this mean?


Todd Bensman: Well, again, I haven't had a chance to read the text. I usually like to read the full text of the judge's decisions to be able to, you know, kind of filter out the biases of the reporting about it. Um, my understanding from talking to one of our lawyers at CES is that the judge in Florida, federal Judge Trump's appointee, came out and said, you are breaking the law if you release people without finishing their removal proceedings. So in other words, everybody and everything that they do is a release from detention, which means that you know, they can't do that anymore. They have to detain they must detain. The administration has not been detaining that. We give them parole. We give them personal recognizance papers. We give them notices to report all these kinds of this whole kind of diverse range of things to release them. And so they don't have facilities is the question is the issue there? So I think that they'll probably be an appeal and it'll say, you know, we have to have discretion as to how to apply the law because, you know, it has to do with budgetary constraints and things out of our control. We'll see what happens there. But they're definitely out of compliance and will be.


Brannon Howse: You don't see this slowing anything up.


Todd Bensman: No, I don't think they're going to be able to mean all of the Border Patrol facilities and all of the soft-sided structures that they've been building are already at total capacity right now. So they don't unless they come in and build a big army camp, which they could do, they could do that, We do that kind of thing all the time. When we need to move an army, we put tents up everywhere. I mean, it's not that hard. So, you know, we also have facilities in Guantanamo Bay and at military bases. And, I mean, if they wanted to detain. The problem is that this administration believes that the detention of illegal immigrants is immoral and cruel and inhumane and all of that sort of thing. And so they don't do it.


Brannon Howse: So let's go. Let's go to your Twitter feed, which I understand is you've added thousands of new followers on your Twitter feed. And. Well, you should with all this incredible reporting and footage. So Benjamin Todd et Benjamin Todd, you report nine hours ago as Title 42 ends, El Paso residents feel abandoned by Biden. Tell me about that, please.


Todd Bensman: Now, that's a retweet. I'm in Matamoros. Okay. Um. Yeah. Somebody else. A friend of mine who's out there. Put that out or guess. Well, let's see. Which one is that? I'm sorry. You can tell I'm at the tail end of my endurance here. Yeah. Didn't write that, though. So New York.


Brannon Howse: But you tweeted it.


Todd Bensman: Yeah, I retweeted it. But right there that's this is an immigration officer I interviewed out there today pointing out the Texas National Guard and Texas DPS and saying that all the illegal immigration stopped because of them. Play that.


Brannon Howse: Okay. Here we go. Let's go back. We'll go. Give me some audio, boys. We'll go back and play this. Here we go.


Todd Bensman: So tell me what has happened this today, this morning?


Video: They say no.


Todd Bensman: And so no. No migrantes.


Video: No migrantes, no mas qué. It's illegal. It's illegal. Yes.


Brannon Howse: So what are they doing, Todd? Are they going downriver or upriver? What are they doing?


Todd Bensman: Well, we think that they're diverting over to Eagle Pass to another area. There are hundreds of them are starting to show up in other areas called Piedras Negras and Acuna. That's hundreds of miles upstream. Maybe another easy place to cross. And what she's talking about there is Texas DPS and National Guard. They shut down. Yeah, there's a picture of them. They refuse to let anyone up the river bank. And so after a couple of days of that, they stopped trying. And that was the immigration officer saying they won't let them in. And so it just ended in this sector after just a full two weeks of just mass numbers. Thousands, 10,000 crossed here until Governor Abbott ordered these troops down there. And in two days they had it shut down. And I have a front-page article in the New York Post tomorrow. My piece on that is going to be on the front page of The New York Post.


Brannon Howse: Congratulations.


Todd Bensman: Thanks. That's part of what I was doing here in my exhaustion today. So, yeah.


Brannon Howse: Here we go. You're talking there, you're retweeting somebody else. According to internal data, we obtained this AM Border Patrol processing centers are filled with more than 25,000 migrants hours after Title 42 ended. So they're full. They don't. They don't have any more room, any more capacity.


Todd Bensman: That's my point. So at this point, you know, migrants are kind of hanging back right now. And here in Mexico, not sure if they're going to get in, and if they do start to get in and they're allowed in, then the rest of them will rush in. Right. So that's why that matters because the facilities are full. Here's my front page for tomorrow.


Brannon Howse: Go go to go to full screen on him. There you go. Wow. It's called the Texas Texican standoff. You came up with that phrase, right? Yeah. Congratulations, Todd. I get you. I get your bosses at this morgue are happy with you right now, aren't they?


Todd Bensman: Well, I hope so.


