Whistleblower: Migrant Crisis Creating ‘Powder Keg’ Ready to Explode in American Cities


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Leo Hohmann. Take a look at the screen here. Brand new article by Leo Whistleblower Video Migrant Crisis Creating Powder Keg Ready to Explode in American Cities, which will then be used as a pretext for new gun-grabbing laws. Joining me now is Leo Holman. Leo, welcome to the broadcast. Thank you for joining us.

Leo Hohmann: Yes, thank you, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Let's take a look at these pictures. These are not copyrighted or anything. So I can show these, right?

Leo Hohmann: Far as I know, Yes.

Brannon Howse: Okay, so there we go. We got all these pictures.

Leo Hohmann: Those pictures were just to show those pictures I put in there, just to show the type of pictures that the mainstream media likes you to see whenever they discuss or cover, or report on the issue of illegal immigration. Uh, you know, it's a big wake-up call. However, as you get further past those pictures to see, uh, reality in New York City right now.

Brannon Howse: Wow. And of course, these hotels are full. They're kicking veterans out. They're bringing in illegals. How many thousands have been brought into just, say, New York alone? How many thousand?

Leo Hohmann: New York alone? We're talking 65 to 70,000 or more illegal migrants inside, almost all of them being housed at the city's poshest hotels. This whistleblower has come out, Brannon, at The Row Hotel R.o.w. It's one of New York City's largest hotels. It's just a block or two from Times Square, so well situated, the $500-a-night hotel is now packed with 5000 migrants.

Brannon Howse: Is that the whistleblower? Is that the whistleblower right there?

Leo Hohmann: That is the whistleblower. And he has got quite a story. It will shock people. It's about a 13-minute video. He talks about how these migrants have three square meals a day. They have all of their medical care taken care of. Of course, their children are put in the schools. They have free laundry services. Not only do they have all their meals and everything and housing covered, but they can also get on food stamps. They're given MasterCards every day, 2 to $300 to just go out and spend all on the taxpayer dime, Brannon.

Brannon Howse: Wow. And what do you think? You said this would be used as a pretext for these cities to explode. And by the way, this isn't just going on in New York. This is going on in other major American cities. Are you saying let's say you get 100,000, 200,000 of these folks into a major city like New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Austin, wherever, And then all of a sudden, as Dick, who called into our broadcast today said, what are you going to do when these folks stop getting their government checked when all of a sudden this stops? They're going to spill it into the streets. I'm not saying every illegal is a criminal, but they're going to start spilling into the streets and they're not going to be happy campers. Right.

Leo Hohmann: Absolutely, Brannon. I mean, let's just look at the numbers. If New York City and as you said, this is going in going on in city after city, the whistleblower even said that after they stay in New York for a while, they get tired of the town, they move on to Chicago or Washington, D.C. or Philadelphia or Atlanta. And so this is going on all over. But let's just use New York as an example since we have the numbers. Thanks. Thanks to this whistleblower. So there are 70,000 migrants being put up in hotels right now. That's filling roughly 50% of all of the hotels, all the hotel rooms in New York City, which have about 150,000 rooms. So they have 70,000 to 75,000 migrants. Brannon, that's twice the number of sworn police officers on duty in the entire New York NYPD. And so if these migrants, if even half of them were to get violent, say that the money runs out and they're being evicted, now you've got a real situation on your hands that would be very difficult for New York City police to handle.

Brannon Howse: Wow. Now, how do you think this fits in with setting this up to take people's guns?

Leo Hohmann: Uh, well, number one, the whistleblower said that these migrants have guns. Okay. That the house cleaning folks have reported going into the rooms and seeing many guns which would have been illegally purchased. That or they brought them with them when they crossed over the border because you can't buy them. I don't think you can buy a weapon. Uh, just out of a gun shop if you're an illegal alien. Um, and so they have the potential to be violent, especially, like we said, if they get an eviction notice because they're used to having basically an all-expense paid vacation, you know? And so when the gravy train ends, the potential for violence is there. Many of them are armed with knives and guns. And so there's going to be blood flowing in the streets, Brannon. And when that happens, we're talking about a lot of shootings, a lot of knifings. What does the crowd in DC, the administrative state, and the politicians always what is their fallback position, their default position? Whenever we have a number of mass shootings, it's always gun control, more gun control, go after the guns, go after the assault weapons, as they call them. And you can fit just about any automatic semi-automatic weapon into that definition of an assault weapon.

Brannon Howse: This one here, this text here was talking about a ten-year-old in the room drunk. And they don't know where the parents were. Yes.

Leo Hohmann: They've got the talks about children being left for days unattended in these hotel rooms. You know, having illicit sex, you know, rapes going on, hotel staff being threatened with guns and knives and having to be escorted out to their vehicles at night. It's already really bad and they haven't even been evicted yet. So imagine when that happens, it's just going to get worse. And it is, as I described, a powder keg in the making.

