Was it a Good Bacteria in the Gut That Stopped Some From Getting Sick From Covid?


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Brannon Howse: Joining me now is Dr. Hazan. She's a first time? Guest. She's a gastroenterologist. And she joins us because she well, goes viral quite often by the things that she's saying and doing. And sometimes the stuff that she says garners millions, millions of views and many thousands, tens of thousands of retweets only to be pulled down within a matter of hours. Some of my listeners have been listening to her and sent over communication to our office and said, Please have Brandon interview her. Thank you, Dr. Hazan, for being with us tonight and for your patience with the breaking news with Mike Lindell tonight. Thank you for your patience. Thanks for joining us.

Sabine Hazan: My pleasure. And thank you for having me.

Brannon Howse: Well, tell me,e, what has been going on in your life. I understand, you know, you talk a lot about the Covid shot, what it's doing, the damage. Tell us about your medical background, your expertise, what you've seen in your practice with your own patients, and why you're being so vocal.

Sabine Hazan: So I'm actually a gastroenterologist by trade. I started at University of Florida doing clinical research, and clinical research brought me into a path of seeing so many clinical trials and not reaching an improvement or cure for a lot of diseases, but instead seeing a lot of diseases increasing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, autism. So we're just seeing a lot more chronic diseases. So I started asking the questions, doing clinical trials, when do we start reaching a cure? Right? So I was doing clinical trials on the little bug called Clostridium difficile. When Clostridium difficile we couldn't fix it with antibiotics. We used a procedure called fecal transplant, taking stools from a healthy donor and putting it in the patient with C diff and we achieved improvement. That opened a new world for me. And when I saw that, I started questioning, well, if there's fecal transplant improving a bacteria like C diff and then also seeing a lot of cases, my first case of Alzheimer's, a guy was improved with fecal transplant. He had C diff. We did fecal transplant. He improved. So that world made me ask a question, shouldn't we be looking at the microbiome? And of course, from there look at the microbiome.

Sabine Hazan: When Covid hit, we started testing. I have a genetic sequencing lab and we found SARS-CoV-2 in the stools. When we found SARS-CoV-2 in the stools, we started looking at what was working, what was treating patients and why were some people having Covid and some people didn't have Covid. One of the key microbes we discovered is bifidobacteria. Lots of bifidobacteria in severe patients was possibly the culprit. One of the culprits of why people were catching Covid as opposed to people that were exposed had a lot of bifidobacteria and never got Covid. They were asymptomatic. You know, you remember that asymptomatic carrier, mild, etcetera. So we showed the data. We showed the data of bifidobacteria in severe patients, which was absent. And then we showed the data that, you know, patients that were exposed but yet never had Covid, had a lot of bifidobacteria. I did an interview with a farmer who basically kissed his wife, smeared her saliva all over his face, never got Covid, and she had Covid. Why? He had an enormous amount of microbes. Diversity had a lot of bifidobacteria.

Brannon Howse: So just so the audience understands, what you're saying is there are certain types of bacteria in the gut, I'm guessing, that is very, very good for you, very healthy. And this farmer whose wife had it and he kissed her like that, got her saliva all over him, but never caught Covid. His gut had enough of the good bacteria to protect him and kill. I don't know if you want to call it a virus or whatever you want to call it.

Sabine Hazan: Yeah, get rid of Covid. Remember your immunity is in the gut. So at the beginning of the pandemic, everybody was questioning why is Dr. Hazan a gastroenterologist doing clinical trials on hydroxychloroquine z-pack vitamin C, DNC. And you saw, by the way, those those trials went, you know, all political. We couldn't even enroll. I didn't say anything. And I didn't step into the limelight at that point as I was running these trials because I wanted to recruit and do my research properly. When I saw that they were completely politicized, I went the other route with ivermectin, doxycycline, vitamin C, D and zinc, and of course that got politicized. Ivermectin became a joke, you know, a horse Paste So, you know, if you look at why did I use these products? Well, I had a method in my I had an idea, right? I found Covid in the stools. I discovered that certain microbes were protective, so I thought so I did the research right. And then from there, I started following the path of Bifidobacteria. What increases Bifidobacteria? What kills Bifidobacteria? I wrote a hypothesis saying, Well, perhaps Ivermectin, which is a fermented product of a bacteria called Streptomyces similar to Bifidobacteria. Maybe what it does is create a symbiotic relationship. That product may be feeds the bifidobacteria in our guts and therefore stimulates bifidobacteria during the time of the cytokines.

