In Response to Orlando Terrorist Attack A Large Southern Baptist Church Holds An Ecumenical Service In Which LGBTQ Community is Called The Chief Cornerstone


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This program will shock you and make you extremely sad if you are truly a Biblical Christian. See the shocking video clips as First Baptist Church of Orlando hosted a city wide prayer service in honor of the 49 people killed last Saturday night in Orlando. Hear as speakers distort the gospel. Many believe this service in this church actually affirmed the homosexual lifestyle. Hear one so-called pastor declare that the LGBTQ community was the headstone or cornerstone of the Church. Mike Gendron and Brannon Howse reveal how Christians should respond to the Orlando terrorist attack and reveal where evangelicalism is heading in regards to the gospel and political correctness. 

Topic: This program is not about so-called LGBTQ community but the evangelical community that hid the gospel and distorted the gospel and distorted Biblical unity before an unsaved world as this was broadcast by the secular media. Topic: The service also included a speech by an LGBTQ activists that included her distorting John 3:16. You have to hear this to believe it. Topic: Will the pro-family leaders that have called for a boycott of Target department stores be consistent and call for a boycott of the Southern Baptist Convention until and unless they remove First Baptist Church of Orlando from their association? Do not hold your breath for that to occur.

Most of the national pro-family groups appear to be only interested in wagging their finger in the face of the unsaved while having little or nothing to say about what happens within evangelicalism. Could it be that the world is an easy target (pardon the pun) for them. Could it be that if national pro-family groups confronted compromise and apostasy inside evangelicalism they might upset their donors or potential donors that love their sacred cows? What will the silence on this event say about national pro-family leaders? Banner