Brannon Howse: Let's switch to another topic real quick. I don't know if you heard me mention earlier tonight, but there's a new report out, a new survey that 66% of Americans are worried about, a possible nine over 11 nuclear style attack. Here it is. The exclusive new poll, a huge number of Americans fear nuclear 911 attacks from the Middle East. Harris coming through Mexico. And you come on down here on the page. It says, With millions of people illegally entering the US since President Biden took office, are you worried that Middle Eastern terrorists will attempt to enter the US through Mexico to launch 9/11-style terror attacks or even to attempt a nuclear nine divided by 11 and nuclear dirty bomb? The results were sobering, to say the least. Fully 66% of Americans say they are worried, and are very worried by such a scenario. This includes 46% of Americans who fear terrorists will come to the US through Mexico to pull off a 9/11-style attack. Well, you and I and Annie Cyrus have been predicting that kind of thing for months and months. And what I find interesting is I don't think this 66% of Americans came to this on their own, as I said a while ago. And if you heard me, I think this is part of the predictive programming, the military, and the FBI practicing a nuclear attack on a major American city in Houston for a week that was all over the press. They made sure to put it everywhere. The government buying $290 million in anti-radiation tablets or pills. They have put that all over the place. So seems to me now, of course, they're warning about the power grid going down and who could put that down? They're warning about these things. And as we see these things happening and I go back over to Worldview Report, I noticed a trend today.

Brannon Howse: Look at this. The trend is that you have Iran acting up as the security Cabinet meets for a war drill. Netanyahu says Israel can handle any threat on its own. We're about to go to Rob Linstead live in Israel. Well, they're over there holding a holding their meetings and you see them there in the room running through scenarios where they are fighting Iran on multiple fronts. So that's heating up. Then we have the fact that you have Pelosi committed committee. Dr. The January 6th footage by adding audio. And according to journalists, they added audio. We see that in this report that some of the security guys were walking around that were there saying they were being hampered, they were being hampered by Nancy Pelosi's and her daughter's team. According to Solomon, then-police chief Steven Silva was fired by Nancy Pelosi a few days after the Capitol riot. Just recently claimed on Solomon's show that the Pelosi mother and daughter filming antics hampered his security detail. So obviously it wasn't too dangerous there. Walking around filming everything like all is fine. So this is turning out to be an absolute scam. Then you start going over the fact that more suspected terrorists were found illegally crossing the southern border in April than in four years for Trump combined. And as we keep going through this list, we find we've got a lot of problems. And of course, now we have to look at this highly credible source that reveals scandal bigger than Biden, bribery, and FBI election interference. So it tells me the deep state is in trouble. They need a bank. They need banking collapses. They need the grid to go down. They need a 911 event. They need something to throw the American people off the scent of what's coming. True or false?

Leo Hohmann: Absolutely true. Brennan That's also why they want you to think that the Russians, they want you to focus on Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia is the boogeyman. Be very afraid of Russia. That gets the focus off of them. And these folks that have been allowed over the border, we don't know who they are. Many of them are gang members. Many of them are terrorists, rapists, and human traffickers spilling over the border, being bused into our cities, and being housed in our hotels. And they want you to think about what Russia, the enemy, is already here. The enemy, the barbarians are not at the gate. They are within the gate. They're just waiting for the right time to get out there in the streets. Brennan And start killing.

Brannon Howse: And so and so as the deep state is backed into a corner and more Americans are realizing and I saw a poll today that shows the majority of Americans believe Joe Biden is corrupt, as the majority of Americans now start believing in election fraud, they start believing Biden's corrupt, the FBI's corrupt, the CIA is corrupt. More Americans are waking up that many of their elected officials at the state and federal level are corrupt, that their schools are grooming kids, and that perverts have been put in charge of children as more Americans wake up. You've got Donald Trump running. You've got on the other side, JFK, jr running or RFK jr running. And his poll numbers are looking pretty incredible. It tells me the American people are waking up. They don't want the standard deep-state candidates. So the deep state I think is in trouble, as I said. So they have to have a major distraction. They can pull off a terrorist attack, as you said, blame it on Russia, blame it on Iran, blame it on the terrorist cells they've let come into the country. And hopefully, the American people are so distracted just trying to stay afloat and buy food and groceries that they give up and surrender.

Leo Hohmann: Yeah. They want us all to think that we're alone, We're isolated. We're the only ones, you know, who see this going on. That we're the ones who have some sign, some sort of psychological problems, when the fact of the matter is, as you said, Brannon, it's not any longer a small majority who's starting to see things. People are starting to put two and two together. The enemy is within the gates. The enemy is our own government in many cases, you know. And so that is the last thing they want people to find out. So I fully expect them to try to tamper with another election, you know? J.t. McFarland. I found it interesting that she mentioned 26, 2016, and 2020, but she didn't mention 2022. That was another election that was stolen from many congressmen, from many senators, ending up with a just slight House majority in the Senate where the Democrats actually take full control. You know, how likely was that to happen when historical patterns show us that even a popular president loses seats in a midterm election? But you have one of the most unpopular presidents in history, and he gained seats in the Senate and only loses a few in the House. That election was stolen as well.

Brannon Howse: Absolutely. LeoHohmann.com. LeoHohmann.com as always. Leo. We sure appreciate your work.

Leo Hohmann: Thank you so much. Brannon. Have a good night.

Brannon Howse: You too, Leo Hohmann checking in. Check out his site. Leohohmann.com.

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