Sabine Hazan: Why do I say that? I published a paper where we showed that patients that I treated people with that were hypoxic and those patients, when you treat them adequately with multiple drug therapy, it's not just one pill, you know, it's never one pill. We didn't treat H. Pylori with one pill. We put a combination. It's always a combination therapy that kills viruses, right? So I showed that when you gave ivermectin with other drugs, right? That those patients with oxygens that were in the 60s went up to 90%. So the hypothesis then became is ivermectin increases bifidobacteria that paper the hypothesis paper got was amongst the 99% most read at Frontier journal Frontiers. Wow. A medical journal that I was one of the editors on the microbiome, but I quit because they retracted the paper. Somebody called the Journal and said, well, Dr. Hazan is quoting some papers that were retracted on Ivermectin. You remember they did a whole big disaster of killing ivermectin. And then they started retracting a lot of papers that showed that Ivermectin was working well. I was quoting those papers in my my hypothesis. So they retracted it because they said, well, you know, those papers that you quoted are now retracted.

Sabine Hazan: So your hypothesis is not valid and useless. It's still a hypothesis. If I want to quote, retracted papers, I'm allowed if I want to quote anything in my hypothesis, it's a hypothesis. Right. So we can't even publish. So right now I'm probably blacklisted in the journals. I can't even publish the data, the research that shows that ivermectin increases the bifidobacteria within 24 hours. So here's the problem interference with research happened during the pandemic. This is why I'm coming out. This is why I'm going viral. This is why I'm speaking frankly. You know, I wrote the book. Let's talk short for a reason. What we're seeing right now is a short show, and it's enough. It's interfering with research. And when you interfere with research and science, you're interfering with everyone because at any point, anybody is going to be a patient. So I'm coming out to show the corruption, to show what's going on because I cannot publish anything else. Remember, I'm doing I'm spearheading the microbiome research with 57 clinical trials. You can go to clinicaltrials.gov and look at all my clinical trials. You know, we're looking at depression, we're looking at anxiety, we're looking at Alzheimer's. I improved the guy with Alzheimer's by a fecal transplant. Don't you think I know what's going on there?

Brannon Howse: So you're saying are you saying that a lot of Alzheimer's, dementia patients, a lot of these things.

Sabine Hazan: Starts in the gut.

Brannon Howse: Starts in the gut? Okay. So how do people that are watching?

Sabine Hazan: That's my hypothesis. That's my work. That's my observation as a doctor treating a patient. You know, we need to keep seeing that. If so, how do you.

Brannon Howse: How do we watch tonight increase this? How do you say this bacteria?

Sabine Hazan: Well, the bifidobacteria is not Alzheimer's. That's what we discovered in people that had severe Covid.

Brannon Howse: So what kind of bacteria do we need?

Sabine Hazan: Bacteria.

Brannon Howse: What do we need to increase to fight like Alzheimer's or dementia?

Sabine Hazan: Well, that needs to be written, but I'm not going to say it on live television until I'm allowed to write again. So guess what? Do you want to know the answers to Alzheimer's? Do you want to see my data? Do you want to see my publications? Stop the corruption that's stopping, my retraction of papers because I'm not going to write. Have you been? You know.

Brannon Howse: So but you're telling me.

Sabine Hazan: By the way, I could have been Noah's Ark during the whole pandemic. I'm a Malibu physician. I could have just hung out at the beach. I didn't need to treat patients. I didn't need to write seven protocols. I didn't need to play with poop to look for Covid. And I certainly didn't need to look for Bifidobacteria in patients with Covid. I did all that because I thought I was helping humanity. The moment that humanity is corrupt enough to censor my voice, to stop me from doing research, I don't need to do anything else anymore. And I'm sure I speak for a lot of physicians out there who are in my shoes and feel frustrated about practicing medicine because the politicians are practicing medicine now. The media is practicing medicine now. That's not okay. So Noah's Ark is built for me. Either we go back to a world where physicians can be physicians and scientists can be physicians, scientists, and there's no corruption and interference with research or there's no point.