Brannon Howse: We're happy with you. We're happy with you. You're doing great work.


Todd Bensman: Yeah. There's only one person really, who needs to be happy with me, and that's the guy who signs his paycheck, so.


Brannon Howse: Well, I think he's happy. I think he's happy because, I mean, you're doing a great job. Let me show the cover of his book, Overrun. I mean, think about this came out on February 21st. I mean, the timing is amazing. Overrun how Joe Biden unleashed the greatest border crisis in US history. Todd, what do you make of the article tonight? Here it is. This is an American military news bomb intercepted by CBP officers at Mexican Border Report. They're showing that it was at a secondary inspection. They found this improvised explosive device. How concerned are you about this particularly when our government just in Houston, Texas, last week, the military and the FBI carried out an exercise, week-long exercise for a major nuclear attack on a US city? Our government bought up $290 Million, as we were reporting earlier. Here is the headline from Reuters. In anti-radiation medication And now we're finding explosives on the borders. We just had two people who have a background in this kind of thing that are saying, you know, this is very, very concerning. What are your thoughts?


Todd Bensman: I mean, I don't know enough about that. I haven't been able to catch up on that news. I have seen it. I mean, what kind of a bomb was what kind of a device was it? It looks like a.


Brannon Howse: Bomb Wasn't very good. A very big one. It was an improvised explosive device, but it wasn't very big. But to me, I guess the concern is that they're finding something like this at all. And it was in a secondary screening inspection by the CBP officers at the Douglas, Arizona point of entry on May 6th.


Todd Bensman: Yeah, there are just too many unanswered questions about that. I mean, you know, those kind of little pipe bombs, you know, a lot of people mess around with those. They make them. They. But on the other hand, I guess one of those could kill somebody if you put it in close enough to them. I just don't know what that kind of explosive is right there. Yeah.


Brannon Howse: Fox News had an interview today with the attorney general of Florida. She was on fire. She is mad and, well, she should be. And she was going after the Biden administration. They're compromised with the CCP. They're compromised with foreign enemies. She said This is an invasion. It's orchestrated. It's a massive, massive national security threat. She was being interviewed on Fox Business, I think it was, by Maria Bartiromo. And she went on to say that how planned this is, how orchestrated this is from a national security standpoint. And she started talking and Maria mentioned and she said there's been over 1000, 1,000% spike in Chinese nationals, many of them of military age coming to America. And I was shocked. Fox Business would let her talk like that. And then the attorney general of Florida was just laying into the Biden administration over what a humongous national security threat this is doing to our country.


Todd Bensman: Well, I mean, of course, I wrote the book on that.


Brannon Howse: That's right.


Todd Bensman: My first book, you know, America's Covert Border Wars all about.


Brannon Howse: I'll show the cover, but keep talking.


Todd Bensman: The jihadist threat, infiltration threat. We've had, you know, at least a couple hundred. People on the terror watch list, the FBI's terror watch list crossed the border. I've been meeting here in Monterrey. Um, Kyrgyzstanis and Dagestanis. Those are Muslim countries that have met Tajikistanis. Uh, I don't know what's up with Central Asia, but my hotel is filled with, um, Kyrgyzstan. And I met Chinese yesterday, uh, at the bus station. I could show you a video here. I tried to interview them, but, you know, first of all, whenever you meet people from those countries, they're highly coached. I've noticed that when I talk to Venezuelans or Cubans or Haitians or anybody else, I never have any trouble getting their full story. They're, you know, they'll show me their papers, everything. But when I talk to Kyrgyzstanis or ask them, you know, with my interpretation app on my phone to tell me exactly what it was in Dagestan that you were fleeing that persecution, They're like, they know exactly. Say, I can't talk about that. I won't talk. That's personal. Why are you asking me that? I can't I'm not going to answer that. And one guy said asked, why won't a Kyrgyzstan said, why won't you answer that question? I mean, what's the big deal? And he said because one day I'm going to have to have a hearing about it. What? And one day I'm going to have to have a hearing about it. A court hearing about that meant asylum in the US. And he doesn't want to be on the record saying something maybe different than what he's going to say at his hearing later and that they conflict and it could get him in trouble, meaning ultimately that they're going to make it up. They're just going to make up a story. So it's hard to one reason it's hard to lie is because you can't repeat the same lie. The same way over and over. And I think that's what that is. But everybody all those and by the way, the women are are full burqa headdresses. Let me see if I took a picture.


Brannon Howse: That means there are four full Sharia law, Islamic law, and Islamic law.