Brannon Howse: Well, that is. Well, tell me this. So are you telling me, though, that you've done enough clinical trials with Alzheimer's patients or dementia patients to be pretty confident? If you're allowed to continue your work and publish it, you're pretty confident you could provide the world solutions for helping patients or stopping them from ever getting this dementia or Alzheimer's. Is that what you're saying?

Sabine Hazan: Well, I'm not pretty confident. I never put myself in a rabbit hole. You know, this is research, right? So I would never say that I saw something in one case that I want to see more. I want to understand the microbiome in Alzheimer's patients. I want to be able to write my data on Alzheimer's patients. Right now, my focus is on autism and Parkinson's. You know, we achieved improvement in a kid with autism for who we did a fecal transplant using the sister's microbiome. And he started speaking. He's calm, went to prom two months ago. So we are seeing some things we need to understand better. Why is one stool sample helping a patient with Alzheimer's? What microbes help that patient? Maybe it's not a microbe. Maybe it's a stem cell. Maybe it's you know, something happened. There's something happened, a domino effect that improved my patient and started remembering his daughter's date of birth. We cannot stop it. We need to continue it.

Brannon Howse: Well, I want to make sure I want to make sure. Our audience understands.

Sabine Hazan: That is the mistake I think the mistake we make and this is where the media is you put scientists and you put doctors and you're like, are you sure? Are you sure, doctor, that you're going to fix me? There's no sure answer. We're not God. We are here to see something. We see an opening. We see something happening. We need to continue following that path. Right? I lost no one during the pandemic. No one died on my shift. Maybe understanding the microbiome helped me. Maybe understanding that Bifidobacteria loss helped me. Maybe the fact that I showed that vitamin C increases your Bifidobacteria vitamin D increases. Maybe that helped me, right? So maybe zinc increasing lactobacillus and the firmicutes helps with Covid, right? The idea of vitamin C, vitamin, and zinc probably was a good idea at the beginning, right? Definitely. Vitamin D maybe. Right. So these are all studies. These are all observations doctors make. It's not 100%. There's no sure thing. It's science, right? It's asking questions and it's contradicting. So when you say to me, Are you sure, doctor, you can fix Are you confident? No, nobody's confident in science. How could you be? You have to stay humble, for God's sakes.

Brannon Howse: But you said you're saying, though, a while ago that. In one of your patients, you've got him to the point where he. One patient can now recall his daughter's birth date.

Sabine Hazan: Correct. Wow. One patient. We need to see more, right? So, in other words, we need to advance that science where we saw one improvement. When you see a Martian in your backyard, you assume there's life on Mars, right? Right. And you say, you know what, I don't need to do a double placebo-controlled trial. There's life on Mars. Or maybe I should investigate or ask the Martian, Where's Mars? Right. So this is what I saw. I saw one Martian and a patient that couldn't remember anything remembered his daughter's date of birth. I need to follow that path to understand better what happened with that one case. You know, Colleen Kelly at Brown University improved alopecia areata in two bald patients and those patients grew hair. What happened there? Now, other doctors have tried to reproduce that they couldn't. Why is that? Because there was something in that donor. There was something in those microbes. So if we don't start with understanding the microbiome and opening that door, we're never going to understand all these diseases that are occurring. So Covid was a, you know, a little bit of an opening of a door to see the microbiome. That's my opinion.

Brannon Howse: What's your website, doctor, for folks to follow you and find out more about you?

Sabine Hazan: Biocom project or biome.com.

Brannon Howse: And you've got a few books. If you just put her name into a search engine as I did before the show tonight, you'll see she's got books you can order on a lot of this at Amazon. Fascinating. Stay in touch with us, will you? We'd like to hear any updates you have. Thank you. Thank you. Doctor Hazan checking in tonight. Fascinating. Well, we've I don't know about you, but I've known about this gut health thing for a while, haven't you? I've been listening to these moms talk about how they can help their kids with with with, you know, being on the spectrum with autism through gut health. Right. So we've kind of known enough to know that what she's saying makes perfect sense even for us laypeople. Right. Fascinating. We'll try to stay up on that and bring you any updates from Dr. Hazan.

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