Todd Bensman: They're going to be Sharia for sure. Um, see if I can find it. If I could just get a second here. I took a picture at the table, and that was like a day ago. So I've got a ton of pictures in between there. But is there any question you want to ask me while I'm digging this?


Brannon Howse: There was something I was going to ask you. I'm going to ask you.


Todd Bensman: Oh, here's my Chinese. You know, that's the guy who's looked like a husband-wife. There she is right there. There in the at the bus station in Reynosa, Mexico.


Brannon Howse: On there, we're hearing from folks that are down there doing what you're doing and talking to Border Patrol officials that some of them are saying that a lot of these folks coming from China have engineering degrees, various kinds of engineering degrees.


Todd Bensman: I will say that the far foreigners are very well-heeled. They're well dressed. They look like they are very educated. I mean, they're just they're well-heeled. You can just tell that they're groomed, they're taken care of. They're not hungry looking. Their clothing is you know, it's the latest fashions. You know there's it's doesn't.


Brannon Howse: That these are likely very educated trained people that could be the kind of operatives you would send into a nation.


Todd Bensman: Absolutely. Here's my Kyrgyzstan woman with her.


Brannon Howse: Go to widescreen on him, please. Oh, yeah. There she is with her burqa on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Todd Bensman: And this is just in my, you know, I'm having breakfast at the hotel and every table is filled with Kyrgyzstan's or Russians or, you know, the. I'm trying to remember who else I met there. There were a lot of Kyrgyzstan. For some reason. I'm not sure what that's all about.


Brannon Howse: Well, I'll tell you, it doesn't bode well for us. And I was just telling my last guest, I just put an app on my phone yesterday that gives me an alarm every time a missile is shot into Israel and my phone has been going off. You know, yesterday like nuts when I was on the air from 1 to 2, which was 9:00, 1:00 our time, I guess it was 9:00 last night in Israel. And I was interviewing a guy from Israel live. And I interviewed him often and he was saying, put this, put this app. It'll give you a tone every time a missile is shot at us. And it just kept going off and off and off and off. This morning at 4 a.m., I was awakened by the alarm going off one after the other, after the other. And they've got over 800 missiles that have gone into Israel from Gaza. And then at 1103, it started up again this morning, 1103 central one after the other. And it'll tell you exactly what city they're in. Israel it's headed toward. And, you know, I thought how exhausting and I'm not even in harm's way. You know, it kept waking me up throughout the early morning, 4 a.m. and you know, on and I thought, but I'm not even in physical harm. How exhausting for those folks. But what it made me think is that so many of the nations that are there in Syria, Iran, Russia, so many of those nations that are against Israel.


Brannon Howse: Todd, Many of them are against America. And some of those people coming over our borders are from those same nations that seem too well-heeled to make you wonder what they're doing. And I've heard, you know, the Islamist people have always said America is the great Satan. Israel is the little Satan. America is the great Satan. And I've told my radio and TV audience for years, I'm afraid they're going to come after America before they go after Israel in a big way, so that a nation largely made up of many people, particularly us evangelical Christians, you know, we've been very supportive of their historical right to the land. And from a historical perspective, but also a biblical perspective. And so, you know, Benjamin Netanyahu and many prime ministers will always say, you know, those evangelical Christians in America tend to be our largest support base in the world. Sadly, that's decreasing in America as the older population, like myself and others get older and the younger generation isn't taught the history, they should. But the point I'm making is, isn't it ironic that Israel's having their borders penetrated with missiles and we're having our borders penetrated with potential enemies that are also enemies of Israel?


Todd Bensman: While none of this is necessary, the numbers that are coming through from all these countries are beyond anything in the US experience. They're all strangers. It's the ultimate stranger danger.


Brannon Howse: Indeed it is. Look at the website as we sign off, folks. Here we go. Overrun by Todd Bensman. You can get it at Todd bensman.com. You'll see his two books. You should just go to Amazon or Todd bensman.com. Get both of them. America's Covert Border War The Untold Story of the Nation's Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration. Well, that's happening and overrun How Joe Biden unleashed the greatest border crisis in US history. Todd, get some sleep. Be careful. Congratulations on the front page article tomorrow in the New York Post. Congratulations.


Todd Bensman: You must read all about it.


Brannon Howse: Absolutely. Cis.Org and Toddbensman.com. Thank you, Todd. All right, folks, thank you. And remember, we're brought to you by your mypillow.com promo code B66. And then check out all the resources at ww.com. I did notice we had the wrong price on our bison dog food. We had the wrong price up there so we just had them go online and lower that big time. It was the wrong price. Sorry. All right. Thanks for watching and thanks for your support. Take care.


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